Everyone thinks their future is secure because they have a good chunk of change in the bank and the pension they have been promised is wonderful.  However, one event can totally change the course of the future.  What happens if all of a sudden one day you can no longer work?  What do you do is one day a sudden impairment causes you to no longer do what you want to and your whole day is ran by managing the pain you are living with.  Things happen that enable us from continue on working.  Then what?  The answer is social security disability benefits.

The social security disability program offers the permanently disabled to receive cash  payments from a social security fund in which every working person adds to with prior income deductions.  It also gives them the ability to get benefits for medical care and even supplemental security income.

In order to apply for social security disability a process is followed to make sure the candidates qualify for the aid.  First, you will meet with a representative that will talk with you to determine your disability.  With this they will look into your medical history including doctors, surgeries, treatments and medicine that you have taken. You will also need to provide previous employment history for at least the last fifteen years.

Along with this proof of citizenship is required as well as documentation of personal information and benefit programs you are involved in.  You are also required to be insured in the work program as it will be considered in computing your monthly payment.

Getting started is simple.  That’s the only part that is.  Within the application process you will obtain a kit containing everything you need to start processing your social security disability claim.   This kit contains three important items a factsheet, a checklist and a worksheet.  Each sheet serves a different purpose.  The fact sheet is basically the frequently asked questions of the program.  The checklist allows you to prepare for the interview with a list of exactly what is needed for a complete interview. The worksheet shows examples of questions that will be asked so that you are prepared in your interview with appropriate answers.

Be prepared to be denied.  A larger percentage of initial claims are denied.  It is important to be prepared and look into hiring a lawyer for an appeal.  A lawyer will know exactly what proof, information and requirements that social security requires one to show to prove they are disabled.  They also represent you in court.

The next step is scheduling the to meet with the disability representative.  They go through your case as mentioned above. And then pass the case onto a caseworker from the administration.  Usually within three months they will admit receipt and in six months you should have a response to your case.

If the case is denied there are several places to turn so don’t give up.  An attorney will help go through all of this with you also.  The first thing is to ask for reconsideration using another decision maker within the social security administration.  Most often the claim will still be denied but it is worth a shot.  Next request an administrative hearing. The proceedings are done inform of an administrative law judge.  More than half of recorded appeals that take this next step are decided in favor of the beneficiaries.   The U.S. Federal District Court also has a high approval rate.

It is possible to get social security disability.  It may take some time and effort but persistence will pay off.  If you are unable to work all you have is time to maneuver through the system.  Previous track records show that persistence pays off.