When you are thinking about anything in business the best starting point is a plan.  Sales strategy planning consists of the strategic plan you set forth in regards to sales in your business.  The climate of business is very volatile as the economy ebbs and flows through this environment which makes planning for the future ups and downs a necessity to keep your business a float.

When a company looks to sales strategy planning they must start by defining the path and approach the business plans to take in regards to the company’s resources.  This involves all aspects such as money, people, equipment and time.  In planning there are several approaches that business’s have used to define their strategic plan.  Below are two common methods used in sales strategy planning.

  • SWOT Analysis: This technique looks into examining all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved to the company. They use this information to determine the effect on the company and how the company should change to keep on track towards company goals.
  • PEST Analysis: This is a technique that looks into the political, economic, social and technological effects that are interfering with business and creates a plan based on information to encourage the company to adjust.

In the most basic terms a strategic plan is the formalized agreement from the organization for the course the business will take for future decisions.  One of these three questions if not all are dealt with when a business is developing sales strategy planning; Defining or redefining what the company does or hope to do, defining who they work for and defining how they plan on standing out from the rest of business’s.  Strategic planning helps plan for the long term.  It helps a company define who they are, who they want to be and how to get there in a three to five year span.

In order to figure out where a company is headed it needs to review where it has been.  Business’s need to explore areas that have worked and those which have fell flat.  As we have found in recent economic climates the future often takes turns we don’t expect. Business climates internationally affect American businesses so when an event affects commerce overseas business plans need tweaking.  This is the one major variable in strategic planning.  For businesses to not only survive but thrive they must learn to be guided by a plan but able to know when the plan needs to be veered from to conquer new challenges.

Companies have so many ways to help employees and clients see their vision.  Often companies will post their mission statement which explains the purpose that the firm exists.  Others find it better to relay the vision of the company to show hope and progressive thinking.  A vision statement includes what the company hopes to be viewed as in the future.  Vision statement a mission statement should be well thought of a give clear understanding of the company.  Poor vision and mission statements are those that are too broad and leave and overwhelming large gap between perception and reality.

Sales strategy planning, mission statements and vision statements are all tools that firms use to get a snapshot of the firm now and for the future.  With detailed planning and the knowledge that business will have bumps along the road that will need to be evaluated and adjusted for.