Understanding the Basics of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery, LASIK, is one of the most common eye surgeries performed in the United States, with millions of procedures being done every year. The procedure is performed by a trained, board-certified ophthalmologist who knows how to do the surgery. Like with any elective surgery you might have done, it is very important that you know all the risks, rewards and understands that there are no guarantees of success.


LASIK – Laser Eye Surgery


Weigh the Risks and Rewards – Be sure that before you go out and have LASIK refractive eye surgery that you have thought through everything completely. You never want to have any type of surgery without weighing everything first and be confident in your decision.


Choosing the Right Eye Surgeon – There are several thousand board-certified ophthalmologists who can perform LASIK and most have already performed thousands of them, depending on how long they have been in practice. However, you need to be sure that you are comfortable with your surgeon before you should allow them to perform a procedure on your eyes. Check around, ask for recommendations from friends and family members.


Determine Myopic Level – Get to know how bad your refractive error is beforehand, so you know upfront about the likelihood that you will need refinements later down the line. As a rule, the more Myopic, nearsighted you are the higher the likelihood you will require additional refinement procedures.


Know What to Expect – LASIK is performed with you 100% awake and therefore you will want to know what to expect during the procedures. You do not want to be surprised by something when you are halfway through your LASIK.


Understand the Risks – Be sure that you understand that with all surgeries that there are several risks involved with LASIK Eye Surgery. Make sure to ask plenty of questions of the surgeon during all consultation visits before you schedule the procedures to be performed.


Know the Limitation of Surgery – There are known limitations to LASIK Refractive Surgery, it is only designed to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism. You could still end up needing to wear glasses depending on your other vision issues.  Also, LASIK will not prevent you from ever needing reading glasses or “readers” later in life.


Take Care Post Surgery – After you have decided to have the surgery done and the procedures are completed, you will be given a list of post-surgery care instructions. Be sure to follow them exactly, they will help you to heal properly and lets you know what some of the possibilities to expect.


Alternative Options – Last but, certainly not least, LASIK is just one of many eye procedures that can be performed to correct several eyesight issues. Be sure to discuss all your options before going with LASIK.


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Tap Water: Is the Water in My Home Safe to Drink?

All you want to do on a really hot day or after a long, hard workout is to go over to your kitchen sink and fill an extremely large glass with cold tap water!  However, is the water that is coming out of your tap safe to drink?

While tap water in the United States is safer to drink than some of the tap water found in other parts of the world, it can still be full of contaminants like minerals and chlorine.  Small amounts of minerals won’t do too much harm to your health and you won’t even know that they are there, but you may be able to taste and smell the chlorine that is present if you have public water.  Of course, well water won’t have any chlorine in it, but it can be full of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals.

Installing a Water Conditioner

To improve your tap water, and make it better for you, as well as better tasting, you may want to consider installing one of the numerous water conditioners that are available.  Most water conditioners utilize sodium ions to replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.  The sodium ions will make the water softer, which will make it taste better and it will even help keep your pipes and fixtures in working order for much longer.  The water conditioners will also remove other minerals from your water.

How Much Salt Consumption?

You may be concerned about how much sodium you will be ingesting with each glass of water that you drink after it has been through your water conditioning system.  Well, to ease your fears a little, let us tell you that a normal glass of water normally contains very little sodium.  Now, this number does rise to twelve and a half milligrams for the same glass of water after it has gone through the water conditioning process, but that is still considered very low sodium content.

That means that the only reason why you may want to reconsider drinking the water out of your tap after it has gone through a water conditioner, is if you are required to keep a very low sodium diet.  While the number is quite low for sodium content, it could be enough to make you go over your daily limits too easily.  A quick fix to that is to try to consume as little sodium as possible in everything else that you eat and drink.

Having Your Water Tested

If you have been wondering if your tap water is safe to drink, you may want to consider having it tested to see what is in the water.  You may be surprised to find out that the water that you have been drinking all these years is as safe as you thought it was, or you may find that you should have installed a water conditioning system long ago to make your water safer than it is.

At Reynolds Water Conditioning Company, we are here to help make sure our clients don’t buy water treatment systems that they don’t need.  We are here to make sure you find a water softening system that gives you the results you are looking for, whether it is to remove iron or odor from you water; we have a solution that will help!  For more information contact our experts at 800.572.9575 or at our website https://reynoldswater.com.

