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Affordable Age In Place Bathroom Renovations

More and more people in the aging population are choosing to stay living within their own homes.  With this in mind it is important to look into specific renovations to the one room where most accidents occur, the bathroom.

The first thing you need to do is add grab bars to the bathroom space.  Grab bars add additional support for seniors as they enter and exit the shower.  They also add additional support to hold on to when they are in the shower.  Grab bars need to be installed properly.   Hire an age in place specialist, a contractor that specializes in age in place remodeling as they will ensure the grab bar is installed correctly.

If you can financially afford it replace the bathtub with a stand up shower and built in shower seat.  If this is not feasible add a shower seat to the bath tub.  It is incredibly difficult for seniors to enter and exit a bathtub.  It is better to install a walk in shower space that offers a zero entry design.   This along with the addition of a shower seat and grab bars is the safest option for the seniors.

Cabinet hardware in the bathroom should be changed from knobs to pulls.  Seniors with arthritis will have a difficult time wrapping their hands around small knobs.  Cabinet pulls are easier for them to grasp and don’t require your hand to curve around the hardware.  Also lever handles are better on the bathroom door to allow for an easier entrance and exit into the space.

In order to access the supplies within the bathroom it is best to install shelving that pulls out.  This allows for easier access to the items in the back of the cabinets which makes getting access to what they need less complicated.  Pull out shelves are also a great idea for age in place remodeling with in the kitchen as well.

Another consideration to make is the placement of the electrical outlets and switches.  Seniors that are aging may need a wheelchair or walker accessibility.  Make sure that the outlets and lights are within reach at the lower height requirements.  Don’t make it so that aging seniors have to stretch to turn lights on and off.  The goal is to remain independent and this requires access.

Vision decreases throughout the aging process.  With that in mind the need for extra lighting becomes essential in the bathroom.  Add extra lights in the shower, above the vanity and throughout the space.  A light over the toilet can help as well.  Recessed lighting can be a life saver when designing for a bathroom remodel.

Making the necessary renovations and accommodations to allow seniors to age in place allows for safety while continuing to live independently.  This is especially important as we continue to live longer.

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Age In Place Remodeling Tips For Bathrooms

The baby boomer generation is starting to reach retirement age.  As this occurs more and more people from that generation are choosing to live in their own homes instead of moving into independent living facilities or senior care homes.  One of the issues that arise in these situations is the safety of individuals living on their own when faced with issues that seniors face. The biggest issue being more limited mobility or mobility using a walker, cane or wheelchair.  One of the biggest challenges seniors face is within the bathroom.  In order to create a bathroom that is safe for individuals wishing to age in place take into consideration the following ideas.

First it is important that from every angle in the bathroom individuals are able to access a bathroom grab bar.  The addition of grab bars allows seniors extra support as they enter and exit the shower area.  They are also there to support seniors during their showers if at any point the individual feels off balance before a fall occurs.  Additional grab bars should be placed on the sides of the toilet allowing individuals to sit or stand with ease.

A shower seat should be installed to accommodate ageing in place seniors.  Even better than using a portable seat in the tub is having one that is built directly in to a walk-in barrier free shower.  Depending on the type of bathroom remodeling you can afford you can adjust the type of renovations.  If a new shower with a built in seat is not affordable a portable shower seat will work just as well.

Look into updating the hardware in place on all of the cabinets within the bathroom.  Knobs are more difficult for elderly hands to grasp.  For this reason it is best to replace the hardware with pulls that are large enough to grasp. For seniors who are limited in the movement that have with their hands the hardware pulls need to be easily drawn out.

Bathroom shelving is another area of concern for seniors with limited mobility.  When faced with a body that has become riddled with arthritis essentials placed in the back of the cabinets becomes unable to be accessed.  All shelves within the cabinets should be replaced with shelving that is able to be pulled out for easy access to items within the depths of the shelf.  This will allow for optimal storage and ease of use to seniors choosing to age in place.

Lighting is another concern for aging eyes.  Seniors need additional lighting within the bathroom to be safe while using the space independently.  More lighting is needed for simple everyday tasks that seniors were used to doing with dim lighting.  Caution should be used when updating the bathroom lighting to prevent glare which would make it difficult to see, the opposite affect we are going for.  Bathroom lighting renovations should use direct lighting with fluorescent colors for the best results.  Add in additional lighting within the shower stall as well.

Age in place remodeling is something that all adults need to consider as they renovate different rooms within their homes.  It is cheaper to add in universal design elements into each room renovation as you are updating your home then when it becomes necessity later on.

The Home Doctor, based in Livingston County including Brighton and Howell Michigan, offers a variety of home renovations to clients ranging from bathroom remodeling to age in place home modifications.  Contact http://glenmillerthehomedoctor.com/ today all of your home renovating needs.

