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Benefits of Windows with Blinds Inside

If you are shopping for replacement windows, consider designer Pella replacement windows with blinds in between them. There are many benefits of having windows with blinds built in them. If you have children, you probably know that their little hands can grab and bend things faster than you can be on top of it. Conventional..

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Traditional Windows or Windows with Blinds?

If you’re in the market for some new replacement windows, you have more than a few choices. However, in these days when wallets are tightening and ‘going green’ is the reoccurring theme, you’re probably considering insulated windows with Low-E glass; not only can you receive a tax credit for these windows, but they’ll help lower..

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Green Windows with Blinds – Save Money in Style

Going ‘green’ is a popular topic these days; we’re starting to realize the limits of our natural resources. Plus, green is synonymous with saving money, and that notion rings true when you’re talking about green replacement windows. Here’s how to save money on your heating costs, help the environment, and spruce up your home in one step.