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Understanding What A Computer Virus Can Do

No matter how careful you are with your computer, it more than likely will face some issue over time. This typically includes slow speeds, error messages, file corruptions, and reboot issues. There are times these issues are due to the computer’s age or simple hardware issues. These can be rectified by replacing the part that has been causing the problem. In other cases, it may be due to a software problem.

However, in today’s day of high-speed downloads, the issue is usually due to a virus or spyware. Computer viruses are software programs that spread within the operating system by multiplying and corrupting essential files, eventually making the computer unusable. Whereas spyware is a piece of code that has been designed to obtain your personal information and send it out to third parties.

Spyware and viruses have the ability to enter your computer through a variety of means. Email attachments, software installs, online games, and untrusted downloads all have the ability to infect your computer with a dangerous virus or spyware. Both the spyware and virus have the ability to slow down your processor speed, change the homepage, alter registry settings, damage your files, and display a wide range of content and pop-ups.

One of the best methods for keeping your computer clean is to avoid putting your computer in such dangerous positions. Before you download anything from a website be sure to read the agreement. Your internet security settings should be set to medium or higher. Even taking the above steps is not enough to keep your computer safe from infections. When your computer is connected to a network, the threat level is magnified.

It is essential that anti-spyware and anti-virus software has been properly installed on your computer. There are a number of software suites available on the market that will cater to your individual budget and needs. However, like all things in life, not everything is what it would seem. There are some anti-spyware programs available online that are spyware programs themselves! It is quite important to download from only trusted sites and once again, read all of the fine print. Once the proper software has been installed on your computer, it is generally just a matter of hitting start to remove the unwanted programs from your computer.

If you feel you know where the culprit is hiding, you can start in that folder. However, it is typically best to scan the entire system, this is done by selecting all drives and folders. This type of scan will take several hours but it will find all viruses and spyware on the computer and remove them. In addition, there are many products available that will offer real-time protection for your computer. These products will prevent any form of malicious code from entering into the computer. They will continually scan the computer looking for anything that may be a virus of spyware and block it. In fact, these products have the ability to warn you of any suspicious sites before you even visit them.

These products are an excellent addition to your arsenal in keeping your files and computer safe. However, there are times when a computer is going to be too infected for one of these products to clean the system. In this case, you will have two options. One is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall all programs. Or bring it to a computer repair shop and hope that the system can be salvaged. They will back up your essential files and important documents and restore the computer to its factory settings.

The most important thing to remember is to think before you click when online. And if the situation becomes too bad, it is best to talk to a professional as soon as possible.

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How To Choose The Right Commercial IT Specialists And Avoid Danger

Is It Time To Replace Your PC

We get asked all the time if clients should replace their personal computers or if it is worth repairing.  Many of us get used to the quirks of our own computers.  Over time we know what works and what doesn’t. We know when to wiggle the connections and when a simple reboot will reset the system.  This is one reason it is so difficult to diagnosis when it’s time for a person’s PC to be upgraded.  Below are some of the signs we look for to know it is time to transfer that data to a new computer.

One sign that it is time to upgrade your PC is when you can no longer install the latest upgrades to the computers operating system.  New versions in operating systems weren’t always a priority for users however with the latest update to Windows 10 everything has changed.  Most of us stick with operating system our computers come with when we purchase them.  We ignore upgrades and continue functioning under the status quo of the system that is familiar to us.  Computer users with Windows XP are finding that computers still using this operating system are now obsolete.

We also know it is time to upgrade when users can no longer use the computer to run the latest apps and games.  Gaming on personal computers is costly.  All PC users try to “future-proof” their computers but there will always be something to upgrade when you own a personal computer.

Another reason to replace your PC is because it has become slow.  A slow computer means something different to every user.  You will know when your PC becomes too slow for you.  Does the computer boot up only after you have brewed an entire pot of coffee?  Can you type an entire sentence before even one word appears on the computer screen?  Is the computer grinding to a complete halt when you open more than a single screen?  If things used to work faster than they do and they are no longer functioning as you know them to it is time to upgrade your PC.

If you find yourself spending more time repairing your computer than enjoying it that is a clear sign you need to upgrade.  When it becomes a nuisance to own your personal computer then it is time to buy a new one.   Your computer should not crash without an explanation, the wi-fi should stay connected, systems should not freeze these are all signs, as is the blue screen of death, that your computer should be replaced.

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Valuable Computer Repair Services Fast

Computers are one of the most exciting and infuriating technological advances known to man.  Everywhere you turn you are faced with the need for computers.  One of the major problems with this is when it fails we are at a total loss.  Computers hold are lives and for many of us out livelihoods as well.  Without a computer work stops, messages don’t get returned and calendars disappear.  It is so important that when our computers break down that we have somewhere reliable to turn to in order to get our worlds back up and functioning in the manner we are accustom to.

