There are many reasons that homeowners decide to install an automatic driveway gate.  Whether you are looking to increase the security of your property or the aesthetics choosing the correct gate, gate operator and automatic opener from the get go can save you a lot of time and money.

There are two basic styles of automatic entry gates: slide gates and swing gates.   A slide gate is normally best installed on a level driveway.  Slide gates are able to be track mounted.  The track is installed to the surface of the driveway and the gate will run on this track.  A swing gate is best used when the surface of the driveway is uneven.  A cantilever gate can be installed.  This style of gate is designed to pivot near the motor suspending the gate over the driveway.

When installing a driveway entry gate you have two choices when it comes to gate operators: gate mounted or underground.  Gate mounted operators tend to be a bit less expensive because they don’t require extensive ground work.  Underground gate operators have an enclosed motor that is flush with the ground and out of site.  It is important to note that an underground gate operator is not suitable for use in areas that are susceptible to flooding or those without proper drainage.

Aluminum, wrought iron, steel and wood are all common materials that are used when installing driveway gates.  Aluminum gates are becoming popular because of how easy they are to maintain.  The material that is chosen for your gate significantly affects the overall budget of the project.  Solid hardwood gates cost more in materials as well as labor to install them and energy to keep them running; it is feasible to pay almost double the for a solid fence and gate operator that can sustain it then an aluminum gate.

The number of times a gate is going to be used as well as the type and weight of the gate should all be taken into consideration when choosing a gate operator.  Your gate installer should always specify the materials to be used when quoting your gate installation.  When you get this information take time to research the gate mechanism that they are recommending to ensure that the quality you are being quoted is in direct correlation with the amount being quoted.

Another consideration that needs to be made when installing a new driveway gate is the access entry system.  There are a few popular options including remote control key fobs, wireless key pads, cellular access and manually operated switches.  Keypad entry with an intercom tends to be the most popular option with GSM intercoms narrowing in quickly because of the flexibility they afford clients.

There are many reasons homeowners have for installing automatic driveway gates.  The most important factor is that you start with the right materials in place from the start to save you on both time and money.

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