Supplemental Insurance is designed to help beneficiaries of original Medicare’s out-of-pocket cost, such as co payments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Each type of plan offers a different level of coverage, and is named with a different letter (such as Plan A). The plans are standardized, so that all plans of the same letter offer the same benefits. But the premiums can differ among these private insurance companies and some companies may offer additional benefits.

Tennessee Medicare supplemental Insurance

How Tennessee Medicare Supplemental Insurance works

Tennessee residents can purchase a plan from any insurance company that is offering them (Like us!), since they are designed to take charge of the medical costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare requires that patients pay 20 percent of all of their medical expenses. This cost could be too expensive for beneficiaries, thus after purchasing a supplemental plan in Tennessee; you won’t have to worry about the 20%. The beneficiaries who have purchased a Medigap policy will only be required to pay a small co-payment, or just the premium.

Depending on what plan you pick Medicare Supplemental insurance from Tennessee can cover extended hospital stays, as well as long term stays in a nursing facilities. Also, these plans cover deductibles that are difficult to meet due to financial constraints. Please know that none of these Medigap plans cover prescription drug coverage. For that you will need a separate plan called plan D.

Choosing the right Tennessee Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan

There are only ten standardized plans in Tennessee while different companies will charge different rates, the plans remain the same. Patients must also know that plans offering lower monthly premiums have higher deductibles.

These policies are identified by letters, Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. You can find a chart with all the plans here. It is important to note that pricing on each of these policies differs depending on your age and location. Supplemental plan F offers a high-deductible option. The benefits in any plan A through N will be the same from any insurance company.

You are eligible for Tennessee Supplemental Insurance for Medicare if

  • You are within 6 months of turning 65 or just turned 65
  • You are currently covered under Medicare Parts A and B
  • You are within 6 months of receiving Part B coverage
  • If you are about to lose your group health insurance plan

Apart from looking at cost, it is necessary to figure out which Medicare supplement plans will meet your needs. All 10 of the plans offer different benefits, and it’s imperative that you select the one that will best suite your health needs.

If you are looking for more information on this subject please head over to our website at From here, you can see a chart of the plans and also look over free quotes. As always, our Tennessee insurance brokers are happy to help with plan information and plan rates. Talk to a expert today toll free at 877-202-9248.