The Lifespan of a Linear Accelerator Parts

A linear accelerator has a wide range of built-ins that are designed to ensure patients are only given the recommended dose of radiation.  The dosage recommended by the physician should never be ignored or changed as each treatment dosage is unique to each patient.  Linear accelerators are comprised of several parts and mechanisms that age over time.  This article will go over what facilities can expect when it comes to the average lifespan of the parts on LINAC systems, CT scanners, and other radiation oncology devices.

The Lifespan of Linear Accelerator Parts

The lifespan of linear accelerator equipment comes down to two major elements: usage and maintenance.  On average medical facilities can expect that large scaled radiation equipment, such as linear accelerators, to last around 5 to 10 years before they begin to break down.  Regular maintenance of your LINAC system keeps it running smoother, longer.

Examples of medical equipment lifespans are:

  • High use parts like Magnetron and iView detectors can last upwards of two to three years and with average use around four to six years.
  • X-ray tubes with high use last about eighteen months however with low usage can last if four years.
  • XVI detectors can last up to ten years within linear accelerators that have low usage whereas with high usage XVI parts last around five years.
  • Thyratron tubes have a lifespan of anywhere between three to five years.

Age and Usage of LINAC Parts

The average life expectancy of most linear accelerator parts depends on the legitimacy of the parts and the amount they are used. There are some parts that need to be replaced yearly with increased use, like the electron gun, however with low usage can last upwards of six years.

Environmental factors cannot be ruled out as it also affects the ion chamber of a linear accelerator, high humidity can cause a reduced lifespan. While an average ion chamber will only need a replacement after four years, one in an environment with high humidity will need a replacement after a year.

When to Replace Aging Parts

Replacing aging parts over time is necessary to avoid causing any damages to the equipment. Some corporation has a habit of considering the price of the equipment and the costs involved in changing the parts over time, and as such delayed the immediate replacement of an overdue or overused equipment. But, this is never a good yardstick of profit maximization, in the long run definitely, a breakdown of significant parts of the system may be disastrous to the equipment.

As a Linear Accelerator stays over time and ages, errors can creep in and this will have an adverse effect on the accuracy of the equipment.  It is reasonable to expect a good 5 to 10 years of use out of the linear accelerator, but the maintenance also takes its toll on expenses if it stays much longer.

Companies can often get more usage out of a machine and ensure errors are resolved or controlled just by keeping the software up to date and replacing or upgrading linear accelerator parts as at when needed.  Most importantly it is advisable to choose a reputable company to replace your LINAC’s aging parts as the wrong equipment can end up creating more damage to the machine instead of improving its performance. Most companies who sell linear accelerators and parts will have service contracts available that offer varying levels of support.

Radparts is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts for Linear Accelerators and Radiation Oncology equipment.  Radparts provides high quality, user friendly, low cost parts support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment. More information can be found at https://www.radparts.com/.

Strategies That Reduce Freight Costs

Ship only on off-peak days –

Consider using traditionally off-peak shipping days to have your product picked up by your carrier to save money per shipment. Only consider it if it is not going to cause any issues with your customers.


For smaller shipment consider using a consolidation program –

LTL shipments can be considerably expensive since they are much smaller than a TL shipment. There are, however, ways to consolidate smaller shipments with other local businesses to create one large, TL and each partner only pays for a smaller portion of the total freight charge. This is a perfect arrangement for all parties involved.


Develop long-term agreements with freight shipping –

Instead of always looking for a cheaper freight carrier, consider establishing long-term contracts with your freight carriers to get them to offer you a better rate.


Changing your shipping lead times –

By adding extra time to lead time that you give to your customers you should be able to find a cheaper carrier that will still get your customer their product and you potentially end up paying less.


Reduce unnecessary weight per pallet –

Try not to use too much unnecessary packing material to convince yourself that it is going to be less likely to get damaged it has all that extra stuff on it.


Reduce the number of pallets used on LTL ships –

When it comes to your LTL shipment your carrier will likely offer a lower rate if you have a smaller number of pallets. This may require some creative pallet loading and unbox to accomplish this.


