How Do I Buy Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans In Michigan

The cost of Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan may vary depending on a number of factors like the provider and the area in which you reside. However, Medicare benefits are consistent between planned letter types, regardless of where you live. It is left for you to discover what Medicare policies are available for you, and decide on which plan type is the most appropriate for your budget and health needs.

Medicare plans in Michigan are designed to help Medigap beneficiaries pay for the cost associated with traditional health care, Part A and Part B, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. Medicare Part C is also known as the Medicare Advantage and these plans can’t cater for it. There are 10 standardized Medicare Supplement plans available Michigan, and each plan is distinguished by one of 10 letters (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N), with plans of the same letter offering the same benefits.

Buying Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Michigan

Before buying Medicare insurance in Michigan, it is best if you understand the different types of plans available and what they offer.

Part A

Part A coverage doesn’t start until you have met a deductible of $1, 132 during a period of time known as a “benefit period”. That period starts on the day you enter the hospital or a nursing facility and runs until you have not received hospital care for 60 consecutive days.

Part B

Part B caters for home health care, outpatient care, lab test, doctor care, and other services from non-hospital providers. An annual deductible of $162 is incurred, after which it pays for 80% of a pre-approved rate for services from health care providers while you are responsible for the remaining 20%. You will also be responsible for the excess if your doctor charges more than Medicare’s rate.


  • Part A coinsurance, plus 1 year coverage after Medicare benefits end
  • Hospice coinsurance
  • First 3 pints of blood each year
  • Part B coinsurance


  • Part A coinsurance, plus 1 year coverage after Medicare benefits end
  • Part A inpatient hospital deductible
  • Part B coinsurance
  • Part B deductible
  • First 3 pints of blood each year
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Hospice coinsurance
  • Emergency care in a foreign country: 80% of the cost of emergency care during the first 60 days of each outing, after which you pay a deductible of $250, subject to a $50,000 lifetime validity, if such care would have been covered by Medicare if provided in the U.S.


  • Part A coinsurance, plus 1 year coverage after Medicare benefits end
  • Part A impatient hospital deductible
  • Part B deductible
  • Part B coinsurance
  • Hospice coinsurance
  • Emergency care in a foreign country: 80% of the cost of emergency care during the first 60 days of each outing, after which you pay a deductible of $250, subject to a $50,000 lifetime validity, if such care would have been covered by Medicare if provided in the U.S.
  • Part B excess: 100% of the excess charge above Medicare’s usual charge if medical provider does not accept Medicare assignment, subject to Federal/State mandated limit.

It is recommended that you carefully evaluate these plans when you shop for your own coverage.

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How and When To Change Michigan Medigap Plans

A brief overview on Michigan Medigap:

Medigap is supplemental insurance for Medicare. If you have Medicare Part A and Part B, You might have heard of Medigap or also known as Medicare Supplemental Insurance. This type of insurance is for individuals that need more coverage then just Part A and Part B of Medicare. It is sold by private insurance companies and all the plans are regulated by the federal government. If you need more information on Medigap please feel free to browse our blog or website. Now that you know more about the topic, let’s move on to why you would need to change plans.

Why would I need to switch my Medigap policy?

As your medical needs change over time, you might want to look over your policy. Maybe you need more coverage or maybe you need less coverage? Or maybe you can’t afford your current plan and need to switch. does a great job covering this and breaks it down to 4 parts. You can read about that here.

When can I switch?

This becomes tricky as a lot of variables come into play when trying to switch plans. In most cases, you are “locked” into a plan, but like I said it really depends on things like: did you just get the plan? Or are you within your 6-month open enrollment period? If you are not sure you can give us a call and double check. We have USA, Licensed agents ready and happy to help.

Medigap free look period

If you decided to change your plan for whatever reason, you have what is called a Medigap “free look period”. This allows you to take 30 days and decide if you want the new policy. This period starts when you sign up for the new plan. We recommend not canceling your 1st plan, just in case you want to go back to it. However, this means you have to pay for both plans. Once you determine what plan you want to go with you have to cancel the other one.

