Is it possible to complete a kitchen remodel in less than three months and stay sane? I believe it is. The kitchen is the most functional place in any home. Who wants it to be out of commission any longer than it absolutely needs be? That is why it is so important to be prepared before you begin any home renovation but especially the kitchen. In order to complete a kitchen renovation it is important to consult a professional for help if not to complete the entire project. Some homeowners take on more than they can chew in between family and work obligations and a kitchen remodel is not one of those things that is easily handled.

Professional kitchen remodelers have all the tools and skills needed to finish a kitchen renovation is a short periods of time. They are skilled and prepared to tackle this job and give it one hundred percent of their dedication to ensure that the center piece of gatherings within the home is finished quickly. The steps they follow are the same as if a homeowner were doing it on their own. The major difference is that it is their job and will not be interrupted by life during the renovation of your kitchen.

Step one involves prepping the kitchen for the remodel. This involves removing furniture, appliances, food, dishes and anything else that lives within your kitchen area. Make sure all gas is turned off in the area if that is applicable. After everything is removed from the kitchen it is time to start dismantling the cabinets unless you are going to refinish them. If you are refinishing the cabinets now is the time to unscrew the doors from their hinges and label them so they can be put back in place properly. Make sure to unhook all plumbing fixtures and remove them before any countertops are removed.

The next step involves prepping cabinetry. This is the step in which cabinets are either refinished or removed. If the cabinets are to be refinished the doors will be removed, sanded, and primed for finishing later. The base cabinets can be unscrewed and moved to a storage area while renovations continue in the kitchen area.

Once everything is cleared it is time to paint. In order to paint the surface should be patched, sanded, washed, primed and then painted with two layers. This will improve the look of the paint job. Another thing that should be done during this part of the kitchen remodel is the countertops should be measured and a plan of action should be made to access where the sink will be placed.

The flooring and cabinets can be installed next leaving the final touches in the kitchen remodeling process to be the backsplash and putting appliance back into place for use. If the cabinets are being refinished also that process should be completed while you are working on painting the kitchen. This will ensure proper drying time for the cabinets before items are put back in place.

As this illustrates there are many steps to think about and coordinate before a kitchen remodel. It is probably best to hire a kitchen renovator to do this major home renovation. It takes a great deal of time and energy to complete each phase of the multi-level process of kitchen renovation.