Keep Seniors Aging In Place Safe This Winter

In today’s society there are fewer and fewer seniors choosing to live their lives in independent care facilities instead option to age in place as long as they possibly can.  When an older adult choose to continue caring for themselves there are special precautions that loves ones can take to ensure that they continue to be safe on their own.  Daily living needs change in the elderly including a person’s mobility.  This is a particular challenge when the winter months are upon us.

When an elder person lives on their own or perhaps in the care of another senior there are special challenges to overcome in the winter.  This is especially true with those seeking to live in more isolated, suburban areas.  As winter moves in the colder temperatures set in.  Seniors are highly susceptible to catching a chill because of their lack of circulation and with taking certain medicines.  Because of this it is important that we take several precautions to help older adults aging in place throughout the winter.

Often times cranking the heat is not an answer many retirees can afford.  To beat the chill without selling your soul to the utility company follow the suggestions below.

Cold air can find a way into the home through even the tiniest of holes.  When looking at keeping seniors warm without heavy duty age in place remodeling such as new heavily insulated windows try using winter weight curtains.  Keeping curtains closed at all times will help keep the heat in.  You can increase the warmth by adding weather stripping and plastic on older windows as well.  To compensate for the loss of light the windows provide be sure to add additional lighting to rooms.

Help seniors rearrange furniture in a fashion that allows them to avoid sitting directly in front of areas that are drafty.  Sitting directly in front of the path of a cold draft will guarantee a chill.  Instead move the furniture and that favorite chair closer to the sources of heat within the room.

Take loved ones out to shop for indoor winter clothing.  It is advisable that seniors choose clothing that can be layered that are both warm and comfortable.  Socks and slippers with grips are a must and can help save a lot of body heat from escaping.

Slippery steps and handicap ramps can make leaving the house incredibly challenging for seniors.  Hire a snow removal crew to come in and shovel as well as put salt in place.  The small amount that you will pay for this service is recouped ten times over with the money saved from hospitals stays with broken bones from falling on ice.

As with any other time of year it is important to put in to place a set of safety guidelines for elderly parents to abide by.  Winter presents challenges for everyone but especially those aging in place.  Check on seniors every day to determine if the heat is running and to ensure they are safe throughout the cold winter months.

The Home Doctor, based in Livingston County including Brighton and Howell Michigan, offers a variety of home renovations to clients ranging from bathroom remodeling to age in place home modifications.  Contact http://glenmillerthehomedoctor.com/ today all of your home renovating needs.

The Art Of Age In Place Remodeling

Aging in place is a concept that is easy to get on board with.  The concept of universal design and age in place remodeling are both widely accepted concepts within the home improvement arena.  This may possibly come from the idea that many of us are staying healthier longer and are able to care for ourselves within our home environment.  The idea of having the freedom of living alone taken away from us is frightening and for the most part something many of us want to avoid. This is completely possible with smart remodeling.

Tips To Consider For Age In Place Remodeling

  • First consider the space you live in.  Is the home all on one floor or are there levels of the home that you will need access too?  This is the first concern to address within every space.  If the home is a ranch are the hallways too long?  Do you easily lose stamina walking from one end of the house to the other?  If the home is on more than one floor will you consider the addition of an elevator or chair lift?  These are all pricey renovations that really need some forethought.
  • Install at least one entry way into the home that includes a no-step entry. With this comes some special considerations including making sure the space has a covered entry. Additional drainage and a level space to maneuver on outside of the entryway.
  • The doors within the home may need to be widened to accommodate the use of a wheelchair or walker.  Altering doorways can be difficult in that you have to be aware of wiring as well as the structural load of the home.  This is one alteration that may not be easy but is essential in easing access into and out of rooms within the home.
  • Another renovation that is often done with aging in place is the addition of pocket doors.  This allows the homeowner to have additional space to maneuver without the hassle of a door in the way.  Pocket doors have one drawback that is easily modified, the handles.  In order to accommodate aging hands and lessened dexterity add a pull to both sides of the pocket that fits just outside the pocket.
  • Bathroom spaces are always the most renovated rooms within homes that are undergoing basic changes to allow for aging in place.  The addition of a walk in tub is not necessary.  They are expensive and offer only a very narrow door in which to enter.   All of which I see to be a hazard.  Instead consider ripping out the tub and in its place adding a walk-in, no-step entry shower.  Include in the space easy to maneuver temperature controlled faucets, a built in bench seat with plenty of grab bars to help sturdy aging bodies as well as an adjustable, removable shower head.

When it comes to any age in place remodeling project consider how it will ease your lifestyle.  The list above includes the most common issues seen in homes that are renovating to allow for aging in place.

The Home Doctor, based in Livingston County including Brighton and Howell Michigan, offers a variety of home renovations to clients ranging from bathroom remodeling to age in place home modifications.  Contact http://glenmillerthehomedoctor.com/ today all of your home renovating needs.