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Healthy Eating Tips for Senior Citizens

When we get older our bodies have different dietary demands. You can’t eat like your 30’s or even 40’s anymore and a lot of people know this but never change their eating habits. Eating healthy can be a challenge, but our bodies count on us to nourish them. Over the past decade food has also changed. With unknown additives and sugar alternatives, some seniors don’t know that these additives can be dangerous. Here are a few tips that not only work well for senior citizens but for a majority of people.

Eat Local Organic Produce.

A bonus to going out to your local farmers market allows you to meet new people and get a little exercise. The main thing is to buy locally grown, organic produce. Farmer markets are usually cheaper and better quality produce then big brick and mortar stores. Another thing about buying from the market is it allows you to ask questions about the produce that you couldn’t from a retailer.

Don’t have an aptitude?

If you are having issues eating, or don’t like certain foods any more a great way to overcome this is to dine with friends or family. See what your friends or family wants to eat and try new things. You could even have them cook for you on certain days. If you are concerned about losing weight or can’t eat very well, it might be time to talk to your physician or doctor. Let someone know if you have issues eating.

Need Help Grocery Shopping?

If you can’t seem to get to the grocery store, ask a family member for help! If that is not possible, you can ask the grocery store for help, or maybe people from church. Church’s have volunteers that will be happy to assist you! Just remember to give them a list of grocery’s you need and keep it healthy.

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Considering Medicare supplemental Insurance in Arizona?

Researching Supplemental Insurance for Medicare can almost be a part time job or a chore. We are here to help guide you along the path of choosing the right plan for your medical needs. Those of you that have a Medicare plan in Arizona know that it is not perfect and could use some improving. That is why private insurance companies like us offer supplemental insurance or also known as Medigap plans.

These plans are designed to help cover your medical expensive; as we know Medical bills in Arizona can be expensive. However, with 10 different plans to choice from, it is no easy task. In 2017 you have a number of different research options.

You can find a lot of information online about supplemental insurance; this blog for example has a lot of information. You can also visit government regulated sites ( that you can trust. Please be aware that not all information you read online is accurate.

Friends and family are another good source of information, especially if they live in Arizona or currently have Medicare. You might have some friends or family friends that are 65 or older that have Medicare Supplemental Insurance. So they have some knowledge on the topic.

Social media like facebook is another option that you can find information on Medigap. You can join groups where people get on and talk about Medicare.

Cost is a big concern while researching Medicare Supplemental Insurance

When customers call our office usually the main question is how much is this going to cost? When in reality the main question should be “what is the right plan for me, that fit’s my budget”. We can answer these questions in greater detail but we need some information from you. If you are looking for pricing on Medicare Supplemental Insurance in Arizona it is best to call us at 877-202-9248. We also have a free quote tool that you can find here.

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Comparing Medigap Plans in Texas

The older we get, the more we realize that our bodies need more than the usual care and attention it has survived on all these years. It becomes obvious to us that if we want to age with grace without being a burden to the younger generation we need timely access to quality medical care. Quality does not come without a price and if you don’t have a health care plan in place it is possible to use up your savings on just health care management.

But here comes Medigap, the perfect solution to your healthcare management. Medigap is available all over the states with peculiarities for each region. You can have Texas Medigap quotes and rates if you reside here in Texas or have plans to relocate here very soon. You can also compare TX Medigap plans to make the best of the options available to you and enjoy your later years in good health.

Medicare is a health insurance scheme funded with taxpayer’s money to ensure continuous access to health care for the vulnerable. It is a federal health care plan for the elderly, specifically from age 65 while persons younger than 65 can have access to this service if they have disabilities or End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

The Medicare program is highly beneficial and thus recommended to reduce unnecessary financial burden and the need for dependency. Though a standardized health care program, there are plans with specific objectives, so Senior citizens and other permitted categories in Texas can actually choose any option from the range of options. There are presently10 Medigap plans to choose from in Texas and they include the following:

  • Medicare part A Coinsurance & Hospital costs
  • Medicare Part B Coinsurance or copayment
  • Blood (The first 3 pints)
  • Part A Hospice Care Coinsurance/copayment
  • Skilled Nursing Care Coinsurance
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Foreign Travel Exchange
  • Out-of-pocket Limit

There are terms and conditions for each of this  plans, thus the need to make comparisons and make sure that applicants in this scheme have access to affordable health care coverage.