When you find a quality computer repair shop you will instantly know it.  Not only will the shop offer reliable services at a reasonable fee they will speak to you in English not technology.  A good computer repair shop with hire technicians that are capable of repairing a variety of issues both related to computer hardware and software.   The technician will also be able to tell you what caused the issue, ways to prevent it and how it was fixed in a way that novices can understand.  Good computer repair shops offer the ability to repair the issue and how to explain the technicality of it to even the most basic user.

You should always be able to authenticate the computer repair shop.  This will allow you to see that the shop is conducting business legally.   You should never trust your computer repairs to a company or individual who seems to have just set up shop.   Look for a repair shop with a reputation both locally and online.

When you are looking to have your computer repaired it usually hasn’t come at a time that is convenient.  Most repairs are urgent.  When you choose a computer repair company for your residential computer or your commercial I.T. needs be sure that they are equipped with the latest tools and equipment needed to repair your system immediately.  Of course there will be situations where parts are needed that the shop does not have in stock.  The effects of this are lessened when the shop collaborates with part providers who are willing to ship next day.

Finding a computer repair shop is not difficult.  Finding one that is reliable and able to maintain its technicians can be.  For the best I.T. results both residentially and commercially find an I.T. company with low turnover and high employee retention.  This will allow you to be serviced by the same few technicians on a regular basis whether you need your computer worked on in the shop or you need a technician to your home or business.  A company with technicians that are familiar with your computer systems and network decreases the time it takes for them to diagnosis a problem.  This is the same thing you want when working with a doctor, lawyer or other specialty.  The less you have to repeat to someone knew each time the fewer details that are lost and the quicker the problem can be diagnosed and repaired.

It’s not difficult to find a computer repair shop; they seem to be popping up on every corner these days. The problem is that you need more than an average corner repair shop when it comes to something as valuable as your computer.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.

Tips To Help Keep Your Laptop Running Efficiently

For some of us our computers are our life line.  We carry our computers from the café to our work place and even to catch some mid afternoon rays.  Laptops are a preferable choice for many as they are easy to transport.   Laptops are different then desktop computers and therefore have to be cared for in a particular manner.  Below you will find some tips on taking care of your laptop.

One of the leading causes of damage to desktops and laptops is lack of airflow.  When using a laptop it is crucial to have it setting on a hard surface.  Avoid using your laptop on a bed or pillow as the soft fabric can block the vents and cause the system to overheat.  It is important that you ensure the vents are clear of dirt and dust.  Use a can of compressed air to clean the vents out frequently to allow for adequate air flow.  Many computer repair shops offer a complete computer tune up for a relatively low fee.

Purchase an LCD and keyboard protector.  These inexpensive items can guard your laptop against scratches and damages.  The screen will be protected from scratches and the keyboard from crumbs and spills.

Laptops are more susceptible to damage from food and drinks.  If at all possible do not eat or drink while using your laptop.

Keep your laptop surfaces clean.  Wipe the outer part of the laptop free of dirt and dust.  The accumulation of dust will prevent your laptop from running properly.  Purchase fabrics designed to clean laptops and electronic devices.

Keeping the fan on your computer in working order is crucial whether it is a laptop or desktop.  To avoid overheating the fan must be in working order at all times.  If the laptop overheats it can cause issues with the computer’s memory and hard drive.  Look online for information on your particular laptop to see how to visually check the fan.  If you are not at all computer savvy a local computer repair shop will be able to look at your computer for you for a minor fee.

Your laptop should always be stored correctly.  Always turn your machine off and put it in a laptop bag when not in use.  Laptops should be stored away from children and pets; anything that has potential to chew on or damage your laptop should be kept away from stored laptops.

The tips above are just a few of the suggestions to help you keep your laptop running efficiently.  It is not difficult to maintain your laptop properly and keep it running in tip top shape with just a little bit of extra care.  Follow the tips above; if you notice your machine is not running properly shut it down and take it into your local computer repair shop for diagnosis.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.

The Necessity Of Computers In Our Everyday Life

Like it or not computers have become more of a necessity than not. Computers are no longer a nonessential piece of equipment in your life. Everywhere you turn computers are present from the office to the gas station life is made easier because of them. They help add to the attractiveness of your office and school presentations as well as increase the accuracy of your banking and tax calculations. In our normal every day routines, computers have done a variety of things for us some that we may even take for granted day to day.

Computer variations are abundant. No matter what form the computer you use comes in one thing is true of all of them; computers are smart, fragile, require care and regular maintenance. We should never take technology for granted; we should never treat the computers we use recklessly. The hardware inside our computer systems can be damaged with improper use. This will affect the performance of your computer. In order to keep your computers running at their best you need to take proper care of them inside and out. Proper maintenance will keep computers, big and small, running at optimal efficiency.

