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How Gutters Improve the Life Of Your Roof?

The average costs of installing a new roof made of low-quality shingles can be somewhere near eight to one hundred dollars per square foot.  Considering the expense it is understandable why homeowners delay installing a new roof.  One way homeowners can maximize the lifespan of their current roofs and avoid having to replace their current roof is through maintenance.  Taking care of the homes roof helps to avoid the extra expense of a new roof in the future.

When it comes to taking care of a roof one of the most important elements that needs attention are the roofs gutters. The homes gutters save your roof from many problems associated with water and its leakage.  When water is allowed to enter the home through the roof interior damage will occur from ceiling leaks to the growth of mold.

The Purpose of Gutters on Your Home

Gutters are installed on the perimeter of the roof in order to facilitate water removal.  They help to ensure that water is drawn away from the home. If water accumulates in larger quantities on the roof or along the roof line it can cause a great deal of degradation and reduce the lifespan of your homes roof. Excess water on the roof leads to a number of issues including:

  • Moss Growth

Moss is a plant which grows when there is an abundance of water left to sit. The water in which moss prefers to grow is stagnant. This occurs if there is an abundance of stagnant water on the roof.  Without gutters the water on the roof is often not efficiently removed and water is allowed to accumulate near the periphery of the roof or even in the middle. The problems which are associated with this are the damage which shingles bear and the growth of the mosses.

Mosses and other organisms can grow in these locations including dark algae and fungus. Just like the moss, these organisms also don’t do anything good to a roof. Their roots penetrate deep in the shingles causing cracking which can lead to complete weathering of them in the long run.

  • Extension of Pores of Shingles

It is said that water determines its own path whether that path is through huge holes or even the tiniest ones. If you think that shingles and other roof components do not have pores, then you are wrong. Even the smoothest surface has tiny pores through which water can find its way in.

Chemistry of Water

Having said that, we know that water is a universal solvent. When the droplets of water fall down from the clouds, they dissolve a lot of chemicals in their way down. These chemicals, such as sulfates and carbonates can find themselves crystallizing in the pores of the surface in which they are taken by the water. Thus, with the passage of time, this crystallization can mount up and eventually can produce cracks and joints on the surface.  Considering the result of water seepage, there is a need to eliminate water from the roof. This is where gutters provide us their applications.

Gutters can become clogged from the fallen leaves from nearby trees, ice dams, or any other coagulant agent. This can totally reduce the capability of the gutters and can, in turn, damage them. For this purpose, there is a need to keep your gutters clean so that the water from the roof doesn’t find its place either in the attic or in the basement.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Often times, gutters cannot be cleaned by the house owners because of the difficulty they face in working on a ladder. If you are one of those, then you can hire a roofing company or any residential roofing contractor to assist.

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Know What to Expect When Hiring A Contractor Specializing In Metal Roofing

A new roof is a major investment that you will likely live with for a long time.  It is imperative you make a careful choice when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor is highly essential.  This holds true for all types of roofing contractors; however, it is more important with metal roofing contractors since metal roofing is a specialty requiring skills and tools that are quite different from other forms of roofing. A typical roofing contractor can install wood or asphalt shingles; however, it takes a specialist to install most types of metal roofing.

How to Locate the Best Metal Roofing Contractors

For sheet metal roofing systems, it is recommended you choose a contractor with at least three years of experience installing metal roofs.  You can find a good metal roofing contractor through recommendation from friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, metal roofs are uncommon; hence, you may not know anyone who has had one installed. Your best bet is to look online using one of the many home improvement directories.  An advantage of these services is that they assist you to locate local metal roofing contractors who have gone through a pre-screening process.

You can locate a metal roofing contractor by contacting architects or builders who have designed or built homes utilizing metal roofs and request suggestions. It is advisable you make appointments with at least three professional roofers who are highly experienced at the type of roof you intend to have installed. Then get references from satisfied customers and confirm if they were happy with the work and to discuss any issues that arose during the project.

Tips for Hiring Metal Roofing Contractors

There are numerous benefits associated with metal roofing and this has made them very popular today. Metals have in fact, outshined slates and asphalt shingles. Many homeowners today prefer metal roofing options due to their longevity, durability, convenient upkeep, energy efficiency, customization flexibility, re-sale value and eco friendliness.

