It is without a doubt that one of the greatest deterrents of crime is the addition of an automatic driveway gate.  They are put in place to not only secure homes but also businesses.  Not only do they help to secure the space they do so in a convenient, practical, attractive and affordable manner.  Most gates are simple to operate and demand very little maintenance.  Below you will find the simple maintenance tips to maintain your electronic driveway entry gate.

First and foremost it is important to keep your automatic gate clean.  Occasionally you will find that it is important to was and wax the exterior of the gate to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.  This is especially important for fences that are glossy.  Don’t wait until the fence becomes tarnished, discolored or begins to flake.  At that point the gate will need the paint removed, the fence sandblasted and the fence repainted.  Thoroughly cleaning the fence every six months will keep the fence looking beautiful.

It is important to spray silicon spray on the inner tube that passes through the arm of the opener.  Silicon spray doesn’t gather dirt and grime.  The silicon in fact allows the inner seal to remain flexible.  This is especially important in cold climate environments as it helps to get rid of moisture that is trapped inside the arm of the opener and helps to keep it from freezing up.

Maintenance on the hinges of an automatic driveway gate is important and demand more attention than the gate itself.  Regular greasing of the gates hinges is crucial as it helps to protect the tension and durability of the gate.  Be sure to look for small cracks in the hinges as small cracks can create a large expense in a homeowner’s pocket book.

When you have a slide gate installed you will want to take time to grease the drive chain on the opener regularly.  The chain needs to remain flexible to avoid becoming jagged in order to remain performing as it is intended.  It is best to use heavy grease over a spray when applying lubricant to this area of the gate.  The most appropriate lubrication for a gate drive chain is white lithium grease.

If you purchase a quality electronic entry gate and take the time to maintain it properly it will last you a lifetime.  Take into consideration the quality of the gate you can purchase to stay within your allotted budget.  It is best to postpone the purchase if you find this is a challenge.  The higher quality the entrance gate, gate operator, and control system the longer you can expect the lifespan of the fence to be especially if you take the necessary steps to maintain it.

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