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Spring and Summer Maintenance For Your Lawn

As winter turns to spring and spring into summer there are several things that need to be done to your landscape to prevent it from looking run down.  Spring clean-up on landscaping as well as summer maintenance can turn an okay landscape into major curb appeal for your home.  Don’t think you have the time or drive for spring lawn clean up or summer maintenance?  Look into hiring a local landscaper to help.  Many landscape companies employ ground crews who are in charge of lawn mowing, mulching, brush clearing; the laborious work when it comes to a home’s landscape.  Don’t be led to believe that all landscapers only work to design and install the landscape for your home as most also provide year round maintenance to ensure that your lawn is in top shape no matter the season.

Upon your lawns initial spring consultation the landscape crew will come in and evaluate the lawn and survey the damage that was created from the winter.  This includes anything from evaluating the damage from animal waste and urine to moles and bare patches left from the harsh winter.  Most often patch seeding takes place as well as fertilization, aerate and watering.

Lawn maintenance teams in the north also look for “snow mold”.  Snow mold is a disease that occurs on your lawn when blades of grass become stuck together and prevent new grass from growing.  It basically created a grass mat that will need to be gently remedied.  This can be done with a light raking to the area and an early mowing.  This helps to break up the grass as well as mulch up the dead grass from your last mow before winter.  Mowing also helps to mulch in any let over leaves and materials that are still covering the lawn.  Of course a good light raking will help with this as well.

Any plants that are highly susceptible to frost should be left covered until two weeks after the last frost for your area.  The quickest way to ruin a beautiful rose bush is introducing it before the fear of frost is completely eliminated.  In some areas this could take until Memorial Day or later. Once it is decided that the fear of frost is gone the plants can be uncovered.  This is the perfect time to address the plants health.  First remove any dead or blackened areas of the plant then prune the branches down to healthy wood right above where the leaf buds.  Wait to add mulch to the area in order for the ground to warm thoroughly.  Mulching too soon keeps the cold around the plants root system therefore inhibiting seasonal growth.

Your landscape team will check over all plants, shrubs and trees in the yard and recommend options in care if needed.  The spring and summer seasons are meant for enjoying the outdoors and becoming one with your surroundings.  This can easily be achieved in your very own yard by hiring a lawn maintenance crew to provide care for your lawn and gardens.

Strategies For A Lush Lawn

The joys of summer are plenty. One benefit of the summer time is being able to enjoy the lush, green lawn. Have you been thinking inside the heat of the summer a lush lawn is expected? The steps below regarding lawn maintenance and care will assist you to get to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Lawn Maintenance – Watering

Normally lawn maintenance in Michigan requires some type of watering schedule. All depends upon the amount of precipitation containing fallen and the previous climate. Per week typically your lawn requires one to one and half inches of rain per week. You will need to watch out for grass that’s turning yellow-brown simply because this may mean you need to increase this.
Try watering your lawn each day preferably by ten o’clock every day. This will assist to relieve water evaporation allowing more water to soak in to the lawn. Avoid watering your lawn later in the day since the hazards of fungi and disease increase at night.

Lawn Care – Mowing

In the event the heat with the summer season is among us it’s always best to trim your lawn for a longer period than you normally wood during cooler months. Grass which is longer will assist you to shield the roots in the steaming sun’s rays. Many professional lawn care specialist would recommend a height between three and three and a half inches.

Avoid mowing your grass on days rich in heat indexes. This can causes it to become dry and turn colors. If you should cut it during a period of extreme heat focus on doing this within the cooler parts through the day and not smack dab in the center if the heat reaches its peak. Attempt to determine an excellent lawn mowing schedule which has you reducing your lawn once weekly, week . 5.

Lawn Fertilization – Feeding

Your grass will grow significantly better with a little bit of food in the form of fertilization. Homeowners can decide a chemical as granules or liquid. Fertilizer was designed to embark on in phases to create better results along with a healthier lawn. Follow the schedule laid out by the manufacturer when applying fertilizer. This is something you will need to begin early in the year season and continue to the fall.

Lawn Maintenance – Seed and Repair

Repairing and adding seed in your lawn is a common issue contained in lawn care. Local plumber of the season to achieve this influences spring or fall. If you are able to agree to regular watering in the lawn summer seeding could be okay. There are several kits open to patch the lawns that provide homeowners fantastic results. You’ll need to get caught up with watering and maintenance to have any new growth to have success.

Pay attention to the little details when caring for your lawn. A whole new landscape design can be as crucial that you your yard because grass itself. Homeowners must maintain a delicate balance to ensure their house to keep charm of the entrance. It won’t be easy but can be achieved. If gardening and lawn maintenance isn’t look you can contact a specialist lawn maintenance company. They will put your lawn on the schedule of fertilizing, watering, re-seeding and mowing that is perfect for your lawns exact needs.

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