It is a great idea to consider metal roofing installation for your home. Hence, you need to find the right metal roofing contractor to work with. The installation plays a role in the final results that you get. Below are some tips to guide you in selecting the best metal roofing contractor for your project.

  • Find a local contractor. Reputable local roofing contractors will likely offer the best services because they know that should any complain arise, they can easily be located. You will also feel at ease, enjoying service warranty from a local contractor.
  • High reputation with roof installation. It is highly essential that you choose an experienced company that has been on the job for a long period of time. Reputation and experience can help you choose a reliable metal roofing contractor.
  • Quality of materials used. Ensure that your Metal roofing contractor uses quality products and see to it that they know what the best metal roofing materials are. Superior quality products will translate into metal roofing that lasts a lifetime.
  • Dubious contractors who settle for cheap and poor quality materials should be avoided.
  • Consider variations in climate. The fact is that different roofing materials suit different climates. For example, some metals are unsuitable for beach properties because of corrosion from salt.
  • Choosing a contractor with enough experience to install metal roofing in your region will ensure having the best metals used for the local weather demands.
  • Consider insurance. Accidents and injuries can happen, especially to workers who work high up on the roof. You will not want to be held liable for such unfortunate situations. Ensure that the workers from the company possess worker’s compensation and liability insurance. This document will protect you and the workers working on your property.
  • Document job details. There are various roofing styles, depending on the results that you want. For the desired result, contact your contractor and write down the project specifics. This is a confirmatory means of getting satisfactory results.
  • Understand your warranty. It is essential you know what the warranty on roofing services or metal products used by your contractors entails. This is necessary because experience has shown that some exceptions and actions can render a warranty void.

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Simple Spring Maintenance For Your Roof

Excitement fills the air as we celebrate the first days of spring.  For most people spring is a lot like New Years; a time to start fresh again.  We say goodbye to the snow, ice and cold and welcome back to the sunshine, colorful landscape and warmth.  Spring is the season of freshness. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming and spring rain is bringing life to the bugs, crickets and other sounds of the season.  An unexpected result of long, harsh winters is spring roof leaks.  When the spring rain starts in on a shingle roof that has seen an unkind winter many homeowners find themselves seeking the assistance of local roofing contractors.

Many leaks are found in the spring but tend to have begun being problematic long before they are spotted.  This is why roof maintenance is the most crucial during the fall and spring seasons.  Leaks within the roof can lead to a myriad of problems from structural damage to an invasion of mold.  Anytime water is seeping in to an area without the ability to completely dry moisture builds up.  This can lead to expensive repairs.  It is best to catch issues quickly and treat them immediately.  Roofing checkups performed by professional roofing contractors twice a year, in the spring and fall, can help to maintain your roof’s lifespan.

Roofing contractors are trained to spot small issues with your roof before they turn into larger problems.  Roofing repairs are substantially less expensive then complete roof replacements.  The old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is sure true when it comes to home ownership.

One of the simplest ways homeowners can improve the likelihood of a perfect roof inspection is to make sure that the homes gutter and downspout systems maintain a constant flow.  If at any point a clog is left within the system a buildup of water occurs.  The water will eventually back up under the eaves of the home and damage will occur.  Also, if gutters are left full they will begin to separate from the house which will only add to the issue.  It may take a homeowner several months to detect a problem if regular checks of the system are not performed.  This will lead to more damage and a greater expense for the homeowner.

Downspouts are important to more than your roofs safety.  The purpose of a downspout is to move the water away from the homes foundation.  A clog in the downspout could cause the water to begin flowing towards your homes foundation.  Water will seep into even the tiniest of foundation cracks causing major issues for homeowners down the road.  The gutter and downspout systems on your home are important in the protection of the roofs structure as well as the homes foundation.

As your roof ages it is important that a professional takes time to inspect the roof, repairing minor issues and preventing them from turning into expensive nightmares.  Water damage of any kind, anywhere within your home is dangerous and costly.  It is important to eliminate areas of concern the minute they arise.  This will allow your homes roof a longer than average lifespan, saving you time, money and headaches.

