For homeowners and businesses alike there are advantages and disadvantages to installing an electronic sliding driveway gate over an electronic swinging driveway gate.  In order to find the best option for your property you should consider numerous factors including: the available space, level of security needed and your budget.


Is cost a factor in the installation of a driveway gate?  If you are on a tight budget a swing driveway gate is often less expensive than a sliding gate.  The difference in cost comes from the mounting and operations of the gate.  The size and material of the gates are similar but the added expense is in how the gate actually opens.  Sliding gates require a track and rollers whereas a swinging gate uses only hinges.


When it comes to having a gate installed it is important to remember that the gate itself no matter if swinging or sliding will have less maintenance and expense if it is not electronic.  Electronic swing gates and electronic sliding gates both require a degree of maintenance.  A sliding gate requires that the track stay clean from outdoor elements such as leaves, sand, rocks and other debris.  Owners of electronic gates should invest in a special brush that can be used to sweep the gate track frequently to avoid issues from arising.  Also the gate operator and electronic keypad may require updates and regular maintenance.  This is something to consider when budgeting for an electronic entry gate.

Accessible Land

Both styles of fencing have their own unique requirements for the landscape around them.  If your driveway is short and wide most often a sliding gate is your best option.  This is especially true if the entry has any sort of sloping.  Slide gates require space on either side to slide into but do not require space to open out thus making sliding gates a great option for driveways that are not flat on either side.  On the other hand swing gates work just fine on narrow, flat entry ways.  The gate only requires enough space to swing open and shut and does not require additional room on the sides of the driveway.

No matter what the style of electronic gate is that you choose there will be major benefits for you.  Convenience, increased safety and containment are three of the most prevalent benefits that are given when home and business owners alike are asked why they choose to have an electronic entry gate installed.

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