The housing market is crazy right now. There are thousands of houses available and many first time home buyers scooping them up. It is the perfect time to purchase. When you start looking into a new home purchase you find yourself checking out a few basic qualities to determine if the house is right for you. We often check for bigger ticket items like the roof and the heating system. New windows are always a bonus especially if they are windows with blinds between the glass. How many times though to you walk into your dream home and see windows that are desirable? Not many.
That is not a problem anymore. With recent energy saving tax credits replacement windows are not such a drawback when considering the purchase of a new home. It is easier and less expensive than ever to purchase quality replacement windows. Many companies, such as Pella, offer windows with blinds between the glass which in my opinion save you money in the long run. Plus it saves extra money in the long run for you aren’t constantly replacing mini-blinds that break or curtain that become outdated.
Not only do companies now offer blinds between to glass they offer different options for home owners to choose from. Roller shades and decorative panels have also become popular lately. Decorative panels are a great option in bathrooms where you want light to flow through but are in need of privacy. Roller shades are convenient in bedrooms where maximum light control is optimal.
The great feature about all between the glass options is their ease of use, ease of cleaning and elegant look. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the kids and pets can’t get their stick little fingers and sharp teeth on them so it save the hassle of replacing window treatments. That is a huge bonus because window treatment shopping is expensive and a lot of laborious work to get them installed correctly.
The blinds between the glass are very simple to use. The cords are all encased and it is a simple pull and twist motion to have them open and tilt. Cleaning them is also a breeze. It is very infrequent in need but when it does need to be done it is very simple. All that is involved is unlatching the glass panel allowing it to swing freely and vacuum the blind, shade or decorative panel with the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Not to mention the overall elegant look they give to your home. It allows certain open feel to a room that heavy curtains or blinds on the outside don’t.
When looking into a new home purchase and weighing the pros and cons of different homes don’t let having to purchase replacement windows be the deciding factor. With the options available and the credits that are available having windows, especially windows with blinds between the glass, installed is more affordable than ever.