I always get asked what special precautions should be taken to ensure that aluminum fencing withstands high winds and heavy storms.  Although there is no guarantee that your aluminum fence will make it through a hurricane, tornado or other natural disasters there are several steps that can be taken to prevent inclement weather from destroying your aluminum fence.  Let’s face the facts; the only thing holding your fence upright is the pressure of the posts against the soil.

One way to help prevent major damage to aluminum fencing even in the midst of the most horrific of storms is to look at the natural elements within the yard surrounding the fence.  Trim trees and dead branches to keep them from being blown off during strong winds or heavy rain.  Limbs should be trimmed twice a year, at the beginning of summer and the end of fall to help prevent them from falling onto the fencing.  Have all the trees in your yard that are dead or dying removed from the space.  Many times dead trees will completely uproot in the midst of severe weather.  A falling tree or several heavy branches can cause a lot of damage to your fencing panels.

Another way to keep your fence from getting damaged during a storm is to make sure the fence posts are secure.  Take a few minutes and walk around the aluminum fence posts.  Check for loose or unstable fence posts as they have the potential to lift up out of the ground during a relentless storm.

When you know a storm is coming you can prepare your fence by closing and locking the aluminum gate.  If an aluminum gate is left unlocked during severe weather it runs the risk of being ripped off or slamming into the rest of the fence.  Leaving the fence unlatched during inclement weather also could lead the gate to damage the integrity of the fence itself.  The swift pull and push of wind on an aluminum gate will have it going in a million and a half directions.

Another solid piece of advice to keep your aluminum fence and gate from being damaged in a storm is to eliminate all the backyard objects that are free flying.  Take all chairs, tables, sports equipment and such into a secure garage or shed area.  That way if the wind picks up objects won’t randomly be flying through the air causing damage to the fence or home.

If by chance you do experience storm damage to your aluminum fencing don’t fret.  Check out your local online aluminum fence wholesaler who can help find you the correct aluminum fencing replacement parts to fix your homes fence.

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