There are many home improvements that can be done to increase the value and aesthetics of your home but how many can improve your peace of minded with additional security?  Driveway entry gates not only improve the exterior landscape of homes they offer a degree of privacy and safety that other exterior renovations can’t compete with.   A gate keeps outsiders from having access to your home environment without your knowledge.  There are a number of things that affect the overall cost of a project of this magnitude.  Consider the following when putting together a budget to install a driveway entry gate:

Manual Entry Driveway Gates

If you aren’t concerned with convenience then you may want to look into installing a manual gate.  This style of gate is one that will require someone to manually open and close the gate upon entry and exit.  This style of gate is a great addition for homeowners that are mainly concerned with privacy and will only be using the gate when they enter and exit.

Automatic Entry Driveway Gates

A more costly option but far more convenient is the installation of an automatic entry gate access.  This style of gate usually is operated via remote control, key pad, or voice sensor entry.  This allows the homeowner to have total control over who is allowed to enter the property.  It is an ultimate option in securing your family.

Construction and Gate Materials

The cost of the fence will vary depending on the gate materials that you choose.  The most common materials used for residential entry gates are aluminum, iron, steel, wood and vinyl.  Gates are styles in both single and dual panel styles.  Dual panel gates are more expensive then single and of course iron is more expensive then aluminum, steel, wood or vinyl.    Depending on your entry gate budge, security requirements and exterior look you desire will allow you to more thoroughly narrow down the gate material you will want to use.

Enhanced Home Equity

The installation of a driveway gate adds to both the safety and beauty of your home.  Both aspects appeal to consumer emotion and therefore help to increase the value of your home.  When you go to sell your home, an entry gate will increase the overall value of your property.  The cost of the fence may seem a bit overwhelming but this is one home improvement project that has a profitable return on investment.

Decreased Insurance Expenses

A lot of insurance companies will offer homeowners a discount on their home insurance policies when they install a driveway entry gate.  It is proven that the addition of gate decreases the likelihood that your home will be targeted by thieves and vandals.  Consider the discount in insurance when looking at the overall cost of the gate.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the yearly savings that comes from investing in a driveway gate.