Collectors are often searching for a way to satisfy a nostalgic craving.  Collections range from antique canes to baseball cards.  The difference in items that collectors seek out is all part of the adventure.  For some collecting is about investing their money in something that will bring in a return while for others it is all about finding something rare and unique to call their own.  There is a definite distinction between the two communities so it is important to separate between collectible that retain their value and those that only preserve the dust that sits on them.

One hot collectable that has been on the scene for almost fifty years now is hot wheel cars.  Let’s face it, boy or girl, young or old, who doesn’t have that kid like feeling when they are handed a hot wheel.  These little toys are a fan favorite still to this day.  It is an inexpensive collection that many young children start that they can keep for generation after generation.  No matter when you start collecting hot wheels always look to find limited issue cars.  These are the ones that will continue to increase in value as they age and become harder to find.

Another collection that is popular is books.  The internet and e-readers are making this an even more collectable gem.  Certain classics and first addition books in good condition, especially if autographed are extremely valuable.  Some books are only valuable because of their nostalgic value to the reader.  Most often collectors of books aren’t looking to obtain a huge return on their investment yet are collecting books to pass on to later generations.  The value of this type of collection is more to pass on a love of reading, collecting and sharing in the adventure of being able to get lost in the written word.

History buffs tend to like collecting antique canes and walking sticks.  These pieces are highly collectable because the story they tell of past eras.  When looking for a collection that will continue to retain and increase in value antique canes deliver.  The value is within the materials that are used to create unique canes.  This alone tends to help insure the value of these historical pieces.  Materials such as ivory, gold, silver and rare animal bones not only add value as they become increasingly rare but also intrigue into our history.

From antique canes to little toys let’s be clear a collection is as valuable as the market of collectors is willing to make it.  You may believe that old Frogger video game isn’t worth much but to that collector that remembers the joy it brought him when he was playing it on his Atari it might be worth a million bucks.  The old adage about beauty being in the eye of the beholder is never truer than in the world of antiques and collectables.

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