One thing that computer owners can do to ensure their computers are kept running up to par is by covering them. Dust is an enemy of computer systems and can enter through even the tiniest crevices. Once dust settles on computer hardware it can start to cause harm. Dust on the central processing unit causes a weird humming noise that stems from the fan. The computer may not perform well or may end up crashing if too much dust and debris is allowed to build up. Keep your computer covered when you are not using it to prevent dust from building up. Regular maintenance in the form of a computer tune up yearly can help as well.

Prevention is the best way to keep your computer running optimally. This is one of the many reasons that it is best not to eat or drink while using your computer. Laptops and desktops alike are prone to serious damage when exposed to liquids of any kind. Small particles entering the keyboard can also cause damage that will affect the computer negatively. The best practice when it comes to a computer is to avoid drinking and eating while on using your system.

When you regularly maintain your computer it will run smoother. Regularly scan your computer for malware and virus’s. Keeping your anti-virus up to date and run regular scans to prevent malware and viruses from taking hold of the software within your computer. Keeping your computer files protected will help ensure that your computer will not need major computer repairs later on down the road.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your computer running correctly no matter what you use it for in your day to day life.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repairas well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas. You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.

Common Computer Repair and Maintenance Needs

Our current environment is surrounded with technology.  Computers are everywhere!  Our phones are computers, refrigerators have computers that can order food directly from grocery stores and work places network together so that projects that are being done on one system are shared throughout in real time.  When the technology breaks down productivity slows to a crawl.  This is just one of the many reasons that you need to have an I.T. specialist on speed dial.

Computer repair comes in many forms, from corporate I.T. to residential computer repair; all machines can run into problems.  If your computer system or network is feeling underperforming there are a bunch of things that could be on inside of it.  Below are three of the top computer repair issues that can interfere with your computer’s ability to perform.

The most common issue with computers is that they become infected.  Even when running up to date anti-virus protection on your computer a virus can infect your network.  More and more people are using the World Wide Web.   With that in mind consider the amount of files that are unknowingly downloaded that are infected.  Spyware, malware and computer viruses have been around since the beginning of the computer age.  They are created to destroy and damage files while slowing your system down and violating your privacy.  If you suspect that your computer has been infected it is crucial to get your system in to a computer repair center.  There the virus can be removed; infected files deleted and updated antivirus protection installed.

Another common issue in the world of technology is a computer unit that will not properly boot up. This may be one of the scariest issues to have happen with your computer as retrieving the files stored on the system may not be possible.  The hope when a computer is not booting properly is that your power supply has failed.  This is a best case scenario. Otherwise a bigger issue may be present, one way or another computer failing to boot need to be brought in for repair immediately.

If you find your computer running slowly it is crucial to have the system looked at by a computer repair specialist.  Computers, like cars, need to be maintained and tuned up to keep running properly.  When a system is slow it may mean a number of things.  One thing that often occurs is that several unnecessary programs and tool bars have been unknowingly installed which in turn uses available memory up slowing the system.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.

Leaving Computer Repairs To The Professionals

After repairing hundreds of computers it is evident that the most common computer issues arise when clueless computer users try to navigate fixing their computer issues on their own.  Many people don’t realize how delicate computer systems are.   When doing repairs on your computer you are basically performing surgery.  Would you ever try to perform surgery on one of your children or pets?  Probably not, right?  The same should be true when it comes to repairing your pc.  Allowing a professional computer technician to work on your computer allows you to be confident that the repairs will be completed correctly.  You also don’t have to worry about other issues occurring from the repairs that are completed.

Here are some tips to keep your computer in tip top shape.

1)      General computer maintenance and yearly tune ups on your system help to prevent major complications and computer repairs later on.  Taking proper care of your machine will help to keep your computer running longer and faster.  Don’t download extra tool bars or allow random pop ups to download software to your computer.  All that does is bog your computer down and possibly infect your system with malware.

2)      It’s called a lap top but that doesn’t mean it should be set on your lap while you are using it.  Using your laptop on a comforter or other cushy surface will restrict air circulation and cause the computer to overheat.  Use the nubs on the base of the computer to place the laptop on a hard surface.  You can purchase special that have a cushy base with a hard top to use especially for when you want to use your lap top in bed.

3)      Another thing that many lap top users do is put their laptop into the carrying case before the computer has completely shut down.  This is hard on your computers hard drive and memory.  Wait until the computer has shut down completely before moving it about and placing it in a bag.

4)      Laptops work best if they are not left plugged in at all times.  Leaving a laptop plugged in at all times diminishes the life of the battery and does not allow it to function as it is intended.  Try taking your computer off the charger at least two to three times a week and use the battery as the only source of power.  This will ensure the computer is being worked in the manner it was intended to and will increase the longevity of the battery life and performance of the system.

