Bedbugs are creepy little critters that invade and spread in the correct environment. They are persistent and hard to get rid of. Bedbugs are able to hide in the smallest cracks and crevices where they breed and are not easily found. These critters are nocturnal and only come out when most people are asleep. This makes getting rid of bed bugs very difficult. Another thing that makes them so difficult to get rid of is that they can live for long periods of time without food and can survive traveling long distances. They reproduce quickly laying approximately 300 eggs that hatch every 10 days. These reasons make it difficult to keep bedbugs at bay. Prevention is the key element in keeping your home free of bed bugs.

To keep your home free of bedbugs you will want to avoid bringing them into your home in the first place. Many people believe that travel within the United States and abroad is making the resurgence of bedbugs possible. When people travel from one place to another they can unknowingly carry these tiny creatures with them. Bedbugs thrive in tight dark spaces. Luggage makes a perfect home for traveling bedbugs. In order to keep your luggage free of bedbugs follow these tips.

1) When traveling keep luggage zipped and elevated on a luggage rack at all times. Many people believe it is best to keep luggage in the bathroom. This environment is not one that seems to draw bedbugs.
2) You may hang your clothes using caution. It is unadvisable though to make use of hotel dressers.
3) Make sure that when you arrive home that you instantly wash and dry your laundry. It is important that you leave your luggage in the garage until you have time to thoroughly inspect it for bedbugs.

In order to be extra cautious review the hotels you are looking at staying before booking a room. If a hotel has multiple reports of bedbugs it is best to book elsewhere. Once an infestation is reported it is difficult to ensure complete bedbug removal. You can improve your chances of not getting bedbugs by taking the following precautions.

1) When arriving at your hotel ask to inspect your room before settling in.
2) When inspecting a room look for telltale signs of bedbug infestations. You will look in the seams of the mattress and furniture for molted skin and light brown fecal matter.
3) Check in nightstands and headboards, cracks are perfect hiding spots for these nasty nuisances.
4) If you see any signs of bedbugs request a different room or for that matter find another place to rest your head.

Remember prevention is the only way you can truly keep your home bedbug free. Take the necessary steps to avoid an infestation because bedbug removal is a long a tedious process that is never a hundred percent effective.