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Spring Updates For The Exterior Of Your Home

Tune ups and yearly health examinations shouldn’t be left to cars and humans.  After several long winter months our homes are in need of maintenance.  Spring is the perfect time to perform a checklist around your home as the weather is warming, life is emerging and a once over to ensure your home is in perfect running order is crucial. Below is a quick home spring checklist to review each year; your home will thank you for years to come.

Exterior Brickwork, Stucco and Siding

The face of your home can consist of a variety of materials from wood, aluminum, vinyl, brick or stucco.  If the area has chips, cracks or is damaged in anyway the elements can seep in damaging the homes structure.  Check for any deterioration.  If you should discover any areas were water can penetrate it is important that the area be properly repaired to prevent further damage from occurring.

Roofing, Gutters and Downspouts

If water does not have a way to flow from the house it will find a way in which to enter the home which will damage the homes structure.  It is crucial that the gutters and downspouts are all clear and direct the water away from the home.  Check the roofing, both shingles roofing and metal roofing.  Any missing or damaged roofing should be repaired.  Most homeowners don’t know what to look for when it comes to roofing damage.  Once a year it is highly recommended to have a roofing contractor out to inspect the roof, gutters and flashing.  Professional roofing contractors can spot areas of inefficiency within your roof, susceptible areas of leakage and can offer immediate help to prevent further damage.

Chimney Checkup

It is important that your chimney is inspected often to prevent build up.  A chimney sweep should be called in when any amount of build up is seen to help prevent possible fires.  Both active and decorative chimneys should be inspected.  Check the flue and cap for cracks and leaks.  Any and all damage should be repaired before the chimney is used again if damage is noticed.

Attic and Installation Maintenance

The attic is important and needs to be properly vented.  All attic vents should be checked for obstructions, soffit panel damage repaired, flashing leaks managed and wet spots on insulation removed and replaced.  Good airflow within the attic will save you money when it comes to heating and cooling your home.  Be sure to wear long sleeves and gloves when rooting around within the attic.  Insulation is a material that is not easy to work with.

Inspect the Heating and Air Conditioning Units

All units should be cleaned and filters changed.  This will help to preserve the quality of the indoor air and to keep units running more efficiently throughout the year.  It is also important that the duct work within your home is cleaned regularly.  This will prevent a buildup of dust and allergens.  As a reminder the batteries should be changed in all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home as a safety precaution.

Prune Landscape Around the Base of the Home

This is the same concept that surrounds the gutters and roof.  The idea is to prevent water from being able to build up around the homes foundation.  Keeping the base and structure free of moisture will help to ensure a dry base.  All plants, shrubbery and landscaping in a manner that prevents soil erosion.  Plant them on a negative grade to create a flow of water away from the house.

Prevention is a key element when it comes to the maintenance around your home.  Maintenance is far less expensive than replacement when it comes to the majority of issues that arise within your home.  Repairing small items as they arise will keep your homes upkeep affordable and easy to manage.

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The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

When it comes to any home improvement project around your home you must consider all of the pros and cons of the different options each variable offers.  This is especially true when you are looking into roofing materials.  When it comes to roofing and roofing contractors there are a variety of differences between materials that can be used.  Each material has a unique installation process which is why it is also important to choose the right contractor to install the different types of roofing.

Metal roofing contractors specialize in the installation of metal roofs; asphalt shingles are installed best by roofing contractors that specialize in shingling and so on and so forth with wood, tile, clay and slate.  In this article we will focus on the pros and cons of different types of metal roofing including steel, aluminum and other metal roofing materials.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Life Expectancy: Roofing contractors that properly install a metal roof will tell you that when properly installed the roof can be expected to last for up to fifty years.  The roof should last as long as the house or at least the time period in which you live within it.
  • Weight: Metal roofing is the lightest of all roofing materials. Per square metal roofing runs between fifty to one hundred and fifty pounds where as tile or concrete runs between seven hundred to nine hundred pounds per square.  Sheet metal roofing is my far the lightest of all metal roofing options.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: There is no need to remove the under layering of shingle roofing in order to install a metal roof which makes it quicker and easier to install then most roofing materials. Another reason metal roofs are faster to install then shingling and such is because the metal shingles come in panel sections which are anywhere between twelve to thirty six inches wide.
  • Resistant to Fire: Metal is noncombustible and therefore is given a Class A fire resistant rating which means it is the most fire resistant material that can be used.
  • Conductor of Heat & Cool: A metal roof is a fabulous reflector of heat from the sun thus saving on air conditioning costs.  The metal material is low in insulation R-value and utilizes the space between the metal and roof deck to increase energy efficiency.
  • Roof Pitch: Low pitch roofs are notorious for their potential leaks.  When a low pitched roof has metal roofing installed leaks are not as prevalent as they are with shingles. The minimum roof pitch that metal is used on is three in twelve.  This means that the roof rises three inches for each horizontal foot of the roof.
  • Maximum Run for Snow & Rain: The interlocking design of the roof panels make metal it impermeable against snow and rain. The surface is hard and slippery as well making it an obvious choice in climates known for being cold and wet.