Comparing Medigap quotes in Texas is actually a simple process as there are Medigap Insurance companies to on ground to explain what each plan entails and guide you through this process.

The different insurance providers in Texas offer different Medigap rates/quotes which can be compared based on expectations and funds available for your health care. Information on the specifications, guarantees and limitations of the TX Medigap plans is the basis for comparison.

We have licensed Medigap agents that will ensure you have quotes and rates from multiple insurance providers. We can help you decide on which Texas Medigap rates/quotes is the best fit for you. Contact us today and enjoy the best health in good hands.

It should be noted that Medigap plans are for the elderly but not limited to them as younger persons with disabilities or ESRD are also included in the plans. Whatever the case at hand, you can be sure that your needs will be well taken care of as Medigap in Texas does a great job of filling on the gap for Medicare.

Learn more about Medigap plans & rates in Texas at  Our Texas Medigap Insurance brokers will help you compare Medigap Insurance rates and plans in Texas today.  To talk to an expert in Texas Medigap coverage call toll free 888-452-7949 today!

5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Medigap in NY

If you reside in New York and still wondering what a Medicare supplement is, well, to clear the dark cloud, Medicare supplement, also known as Medigap Insurance is a private health insurance policy that supplements the original Medicare plan. This means that Medigap covers part of the medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare. However, many people think that a Medicare supplement is a way to win Medicare benefits, but this is wrong.

Some details surrounding Medicare supplement insurance are confusing. If you act with the wrong information, it could lead to regrets down the road, so it’s wise to fortify yourself with these 5 important facts before purchasing a supplement plan in New York.

  • Medigap policies are meant to bridge the gaps that Medicare does not cover. Hence to get a supplement, you have to pay an additional fee on top of your Medicare plans. It’s a must to have Medicare part A & B before you can purchase a supplement.
  • In New York and other states, Medicare has ten standardized supplement plans – Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and Plan N. Medigap plans in New York are the same regardless of age or health status. However, the prices vary among different companies that operate in the state. So make sure you do thorough research and compare prices before you purchase a supplement plan. It pays to check with various companies available in your area before buying so that you can choose a plan that fit into your budget and health requirement, and not all companies offer all 10 plans.
  • In New York and other states, Medicare has ten standardized supplement plans – Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and Plan N. Medigap plans in New York are the same regardless of age or health status. However, the prices vary among different companies that operate in the state. So make sure you do thorough research and compare prices before you purchase a supplement plan. It pays to check with various companies available in your area before buying so that you can choose a plan that fit into your budget and health requirement, and not all companies offer all 10 plans.
  • Unlike in the past where one cannot get prescription coverage through Medicare, the current law stipulates that you can now get prescription coverage through Medicare. However, you cannot get prescription coverage from Medigap because there are no more gaps. So you can only get one through Medicare. However, if you need prescription coverage, kindly visit the official Medicare website and you will be instructed on how to fix the problem.
  • The law states that it is an offense to try to sell additional plans aside from the 10 standardized plans. The standard plans offer a wide range of options from which you can choose the right plan that is best for you. Run with a light speed from any agent or company that tries to sell any additional Medicare supplement coverage. It is unnecessary.

Finding the right Medigap Coverage in New York doesn’t have to be a challenge.  With these helpful facts coupled with your little research, you can easily get an appropriate coverage that is best for you.

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Estate Planning Legal Services

When it comes to estate planning there are a number of professionals that can provide you assistance but none as thorough as an attorney that specializes in estate planning, family law, and/or elder law.  It is important to have the help of a professional when looking into creating a plan for the future and creating an estate plan.  An estate plan will help ensure that your property is distributed properly to your family and friends upon your passing.

Estate planning was designed to cover a person’s whole life span in matters related to their life and death.

Facts Surrounding Estate Plans

  • You can hire an attorney that specializes in estate planning to assist you in establishing a reliable plan of action for your estate. This is helpful in case of your untimely passing or if something should happen to incapacitate you.  It allows your wishes to be known and followed through on.
  • Having an estate plan in place not only offers you as an individual protection but your family as well.
  • Estate planning allows you to avoid probate court and give protection to your family members and friends.
  • An estate plan allows you to keep your money and property while you are living and transfer it legally to family.
  • Many different benefits are derived from creating an estate plan. One benefit that is important is that you can nominate a person who will use the property at your death so that the property and other important belongings can remain safe from unauthorized access.  It also allows your property to be transferred to the desired people.
  • Often times an attorney specializing in estate plans in order to get the biggest benefits. Professionals can offer up a number of options for users to choose from when they are creating plans for their estate.

