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Three Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Anything you hold near and dear is a potential investment, and like most investments, you want them to appreciate rather than depreciate in value. Many homeowners do not think about increasing the value of their home until they have to suddenly sell it or until it’s too damaged that any repairs would be as if pouring their money down the proverbial drain. Home improvements needn’t be rushed or put off for another day, in fact, given time, a few smart purchases, a little elbow grease, and a few helpful hands, you can boost the value of your home within no time. Consider the following tips:

  1. Exterior home improvements

The external structure of your home and its surrounding environs say a lot about you as a homeowner. You may not necessarily have a perfectly manicured lawn or a healthy rose garden, but with a few money-saving ideas, you can improve the exterior of your home and its curb appeal. For example, if you like flowering beds, consider planting flowers and shrubs that fit a minimum maintenance level.

Ground cover plants that are that is self-propagating such as ferns and ivy grow easily, and all you have to do is keep it trimmed. Consider also renting a power washer to remove stains, dirt, and debris from your sidewalk, driveway, and patio to ensure your grounds in entirety look well-maintained and neat.

  1. Structural Improvements

The exterior of your home is your first line of defense, and unfortunately, through no fault of your own, it is quite susceptible to the harsh elements. When siding begins to age, it fades to a dull and very unattractive color that becomes an eyesore. Fortunately, you can repaint or replace them with new siding that comes in a variety of colors, profiles, and textures. The goal is to find professional siding contractors who are more than willing to take the exterior of your home to a whole new level of elegance. Another addition to consider to your siding project is window replacement, but if the budget doesn’t allow, you can still achieve a wow factor for your buck with a lick of paint on your shutters, doors, and gutters too.

  1. Interior Improvements

If you must paint, always use neutral paint colors on your walls to give potential buyers a fresh canvas to work with. Remove all worn-out or dated wallpaper because not only does painting over old wallpaper a turn-off, but it also makes the removal process challenging. Replace scuffed or stained carpets and spend a little more on a new floor, preferably hardwood floors because they are trending and very easy to maintain. Paying close attention to things like the heating, drainage, drafty windows, or simply swapping the shower curtain for a glass shower door goes a long way. Consider buying new lighting fixtures, faucets, and handles, and have the tiled areas of the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, and floors professionally cleaned or re-grouted.

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Five Signs Your Siding Needs to Be Upgraded

Have you taken a look at the siding on your home recently? Over time it can breakdown and begin to look unsightly.  Since it is a gradual process you may not notice until it’s too late. A house’s siding has been designed to protect the interior structure from the harsh elements. Is it time for it to be upgraded? Check your siding for one of the following five signs.


  • Is it falling apart?


Is your house’s siding falling off at an alarming rate? Do you constantly have to hire a handyman to go onto the ladder to reset it in place? Perhaps you’ve had to buy new siding from the store and patch it up. Now it looks uneven, but you’re uncertain whether it’s worth painting. It may be time to do some exterior home improvements.


  • Is there excessive dampness within the home?


If your home is starting to feel damp inside and you can’t seem to get it warm enough, your siding may be failing. This can be causing dampness and moisture to get into the structure of your home. Over time, this can cause major problems, such as issues with the development of mold that can infest your entire home. And while you’re having your siding done, you may want to do some replacement windows too, that can help provide energy bill savings.


  • Are little critters finding their way into your home?


If your siding is falling apart, this can be an opening for little critters to get in. They love the warmth of a home. You may start seeing a lot more insects too. There may be cracks and gaps starting in your siding. It’s time to withdraw the invitation and get the siding contractors to install fresh new siding and do other exterior home improvements too.


  • Does your siding look like it is fighting the wind?


Even if the siding hasn’t completely fallen off yet, it may be loose. If you ever hear any exterior noise during a wind storm, it may be the siding banging against your house. It’s only a matter of time before it comes off, which can be a safety hazard for people walking past. This is a sign that you need to call the experts to do exterior home improvements.


  • Are you uncertain if your siding confirms to fire regulations?


When was the last time the siding contractors came by and fully replaced your siding? If you’re the new owner of a house, you may have no idea when it was last done. Did you know that siding contractors use fireproof and flame-retardant siding now? Not only will your home look brand-new if you hire siding contractors to tear off your old siding and install with new, but you’ll also be conforming to industry regulations that will keep your family safe.


You may experience many other signs that it’s time to upgrade your siding. This may also be the perfect time to get replacement windows or have the roof done too. Soon your home will look brand new, for only a fraction of the cost of buying a new house!


Learn more about Kearns Brothers, a full-service home improvement contractor servicing all of Southeast Michigan’s construction needs by visiting their website at www.kearnsbrothers.com or contact a remodeling expert at 888.355.6700.



Choosing The Right Full Service Home Improvement Contractor

It is of utmost importance that the person who is entrusted with a responsibility of a home improvement contractor is capable of handling everything well. You should keep a lot of things in mind before choosing such contractor. Today, we are looking at those things in detail.

Organizing Your Ideas

First on the list is idea organization – something that is very important. Since home improvement is a vast area of knowledge, you should keep track on all the areas in which your home needs a makeover. Additionally, having a crystal clear vision on your ideas can help you on the most relevant areas of improvement. So, once you get the idea – it will be a lot easier in choosing the contractor.

This is actually the point when you have to meet the contractor and exercise all the options. Just make sure to have a brief overview of the task with a couple of contractors and get their reviews. See how each of these full service home improvement contractors approaches things and if there are major differences in their pricing.

Reviewing Quotes And Your Budget

In fact, pricing is what comes next on your list. Once you have met a couple of contractors, you should get a brief idea of the market bids and pricing of your home improvement projects. This way, you can decide on your budget and review each quote in detail. When doing that, try to analyze the strengths and weak links behind each full service home improvement contractor and make sure that the proposed quote justifies the services offered by them.

Once you do that, you should take references by all of the contractors you interviewed. It is important to note that experience, exposure and performance all play a vital role in home improvement projects – and can get you transparent ideas and satisfactory levels of each contractor.

Signing Of Contract

The moment all of that is done – is the moment you need to execute a written contract. Here, the contractor will provide you with their own contract for you to sign and read it carefully without hesitating to ask more questions for language that need explanation or clarification. Here, you can also ask the contractor how the payment schedule will be put together and never give them more than 50% of the contract up front.

We hope this mini guide helped you find the best contractor for your needs and know what you are getting into before sealing the deal.

Fingers crossed on finding the perfect full service home improvement contractor in your local market!

Learn more about Kearns Brothers, a full-service home improvement contractor servicing all of Southeast Michigan’s construction needs by visiting their website at www.kearnsbrothers.com or contact a remodeling expert at 888.355.6700.