In business there are always a million and one questions that need to be addressed.  It is important when you are selling a new product or rebranding an existing product that the products labeling and packaging are thoroughly evaluated.  Product labels and packaging have a strong impact in the marketing mix.  It is crucial that product labeling conveys the message that the company is trying to send to consumers.  The appearance of the product is what draws many initial purchases while the products quality creates repeat purchases.

Packaging plays the important role of protecting the company’s product from damage.  Not only does the package offer protection during transit from the manufacturing facility to retailer but also while it is on displayed on store shelves and transported for end user consumption.  Most products that consumers will purchase have some type of packaging.  Crackers for instance have a package in which they are sold to consumers in and a separate package for transport while produce may only have a package for transit but not for sale.

The attraction of your product mainly comes from the way in which it is labeled.  The products label is used to market your product to consumers.  Companies do extensive research to determine the best options in color scheme, logo design, label material and overall product packaging to appeal to consumers.

Another important role that product labeling and packaging has is to promote the product and key information about it.  The label may contain a list of ingredients, recommended uses, pricing, company information and additional information that consumers need to make an educated purchasing decision.  This detailed, factual information about the product propels the purchase on its own without assistance from a direct sales person.

Brands need to stand out from one another.  Choices in package and label design ensure that competing products are differentiated from one another.  The colors used on the label and packaging, along with distinct branding marks, such as a company logo, help consumers to tell the difference between similar products that are shelved close together.  The idea behind this being that consumers should easily recognize the brand and product by the packaging and label colors and design upon initial site.

Shoppers use all of their senses to identify specific company brands.  This propels them to purchase the product.  When a company looks to redefine its brand it should consider the residual effects of completely changing the colors, logos and distinguishing markings on the products packaging and label.  It is crucial to remain true to the products original identity to a point when considering a change to the products package or label because consumers find a certain level of comfort in familiarity.

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