Improving Care With Age In Place Remodeling and Universal Design

People in today’s society are living longer.  They are in better health and can remain independent longer than even the people of our grandparent’s generation.  Even in better health, growing older means that special arrangements need to be made around the house to assure safety and to meet the needs of our changing abilities.  If you have decided that you are going to downsize and move into a smaller home look for a home built under universal design guidelines.   However, if you are hoping to remain in your current home there are many age in place renovations that can be done to maintain independence while increasing safety.

Homes that are built with the universal design philosophy are produced in and environment with products that are created especially for older people or people with disabilities.  Barrier free layout concepts are applied throughout the home while maintaining the aesthetics of the home.  Examples of universal design applied to the home include:

  • Entrance and exits on the ground level are smooth and easy to access.
  • Flooring surfaces are created with texture to remain slip resistant.
  • Throughout the home handles are levered instead of knobs.
  • Bright lighting is present in abundance in every room of the home.

Many people choose to stay within their own homes instead of moving to a home that explores the universal design concept.  When this is the case there are several age in place modification that can be put into place that will make the environment safer while keeping the aesthetic beauty of the original home. Here are some simple age in place modifications that can be done to create a safe and secure environment for aging adults.

  • Reduce the temperature on the water heater to avoid scalding.
  • Knobs on doors, faucets and cabinets should be replaced by levers.
  • In the entrance and exits of the home additional lighting, with motion sensors should be installed.
  • All flooring should be inspected.  Remove all scatter rugs and add texture strips to any flooring that is slick such as bathroom and kitchen tiles.
  • If the home has steps make sure that handrails are secure.  If the stairs are used on a regular basis consider adding an additional handrail to the opposite side of the stairway as well.
  • Special care is needed throughout the bathroom area.  Install easy to use levers handles on the sink, shower and bathtub.  Add grab bars and install non-stick strips to the slick tub surface and bathroom flooring.  Lighting with a motion sensor is a nice addition to the bathroom of aging adults as well.
  • Add additional lighting to the kitchen.  Cabinetry should be installed with sliding shelves to allow for easier access. Tools that are used frequently should be moved to locations that are easy to reach and that don’t require bending or reaching.
  • Furniture should be arranged throughout the house to allow for minimal obstructions.
  • Telephones should be installed in easy to reach locations throughout the house.  This can easily be done by installing a central phone base with additional charging ports in every room in the home.

Changes to your home should be done over the course of time.  As you are remodeling your home consider using age in place remodeling products and techniques.  This allows for a gradual transition transforming your home into a safe place to age.

The Home Doctor, based in Livingston County including Brighton and Howell Michigan, offers a variety of home renovations to clients ranging from bathroom remodeling to age in place home modifications.  Contact http://glenmillerthehomedoctor.com/ today all of your home renovating needs.

Straightforward Tips In Home Remodeling To Age In Place

There is an increase in the number of seniors choosing to stay in their homes rather than moving into assisted living facilities.  With the rise of our older generation staying within their homes it is important that we as caregivers know how to provide an environment free of obstacles that may hinder the homes accessibility.

Many age in place home renovations can be done by do it yourselfers but others such as the installation of wheelchair ramps require hiring an outside contractor.  The list below will provide you with some easy tips on renovating the home to provide a safe living environment to grow old.

One easy tip is removing loose rugs and carpets.  This may not sound like a big deal but this easy and inexpensive tip makes a large impact.  If it is impractical to remove the rugs secure them with the use of double sided sticky tape.  Loose rugs and carpets increase the risk that comes along with falling as one ages.  A fall in your twenties is totally different than a fall in your sixties.  Bones are brittle and are at an increased risk of breaking.  The healing process is also not the same.  All rugs and carpets should either be removed or secured to prevent accidents from the loss of mobility we experience as we age.

Consider updating hard to use appliances.  Seniors tend to have issues with mobility and bending in general.  Limit the need for them to stretch or excessively bend.  This can be done with simple appliance updates such as a new raised front loading washer and dryer. The basic goal in updating appliances is finding models that adapt to the changing needs we experience as we age.

Replace the handles on cabinets and doors throughout the home. Lever style door handles are much easier to use and require much less effort to open them.  Seniors with arthritis will find traditional doors hard to open. Cabinet pulls make cabinets easier to open as well.  These simple changes are effective and inexpensive.  Little updates make life much easier with aging joints.

Another simple change that makes life easier on seniors is replacing old style light switches to new style rocker switches.  Arthritis can be an incredibly debilitating disease that makes seniors unable to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Rocker style light switches make turning the lights on and off simple.

The most important tip of all is to update the bathroom.  Most accidents when it comes to seniors happens in the bathroom.  Make the switch from a traditional style tub to a no threshold shower with a bench and grab bars. It is also important that you replace the smaller traditional toilets with a higher toilet.  This will make getting up off of the toilet much easier alleviating the strain that comes with getting up off of the toilet.

Seniors thrive when allowed to continue to live independently.   It is important to allow them the freedom that comes when still in your own living environment instead of moved to a retirement home. The tips included in this article will start you on your way to providing a safe place to continue to live the life they want.