All of these options will help make reliable selections when creating a detailed estate plan.  With the help of an estate planning attorney you get legal protection for your money, property, and other important things. Detailed investigation and reporting will be done and legal steps will be followed to make sure that you are going to use the property and transfer it to your desired persons.

These types of plans are important as these help in legal transfer of property from one person to another. Property matters are complex and take a lot of time to settle. In case of estate plan it is possible to transfer the property to the legal owner at the death of original owner.

Estate plans are reliable and legal in order to help users to remain safe from problems in transfer of property. There are many types of problems in connection with transfer of property when the original owner is dead. Estate plan is giving details about the legal owner who will use the property after the death of original owner.

The original owner is able to transfer the property and other things to desired persons with the help of estate plan. If you want to use the property and transfer it to legal owners of your choice after your death then you must use estate plan. You can hire attorney specializing in estate plans in order to get these types of services.

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Replacement Parts for Medical Equipment

Many different types of medical items are used on a large scale.  It is important to keep these medical devices in good condition.  There are many companies that sell refurbished medical equipment along with replacement parts that are commonly needed during times of failure.  These companies help make sure that users can continue to use them with ease and that they remain safe from problems.   It is important to choose a reputable and reliable dealer in order to get linear accelerator and radiation oncology replacement parts.

Components to repair and maintain other types of medical equipment are also available from these companies often along with a number of other medical supplies to choose from.  Medical facilities should work directly with suppliers of replacement parts for medical equipment. This helps to ensure that they have access to parts and services when and if a piece of equipment fails.

Many companies have online modes that are helpful in making selections of the types of things that are needed to fix and maintain medical equipment, including linear accelerators and other types of radiation oncology equipment.

  • There are a number of companies that work to provide replacement parts for medical equipment however only a few of them specialize in providing high quality, user friendly, low cost parts and support for linear accelerators and various types of radiation equipment.
  • When you are using medical equipment on a daily basis it is important that you set up a service schedule that helps to maintain them to ensure that they run for an extended period of time.
  • Servicing of medical equipment is needed on a regular basis to keep the equipment ready for use, safe from germs, and maintained. Professional medical service technicians can ensure that your equipment is in proper working order.
  • Medical equipment can be quite costly to repair therefore it is better to keep equipment in proper working order and maintained to prevent it from needing to be repaired.
  • It is not necessary to purchase new radiation equipment just because the older equipment has problems. Most of the time simple tweaks and upgrades can allow an older piece of machine to run that service technicians can easily perform allowing the machine to run like new again.

Facilities can use radiation oncology replacement parts in order to make sure that your machines can work normally. These types of parts are high in demand and used on a large scale in medical field. There are many makers of these types of parts in the medical field.  These offers are helpful in making selection for the best dealer.

Service providers can compare offers from makers of these things and get the desired things from your chosen dealer. Online websites allow medical facilities to compare the items at any time and place order to get them. They can check payment options on internet through which you can get the desired things at the desired places with special discounts.

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Recovering Electrical Parts and Components

Closing an industrial plant can be quiet the process.  It is emotionally tiring, mentally draining and physically exhausting.  Aside from the physical activities and inventories that need to be closed, plant owners are plagued with the burden of what to do with the industrial surplus equipment and surplus electrical components that essentially make up the interior of the plant itself.  Fortunately for owners of these industrial plants with a surplus of used industrial electrical equipment and components there are companies that work to salvage and recondition parts and equipment to like new condition with a process known as refurbishing.

Companies that refurbish electrical components often have a division within their company that has an asset management division which focuses on the complete tear down and recovery of electrical equipment and components.  These companies have professional individuals who are trained on how to recondition the parts that are previously used and operated.

Reconditioning of electrical components and machinery involves taking apart the piece, cleaning it, replacing worn parts, lubricating moving components, re-assembling, and testing to ensure the quality of the refurbished equipment and components to assure they are operating as if they were new.  The parts that have been recovered and resold from a company other than the original manufacturer are called surplus components.

