Every 23 seconds a fire department responds to a fire. Fire damage is done to a home structure every 66 seconds. That isn’t the worst of it though. One person is injured by fire every 32 minutes and death occurs almost every 3 hours. Actually, house fires are the 2nd leading cause of death. Fire changes you. It damages possessions, emotions, and lives leaving a devastating mark on the future. Fire, accidental or not, can destroy you. Fire damage causes monetary and emotional distress along with possibly changing the structure of your family. The death of a parent or child would be the most devastating fire damage imaginable. The following are easy things your family can do to help prevent fire damage and keep your family safe.

1) Prevent fire damage by eliminating a myriad of accidental fire sources such as: cigarettes, curling iron, deep fryers, fire crackers, and candles from being used inside your home.

2) Check all electrical wires in your home especially if you have a home that is a little older. Replace older appliances that might be faulty. Professional electricians and hired technicians can help in these areas.

3) Vacuum out dryer vents every three to six months. Dryer lint can build up, heat up and then fire up. A little preventative maintenance can eliminate the possibility of fire damage to your home from dryer lint.

4) Use caution using electric heaters. Keep blankets and curtains form touching baseboard or electric heat sources.

5) Use extra caution is the kitchen. Do not use deep fryers or fryers. Watch all boiling water – a boil over can cause fires.

6) When you leave a room, makes sure to never leave a candle burning. The smell good when they are being used properly, in the care of a responsible adult. They don’t smell so good when they cause your home to burst into flames.

7) Hire a professional to come out and clean your fire place and chimney on a regular basis. If your fireplace uses propane have a professional come out and check all of the switches. Regular maintenance can help prevent needless fires when it comes to your fireplaces.

8 ) Lighters and matches should only be used by adults. Never let a child touch a lighter – they look fun and are hard to resist. Temptation leads to house fires.

9) Lastly, replace batteries in your fire detectors and smoke alarms. If a fire starts in your house and your fire detectors are in working order you will only lose replaceable items and not the lives of your loved ones.

Fire damage is preventable; all you need to do is prevent fires form starting. A little caution goes a long way in fire prevention.