Arizona Medigap insurance plans offer additional assistance for seniors who need extra help funding their medical expenses.  Senior Medigap agents licensed in Arizona are available to help find the right plan for your individual health care and budgeting needs.  They want to make sure Medicare eligible recipients know what options are available to them regarding their health care.  Below are the well-reviewed basics, the ten standardized plans utilized throughout the country, eligibility and enrollment information, available carriers within the state, and some Medicare state facts you should know.


Arizona Medigap Plans

Arizona Medigap plans are available to many people ages 65 and over who are also enrolled in Medicare Parts A and Parts B.  Some plans offer 100% coverage for medical visits, including visits urgent care facilities and specialists as well as hospice care.  No referrals are necessary for a doctor.  Arizona Medigap plans to support the health care and financial needs of seniors. It must be stressed that the Medigap plans are supplements; they are not intended to replace the Original Medicare.  As the name implies, their purposes is to complete the gaps in the Original Medicare allowing individuals to have complete coverage.

Medigap Options, Eligibility, and Enrollment

There are ten Medigap plan options available nationwide labeled A through N.  Some carriers offer all letter plans and some only offer a few.  The carriers in your state will determine what letter plans are available to choose from.

To be eligible for an Arizona Medigap insurance policy you must be:

  • An Arizona resident
  • Enrolled in Medicare Part A and B of Original Medicare
  • At least 65 or older (some plans are available to those under 65 with certain disabilities)

The best time to enroll is during your open enrollment period (OEP).  Your open enrollment period begins the first day you turn 65 and are also enrolled in Medicare Part B of traditional Medicare; once this period begins you will have 6 months to apply for Medigap coverage. If you apply during this time you will qualify for guaranteed issue.  Guaranteed issue means that regardless of your medical history, a carrier cannot deny you coverage or increase your rates.  You can still apply outside your OEP but you won’t be given guaranteed issue.  A carrier may require medical underwriting prior to approving your application or increase your premium rates due to your medical history.

Arizona Medigap plans and costs depend on many factors such as age, gender, location, and the provider you choose to go with.

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