The Drawbacks of Metal Roofing:

  • Expense: One major disadvantage of metal roofing is that it is quite expensive. This is offset however by the longevity and low maintenance involved in keeping a metal roof looking as good as the day it was installed twenty years later.
  • Noise: This too isn’t anything major and in fact many homeowners find it comforting and relaxing. Others however hear the ping, ping, ping of the rain and say it is an intense sound like that of a beating drum.

Consider what you desire in a roof before choosing a metal roof over other types of roofing materials.  It is also important to think about and research the contractors available in your area that specialize in metal roof installation.  Good metal roofing materials are only as good as the contractor that installs them.  Low quality installation can make even the highest quality of metal roofs falter.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Metal Roof

When it comes to purchasing a new roof for your home many homeowners are in the dark.  It is one of the many purchases that don’t get made that often when you own a home.  When homeowners initially start to think about replacing their roofs the choices can be quite bewildering.   Questions throughout the roofing industry don’t have a one size fits all approach.  There is not one price for all metal roofing.

Variables exist between roofing contractors and depending on exactly what the homeowner is looking for.  The materials and supplies for roofing can vary in cost anywhere from one dollar upwards to twenty dollars per square foot.  The truth in roofing is that you get what you pay for.  There are literally hundreds of metal roofs and metal roofing contractors to choose from.  Below are some tips on what mistakes to avoid when looking into metal roofing for your home.

The materials in metal roofing are not all the same and to assume they are is a mistake.  The metal varies in thickness, finish, types of metal and profile.  Similar to shingle roofing, metal roofs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, types and thickness.  Each of the aspects and difference between the metals can affect the roofs performance, lifespan, durability and price.  This is the same within asphalt shingle roofing.  The labor paid for roofing contractors to install the various types of metal roofs varies as well.

Another mistake to avoid is thinking that all roofing contractors can install any type of roof you desire.  This is simply not true.  Metal roofing contractors need to be installed by roofers specializing in metal roof installation.  The composition between shingles and metal is completely different and therefore it takes experience and training to install metal roofing properly.  When hiring a roofing contractor to install your new roof be sure to do research on not only the materials but contractors as well.  A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to having a new metal roof put on your home.

Don’t purchase the metal for your roof alone without the assistance and advice of your contractor.  If you purchase the wrong metal for your roofs application you can be wasting your money.  A metal roof that is ideal for the snow country may not be ideal for a home elsewhere.  The wrong metal can hook the moving snow and ice while causing damage to the existing structure.  This is the same if you live near an ocean and salt water the wrong base metal can cause early corrosion and decrease the longevity of the roof.

It is a mistake to purchase a roof based on cost alone.  Metal roofing and roofing contractors will vary in cost.  One metal roof may be less expensive as it is thinner and easier to manipulate when being installed.  A thicker more corrosion resistant material may last longer.  It is best to determine what you are looking for and adjusting your budget to afford the roof that will be the best value for your dollar.