People are often confused and have a difference of opinions on these reconditioned or refurbished electrical components.  However, companies that sell industrial surplus electrical components ensure that they are high quality, fully functioning components that are as safe and reliable as their original electrical counterparts.

A myth that circulates is that there is a great risk tangled with buying refurbished parts however more often than not provided that the recovered surplus part is reassembled by a guaranteed company and is assured that these can outlive their original counterparts. A few in the industrial set up also believe that at times these refurbished electrical parts are higher in quality than the original due to the rigorous testing and analysis that they went through during the electrical recovery process.

Electrical surplus component recovery companies start by first assessing the condition of the electrical component parts.  Afterwards they are trained on how to begin the refurbishing process of tearing down the component, cleaning each part, inspecting it, repairing what needs to be done, test it, and mark it for sale as refurbished.  If certain parts on components need to be replaced due to worn-out issues they are immediately replaced and tested.  Each part is painted and re-assembled.  Paint selection is also important as it provides durability and protection to these electrical components.     Equipment is finally complete and ready for usage after it passes all the thorough testing and critical analysis.  These companies should be able to provide valued electrical recovery products to keep it working efficiently and to also provide safety when operators will start to use them.

It is vital to purchase only refurbished electrical parts from a trusted company that has a considerable reputation and extensive knowledge on how to recondition electrical components.  It is a must that this company has a guaranteed procedure and complete track record of providing only the quality reconditioned products that are expected.  Pricing varies among companies and it is imperative to ask for their refurbishing policy so you may gain enough confidence on which company to purchase refurbished electrical components and equipment from.

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How to Find a Reputable Roofing Contractor to Perform Shingle Roofing

These days, you can’t just pick the first name you see in the yellow pages or anywhere online. That may work for ordering a pizza but it won’t work when looking to find a professional roofing contractor to install or repair a homes roof.   Homeowners will need to qualify the roofer in question to make sure they are the right person for the job.

It is important that the person you hire to install or repair your shingle roof is a legitimate licensed and insured roofing contractor.  This will help to prevent issues that are common with shingle roofing that is improperly installed such as leaks, flashing failures or other roofing related issues.  Consider the following aspects when it comes to hiring a professional shingle roofing contractor to install the homes new roof or repair issues with an existing shingle roof.

Consider the Following When Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

  • The Roofer’s Name: When you are looking into hiring a professional shingle roofing contractor it is important to get the roofer’s full name, contact number, license number, and full company name.  This allows you to know exactly who to get a hold of and how to touch base with them before, during, and after the job is done.
  • Proper Insurance: The roofing contractor that is hired should be properly insured meaning that they have both liability insurance and workers compensation policies intact. Don’t ever take the roofing contractors word on this matter; always ask for proper documentation.  This is not rude; it is part of the roofing contractor’s job to supply proper documentation.
  • Free Consultations and Estimates: Roofing contractors should offer homeowners a free estimate and roofing consultation.  During which they evaluate the current state of the roof and the costs associated with repairing or replacing it.  This estimate and consultation should never cost a homeowner a dime.
  • Experience: A roofing contractor that has been providing shingle roofs for some time are likely to be more knowledgeable than one that is new to the industry.  An experienced roofing contractor is a necessity for the homeowner’s peace of mind.
  • Promptness: Whether it is with providing phone calls in return to yours or showing up to your house on time to bid the job it is important that the contractor shows up on time and does what they tell you they are going to do.
  • Professionalism: Consider how the contractor treats you when talking to you over the phone or in person.  Is the roofing contractor dressed professionally when he meets with homeowners?  Would you invite this person into your home with their current appearance?  Are they dirty or are the pulled together in a professional manner?  If this is a person that does not care about their appearance when representing their business than they are probably not someone that should be working to replace or repair the homes roof.

In conclusion, a home’s roof is an important investment.  The tips above help homeowners to select the right roofer for the job.  Remember to be choosy about who is hired, as it is important to getting a high quality long-lasting asphalt shingle roof.

Learn more about Home Pro Roofing and their vast line of custom roofing options installed by professional roofing contractors including: asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing, roof repair, and new roof installation at  To contact one of our roofing contractors call 810.225.9080 today.