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Help Hiring A Snow Removal Company

After the experience of last year’s winter people in the north truly understand Mother Nature’s wrath.  Removing the snow from residential and commercial properties really took a toll on home and business owners.  It is only December and there has already been a hire demand for snow removal services than ever before.  This winter season is said to be another doozey.  In order to be prepared we suggest you look into hiring a snow removal firm that can handle all of your needs throughout the long winter season.  Below you will find a list of reasons that will help you decide if hiring a snow removal firm is right for you this year.

The first thing to consider is what it takes to remove large amounts of snow.  Many homeowners and business owners alike own a shovel and maybe a small snow blower. Both of these traditional methods of snow removal take a considerable amount of time and energy.  When you hire a professional snow removal company they are equipped with the latest tools and technology available for snow removal.  Snow removal companies are able to effectively remove the snow and ice in a short amount of time.

Companies that specialize in snow removal also have more manpower than home and business owners.  Not only do they have more people to assist in the process they also have more experiencing in getting ice and snow off of the surfaces most important for access into homes and businesses.  With the experience, tools and man power that commercial snow removal companies have at their disposal a job that would take a single person to do is done in under twenty minutes or less.

Another benefit that has been previously mentioned but deserves a bit of credit all its own is the time savings that comes with hiring professional snow removers.  Traditional snow removal takes quite a bit of time.  Sometimes it can take days for homeowners to clear the mess of a northern storm. This is why it is so beneficial to hire a professional snow maintenance company to remove snow from access points within your space and to move additional snow that has built up.

When you have a contract with a company that removes ice and snow from your business or home you need to understand that they are at your beck and call.  This means that twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for the entire season they are there to keep snow from accumulating and turn into hardened ice on you sidewalks and driveways.  Even when you are gone on vacation, they are there to ensure the snow is removed and your home is accessible.

Not only can you hire a snow removal company to clear your driveway but also to clear the exits, entrances and walk ways of your home.  This helps to keep you safe if an emergency occurs and you need to exit your home from an area that normally snow would be ignored and allowed to pile up.

There are a million reasons to consider hiring professional snow removal services this winter.  Call before their contract limit have reached capacity within the manpower they have available for seasonal snow removal services.

CBA Outdoor Services is a local landscape design firm offering services, including snow removal, throughout Livingston and Wayne Counties.  For more information on the services they offer to both commercial and residential clients look online at http://cbaoutdoors.com/.

Providing Snow Removal Services For Senior Citizens

The winter months are some of the hardest for senior citizens.  Not only does the colder weather create issues for aging population but so does the snow.  Shoveling snow can be a hazard to the elderly.  The latest stats show that upwards of sixteen thousand people end up in emergency rooms throughout the country for snow shoveling accidents and injuries.  The risks come from not only the change in the level of mobility the aging body has but also because of the risks involved with lifting and twisting that is required as well.  Another issue is an increased risk of heart attack that occurs with seniors who are more susceptible because of pre-existing issues with their hearts.

The cold air that comes along with winter is another issue that affects senior citizens.  The freezing temperatures create conditions that make it difficult to take in deep breaths.  They also further challenge already limited mobility.  With cold air comes icy door steps, road ways and sidewalks increasing the risk of falling.  When someone who is older falls they are at a greater risk for serious injury over someone much younger.  Our bones become more brittle and susceptible to breaks and sprains as we age.

When it comes to the population of seniors amongst us now we are aware their nature is one of a more independent nature.  This can be seen with the increase in the number of seniors choosing to age in place.  This is where many winter related problems stem from when it comes to the elderly.

Despite the number of warnings shared with the aging population many still attempt to continue providing their own snow removal services.  They continue to shovel, salt and snow blow on their own as they have an overwhelming fear of entrapment as well as a fear that not continuing to do these so called normal tasks makes them appear fragile and weak.  Another reason may be because of issues that arise from living within a fixed budget.

If you know someone that falls into this category that remains either too stubborn to ask for help or financially unable there are a few things that you can do to help.

Of course if you are able bodied consider shoveling their driveway and sidewalks for them.  If it is a loved one you are concerned about that lives too far for you to travel call upon their neighbors to ask for assistance.  Sometimes the people around them are afraid to insult them by offering to help or are unaware a need is prevalent.  Another option is to call upon a local snow removal company that services others within the community in which a loved one lives and ask them what type of services they can offer within a limited budget.  It will shock you how many snow removal companies will clear the sidewalks and walk ways a bit more carefully when they know the service is being provided for an elderly citizen.

In the winter months it is so important that we take extra good care of our loved ones that are aging.  Snow removal, side walk shoveling, ice removal and laying down an extra layer of salt are ways we can all chip in to help create a safer environment for senior citizens.

CBA Outdoor Services is a local landscape design firm offering services, including snow removal, throughout Livingston and Wayne Counties.  For more information on the services they offer to both commercial and residential clients look online at http://cbaoutdoors.com/.

Entering Into A Snow Removal Contract

It is true, no matter how hard we try to fight it, winter is on its way.  We all know that with winter come mounds of snow, snow piled here, there and everywhere.  Snow removal is a chore that many people detest.  Knowing the snowy season is fast approaching has left many people considering the option of hiring a snow removal contractor to handle their winter needs.  If you are one of the thousands of households searching for a contractor to handle your snow removal needs this season we offer the following tips on hiring the best company for the job.

  • It is best to call around and have several companies out to estimate your snow removal job.  It is impossible for a contractor to quote you a rate over the phone.  A professional snow removal contractor would never attempt to bid out a seasonal job over the phone.The amount that you are charged will depend on a number of things including the size of the area needing to be cleared, if shoveling or snow blowing is also being requested and if excess snow needs to be removed from walk ways as well.  Also, consider if the company you are considering offers salt services.  It is important to keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be providing the detailed services your area requires.
  • Ask for references from the following season.  Check with the company’s references to see if they were satisfied with the service the company provided.  Check with references to determine if the contractor came out on their own without being called or if the homeowner had to constantly call to ask if they were planning on coming out to plow.  Ask homeowners if there was ever any damage to the landscape or property in general.  If there was and issues find out how the homeowner was compensated.
  • Look into any complaints or praises given to the snow removal contractor through the better business bureau and online.  Online reviews are often the best place to find out about how satisfied or not people have been with a company’s service.
  • When you have decided upon a company for your snow removal needs the contractor will prepare a written agreement in which you will both be required to sign.  It will lay out the exact services you will be paying for and any additional costs that could ensue.  The contractors will layout whose responsibility it is if any damage is done to the property or the surrounding area.  Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured.  Do not hire someone that is not.  You will be liable for any injury or damage that takes place on the property no matter whose fault it is.

Be realistic when hiring any service company.  It is impossible for snow removal firms to predict the amount of snow fall that will occur in the coming season or during any one instance throughout the season.  Some major snowfalls will require your patience and understanding as commercial areas are always plowed before residential clients.  It may take longer than normal for your contractor to reach you during larger snow falls or if ice is present and salt needs to be applied.

CBA Outdoor Services is a local landscape design firm offering services, including snow removal, throughout Livingston and Wayne Counties. For more information on the services they offer to both commercial and residential clients look online at http://cbaoutdoors.com/.