5)      Dust is another frequent issue with computers.  This is something that can easily be avoided with yearly tune ups.  If you see that your system is getting a bit bogged down with dirt and dust take it in and have the system tuned up.  Never try to blow the dust out on your own at home.  This can lead to dust clogging up areas that are important within the computer system.

Computer repairs are meant to be accomplished by computer technicians just as surgery is to be performed by surgeons.  Be sure to really understand and know what you are doing before you attempt any computer repairs at home and realize that you are probably causing yourself a bigger headache for the technician who has to fix your repairs later on.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.

Should You Repair Your Computer At Home

When it comes to repairing computers is it safe to make computer repairs on your own?  There are many resources available to assist computer novices with computer services.  It is important to understand when you can tackle a computer challenge on yourself or when a computer repair should be left to the experts.   It is like understanding when you should hire a mechanic or when you can fix the clink the engine is making on your own.  Or when your furnace is in need of maintenance, do you call a repair technician or can you handle fixing the filters on your own?  It is all about knowing when computer repairs are within your abilities verse when you are only going to make a bigger issue trying to repair it on your own.

One of the biggest differences between computers and cars or furnaces is that when you buy parts you are guaranteed to get something that works.  With computers there are programs out there that are set in motion to purely sabotage your efforts and cause havoc to your hard drive.  You want to be sure that you are using the proper tool for the job you are hoping to accomplish.  If you are looking for a program to help clean your computer registry it is important to research online which tools work correctly.

One thing that happens with computer registry clean ups is that you run them and they detect settings that you actually use but mistake them as settings that are no longer important.  Registry cleaners are only as accurate as the technician behind them.  Always verify that you no longer need the entry before you choose to delete it.  You want to delete the entries safely.

Another thing that can be attempted in computer repair is virus removal.  This is a trickier application then most to figure out if you are using a program that is useful or one that is in fact actually downloading more viruses and spyware to your computer.  Again you will want to be sure that you research what programs are the best in virus removal.  Once the process has been completed you will want to install antivirus protection.

There are many things that you will be able to do on your own to repair your computer.  When you think that you have reached a point where you feel like you are in over your head it is important that you know to stop and handed it over to the experts.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.

Computer Repair Questions Answered

Has your computer been acting strange lately? Whether it is running slow or having trouble loading email it is quite possible you have something deeper going on inside of your computer. When your computer stops working properly it is time to get it in for professional computer repair. The longer you wait, the worse the problem may get or the deeper a virus can become embedded. When selecting a computer repair company it is significant to find out what types of repairs they offer and whether they charge an hourly rate or flat service fee for computer services.

When it comes to computer repair the sooner you get help after having a problem the better. If your computer has become infected with a virus it is possible that it can further damage the internal components if not dealt with immediately. Don’t panic when something goes wrong with your computer. The worst thing you can do when a problem arises is to run tasks, update programs or delete files. What you need to do is instantly shut the computer system down and bring it in for immediate repair.

Below we will answer computer repair questions relating strictly to computer viruses.

What should a computer user do if they suspect that a virus has infected their computer?

As mentioned earlier it is important to shut the computer down and take it in for a professional computer virus removal. After the virus has been removed completely from the system you must install up to date antivirus software. With antivirus protection the computer system is less likely to become infected again. Antivirus protection doesn’t eliminate the possibility of viruses but helps to cut down on the likelihood your computer will become infected. Free antivirus protection is often as equally protective as the paid versions as long as it is frequently updated. Updates on antivirus protection are important to prevent new virus strands from infecting your computer.

What should computer users do to avoid getting a virus?

Not only should computer users install antivirus protection they should be careful about what they open and download. Use a trusted internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers are well known, popular and trusted in the internet community. When opening emails and downloading attachments be sure you know what you are downloading. Even if you know the sender the attachment could be infected. Hackers are known to get into the email systems and send out infected emails. You are more likely to open something when the email address is from someone you know. Also be careful when downloading tool bars and other tools meant to help your user experience.

What should a computer user do if their computer is getting slow?

Just like your car needs a regular tune up so does your computer. Computers are likely to become bogged down with programs that have been downloaded and installed that are actually not necessary to your user experience. A computer tune up will erase programs that are not in use. If the system is to overloaded and deleting files is not helping speed up the computer it may be necessary that your computer repair specialist do a complete operating system reload. With this the computer will be returned to exactly how it came straight out of the box. You will need to reload any software you use back on to the computer as well as the information on the back up that is needed by the user.

Computers Plus Service, in Brighton Michigan, provides a wide range of valuable services for residential computer repair as well as a variety of commercial computer services to the entire Livingston County area including Howell, Brighton and the surrounding areas. You can find out more about the services offered by CPS at http://www.cpsmi.com.