Show the carrier that your company loads trucks quickly –

It is typical for a carrier to set aside a two-hour window for loading out a truck when they make their scheduling of pickups. If you are one of those businesses that consistently load their truck quickly, it is possible that you can be given a favorable freight shipping rate.


Use night pick hours as ways to use backhaul opportunities with certain carries –

You can offer your carrier to arrive after hours when it might be more convenient (backhaul situation) to arrive after the dock would typically be closed and there would potentially be a way to save money.


Change how you ship the product to move more product, but less often –

If you currently have agreements with customers to ship products in small size shipments, you should consider incentivizing them to take accept larger shipments less frequently. This will help to reduce your overall freight shipping costs.

Use a carrier located close to where you are shipping to –

Using a local carrier that is nearby your ship to location should allow the carrier to offer you a lower rate since your shipment will likely be considered a backhaul. This will make it possible for the carrier to fill empty hours for one of their trucks heading back to their facility. This should result is a much lower shipping rate and therefore save a considerable amount of money.


Matrix Transportation is the fastest growing freight transport company in the Midwest, founded in 2009.  As an up and coming industry leader in freight management including shipping, warehousing, and cross docking services with the highest quality transportation solutions for the manufacturing and automotive industries. More information can be found at http://www.matrixtransportation.com/.

Window Options That Work with your Home

Windows are indeed one of the most obvious features of a house. Homeowner must ensure that windows are installed properly and that the style compliments the architectural design of the home.  As a homeowner it is important to work with your contractor to ensure the exterior of your home goes with the windows that are chosen.  Little things like the shape, size, and style of the new windows should be considered.  It is important that the windows that are chosen are useful and stylish for both the interior and exterior of your home.

There are several window replacement options that you should consider regardless of whether you are building a new house or remodeling your present one. Although, the options you might be faced with might at first seem a little bit overwhelming, choosing the most suitable new windows will make your home a lot more enjoyable and beautiful.

Below are some options of window installations that could work with your home:

Single/Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows consist of two sashes, the top being stationary while the lower one moves upward to allow for little breeze into the house. These types of window installations were common in earlier years but have started gaining attention again in recent times. They are more energy efficient but are limited in some ways.

Double hung windows are like the single hung windows however, both sashes of the double hung windows can be opened. The sashes move vertically along the window frame, just opening a crack or more. This window installation is however not very energy efficient as they are known to allow air escape more than other windows.

Sliding Windows

This is a very common window replacement for old homes as well as for new homes. It makes use of a panel same as the hung windows however, the sliding windows move sideways to open. It opens easily and is usually safe from bugs. A large sliding window can serve as an added emergency exit in the event of a disaster as the screen can be easily and quickly removed.

Casement Windows

When installing new windows, the casement windows are usually perfect on both sides of a bay window so far adequate space is available for them to comfortably open. These windows unfortunately can’t be installed near a deck simply because of their design.

This window installation works via a crank, which when turned, the window opens on a hinge from the right or left. Casement windows open outwards; this allows you to choose how far you want to crank it. When closed, they seal tight and are energy efficient.

Fixed Windows

As the name implies, this type of window installation can’t be opened, it only functions as a passage of light and to offer an amazing view. A lot of large windows are fixed simply because practically, they are too large to open. If perhaps there’s a room in your home which you might most likely never open its window, but only need it to get more sunlight then you should consider a fixed window installation. Fixed windows are much more secure than the other window styles. Make sure the seal works fine and air can’t get out through it. This will help reduce cooling and heating bill during the summer and winter respectively.

In conclusion, when searching for window replacements or perhaps you’re simply just installing new windows; you should consider every option so that you can choose those that best fit your home. Incorporating different types of window installations into your home is a great idea as it depends on the room, the position and many other factors. It is just important to get the best value and energy efficient ones.

As a full-service home improvement contractor servicing all Southeast Michigan, Kearns Brothers, Inc. offers clients a wide range of services to meet their construction needs including: roofing, siding, window, masonry, chimneys, gutters, and insulation services.  More information can be found at www.kearnsbrothers.com.


5 Questions You Want to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor Before Your Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to renovations the kitchen is a complex home improvement projects you can get involved in.  As a homeowner you must make all decisions throughout the renovation project.  The kitchen has changed from a place of simple food preparation to an open area, multi-functional space that is the soul of your home.