A metal roofing expert is as important as hiring a doctor specializing in the type of surgery you need over a general surgeon.  You don’t want a knee surgeon to correct your vision.  The same is true when it comes to your home improvements; even when improving your homes roof.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing Over Traditional Asphalt Shingles

Homeowners that choose to have a metal roof installed over the traditional choice of asphalt shingling do so because they are wish to have a roof installed that not only withstands the harsh elements of the northern climate but also has a long life expectancy.  There comes a time when homeowners have a metal roof installed on their home and need to access the current condition of the metal roofing in order to decide if it is in need of replacement.  In order to determine if the homes metal roof needs to be replaced there are a few factors to consider.  Below are some characteristics to look deeper into when considering metal roof replacement.

The first consideration to be given is the amount of rust that builds up on the homes current metal roofing.  Now a day’s metal roofing is pre-treated with a rust roof coating that prevents the deterioration of the metal roof.  However, a previous metal roofing material were not treated with a rust proof coating and even with that modern day solution to rust it does not guarantee that the metal roof will not break down resulting in the development of rust on the homes metal roofing.

Extreme rust on a home’s metal roofing will detract from the aesthetic value of the home.  It will look unsightly and will detract from an otherwise well-kept, highly curb appeal friendly home.  Minor rust on a metal roof can be treated with rust treatment but overtime homeowners may find it is more cost effective to completely replace the homes metal roofing.  It can prove costly for homeowners to continue to hire professional roofing contractors to treat the roof rust year after year.

A metal roof has an increased life span over that of other traditional roofing materials such as asphalt.  A superior quality metal roof, installed correctly is known to have a lifespan of anywhere between fifty to a hundred years, whereas shingle roofing has an average life expectancy of between fifteen and twenty five years.   The amount of weakening experienced by metal roofing of the home will vary due to exposure and weather conditions within the homes climate.  If rust is left untreated it will lead to a weakening within the homes roof which will in turn result in the formation of holes within the metal roof.  If this occurs the only choice a homeowner has is to fully replace the homes metal roof.

A professional roofing contractor that specializes in the installation, repair and replacement of metal roofing will be able to access the condition of the homes current roofing.  This will ensure that homeowners get a professional opinion on the condition of the roof before choosing to invest in a full metal roof replacement.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

Choosing Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingle Roofing

When you own a home there are so many benefits in choosing metal roofing over asphalt shingle roofing.  When many homeowners purchase their first home they purchase a shingle roof.   Over time it becomes apparent that metal roofing is a more viable option in replacement roofing over asphalt shingles.  If you are one of those homeowner s that don’t understand why metal roofing is a better overall value than asphalt shingles the advantages listed below should assist you in your decision.


Many homeowners believe that metal roofing is in fact heavier then asphalt.  This however is the furthest thing from reality.  Metal roofing materials are in fact lighter than asphalt roofing.  In fact every square foot of metal roofing weighs less than one square foot of asphalt roofing materials.   Per square foot of metal roofing weighs one point four pounds where as asphalt roofing can weigh anywhere from two to five pounds per square foot.  One major benefit of metal roofing over asphalt is that metal roofing can be installed over existing asphalt roofing materials or wooden roofing materials.  This can be achieved without compromise to the existing roofs structure.


Metal roofing is said to outlast shingle roofing by a factor of four or more.  Many roofing contractors prefer to install asphalt shingling.  This does not mean that asphalt is in anyway a more reliable or permanent roofing solution over metal roofing.  Roofing contractors may find that metal roofing is harder to install than asphalt as well as the fact that asphalt roofing needs to be replaces twice as often as metal.  Another major benefit of metal roofing is that it is not as easily compromised as asphalt shingles.  The sun and heat eat away at shingle roofing faster than its metal counterpart.


Shoppers are constantly surprised by the fact that the warranty on asphalt composition roofing doesn’t necessarily correspond with the manufacture warranty placed on the shingles.  In fact the warranty on the actual shingling material usually exceeds the warranty on the products labor.  For the most part asphalt shingles have a twenty to twenty five year warranty.  In most areas however shingle roofing lasts about fifteen years before it needs to be replaced.  This of course is in contrast to the hundred year warranty on most metal roofing materials.


Within the Northern American region of America asphalt shingles is the most popular option in roofing.  This is because asphalt is deemed the most affordable material in roofing.  It is also incredibly predictable when it comes to how aesthetically pleasing the roofing appearance is.  Homeowners will all tell you that metal roofing is the most aesthetically pleasing when it comes to materials used in roofing.  Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, styles and shapes.  Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles that make it a natural choice in alternative roofing materials.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

It May Be Time To Replace Your Metal Roof

How do homeowners know it is finally time to replace their metal roofs?  Metal roofing is usually chosen over asphalt because of its longevity.  Many times the homeowners that initially install the metal roof are not the owners when it comes time to replace it.  It is necessary to be able to access the condition of the roof in order to decide if it is time for the roof to be replaced.  Below are some of the things to look for before you call in a roofing contractor to install a new roof.

Severe Rust

Metal roofing comes coated with a rust proof finish.  This however does not guarantee or prevent rust from forming.  Overtime the coating can degrade which will result in the formation of rust on the metal roof.  Metal roofing with excessive rust can detract from the aesthetics of an overall well-kept home.  If homeowners begin to see rust forming on their metal roof they should address the areas with additional rust treatments.  Eventually it may become cheaper to replace the roof rather than continually treating the rusting areas.

Fragile Roof Structure

Overall metal roofing has a longer lifespan over asphalt shingles.  This does not mean that the roof will not experience a gradual deterioration.  This happens because overtime the roof is exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Severe weather leads to excessive rust which then leads to a weakening in the roof structure.  When this occurs the only option is to replace the entire roof.  If you see holes starting to form in the metal the roof structure will start to weaken at a faster pace.  Be prepared to replace the roof within the year if not sooner to avoid the expense of structural roof replacement as well.


Unlike asphalt shingles metal roofing is held onto the roofs structure using bolts and screw to fasten it together.  Overtime the bolts and screws will loosen and break away.  This can cause a leak to occur which in turn can lead to water damage.  Water damage is unattractive and costly if left untreated.  It is more economical to replace the metal roof than repair constant water damage.  If the leaks are caught early it is possible to repair the hardware that has loosened.  The sooner the leak is discovered the less likely it is to cause long lasting water damage to the structure of the roof overall.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.

Metal Verses Asphalt Roofing

Homeowners are always interested in the latest and greatest trends when it comes to upgrading their homes. One item that has become a subject of debate is metal roofing.  In comparison most homeowners will agree that metal roofing is an appealing option over asphalt shingles.  The debate between the two materials often centers on their cost verse longevity.  Does it make sense to pay almost double the amount of money for the materials and installation involved in metal roofing?  What other benefits does metal offer over asphalt to your home to warrant the expense?

What is lighter metal or asphalt roofing?

It is a common myth that metal roofing is heavy.  This could be nothing further than the truth.  In fact metal roofing weighs about one point four pound per square foot where as asphalt shingles weigh anywhere between two to five pounds for each installed square foot.  The major advantage of this is that metal roofing materials are easier to install over any existing roof without compromising the existing roof structure.

What is the lifespan of metal and asphalt roofing?

Most people are not surprised to learn that metal outlast asphalt when it comes to the longevity of your homes roof.  The worry surrounding metal comes from the myth that metal easily rusts.  This again is untrue; in fact metal outlast asphalt more than four to one.  Metal roofing sheets are not easily compromised by the sun and heat unlike asphalt.  The metal will continue to perform for decades over shingles.  Shingle roofing is preferred amongst roofing contractors only because they are easy to install and the roofing contractor does not need any specialized training to be installed.

What is the difference between the warranty between metal and asphalt roofing?

One thing many homeowners are shocked to find out is that the warranty of asphalt composition is that the warranty on the shingle doesn’t necessarily correspond with the lifespan of the actual shingle materials.  If the warranty on the shingle is stated at forty years most homeowners are lucky to get fourteen to nineteen years out of them.  This is hardly comparable to the one hundred year warranty period on metal roofing.

What is the aesthetic value between metal and asphalt shingling?

Asphalt has been seen as the most affordable option in roofing for awhile now.  This does necessarily make the most eye appealing choice.  With metal roofing you have a variety of choices in styles, colors and shapes.  Metal roofing actually offers more in terms of appearance than any other material in roofing.

Home Pro Roofing contractors offer a variety of roofing services throughout Brighton, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Fenton and Commerce Township, including installation of shingle roofs, metal roofing and roof repairs.  You will find them at http://www.homeproroofingmi.com today.