No matter what size, the kitchen is a big part of every modern household.  Kitchen design contractors consider several elements including the size of the space, the desired style, trends, and the best use of space when preparing for each unique kitchen renovation.  This installment will help offer you suggestions on the working with your contractor on planning for your new kitchen.  Your contractor will go over elements such as appliances, cabinetry, surfaces, and finishes as well as material to use and extras that you desire.

Soon your dream kitchen visions will become a reality.  Before you sign on the dotted line and hire a contractor there are a few questions to ask that will help you make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.  These questions will help ensure you stay within your given budget, your home is secured while contractors are working on the home and that you get your kitchen put back together in a timely manner.

  1. How will you itemize your bid breakdown?

Tell the contractor to itemize the bid by breaking down the bid into stages, this will give you a better understanding of what you are been charged. Some contractors will supply you with an overall quote, but that’s not the best way to go if you want to make sure your contractor isn’t overcharging.

  1. What are the extra costs outside the original quote?

Before your final deal signed with the contractor, make sure he or she isn’t going to add on extra fees without asking you first. This you make clear to him/her during the process of deal negotiations, that you will not bear or accommodate addition fees which are outside the real deal. Some contractors charge for things such as demolition, junk removal, painting, and other tasks. In some cases, you may be able to handle these things yourself to avoid extra charges.

  1. Who are the members of your team that will be working on the renovation?

Security of your home matters, and it is foremost in a situation like this. Depending on the size of the contracting company, there might be few or many workers deployed to your home on daily basis during the period of the renovation, if you have children, pets or other valuable, it’s important that you get to know your contracting team before allowing them to enter your home. Once hired, you want to secure a plan with the team to make sure they’re properly locking doors, securing pets and keeping materials out of harm’s way.

  1. What is the time frame on our kitchen remodeling?

Naturally, the duration of the project should be well spelled out; this will enable you to have proper time planning during the project execution having known the start and end date. It’s only natural to want a detailed timeline of your cabinet installation. Time contractors take in your home is time spent away from your kitchen, and it can be hard to spend several weeks eating out. You may even consider setting parameters for your contractor and asking for discounts and other incentives if work isn’t completed in the time frame you’ve agreed upon, and this will also propel the contractor to work hard to enable him to meet the time frame.

  1. Can you provide references? Do you offer a warranty on your work?

You might meet contractors that will play down on you with the pretense of giving you the best of renovation job, as such you need more assurance that you are dealing with the right contractor, and you do this by looking for contractors that will guarantee their work with written warranties. If they don’t offer one at the outset, make sure you request one to protect your kitchen from sub-par workmanship or low-quality materials.

Also, if the potential contractor wasn’t recommended to you by someone you trust, or even if they were, it’s perfectly acceptable to do a little reference work yourself. If your contractor is happy to supply references, give past clients a call and gauge their overall feelings on the completed work he has done for them before now.

JFC Remodeling is a full-service licensed contractor out of Howell, Michigan.  Specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations, flooring upgrades, and home remodeling services.  More information can be found online at https://jfcremodeling.com/.

The Basics in Wiring Electrical Disconnect Switches

Understanding how the electrical system works in your manufacturing facility is not as difficult as you may think. While it may seem like magic how the lights turn on or how the power gets to your stuff that you plug into the wall outlet. However, it is far from magical and in fact it is quite simple really. It is not a very complex system when explained.


There are several parts that make up your electrical service, one of the most important parts being the disconnect switch. This device is designed to instantly shut off the power to your facilities main power panel. This device is a very important part of your manufacturing electrical system and should only be used in extreme conditions.


How does an electrical disconnect switch work?

The basic operation of an electrical disconnect switch is simple in that it truly has only one purpose and that is to kill the power to the main power panel for your facility. All the facilities wiring goes into the main power panel and is connected to breakers that control the power inside the building. The disconnect switch sits in line between your facilities electrical meter and main power panel.


By turning this switch off you will instantly disconnect all power going into your location, this does not however, have any effect on your electrical service. You will continue to have power at the meter and on the feeder side of disconnect switch.  It is important to know where your electrical disconnect switch is, which is also referred to as the electrical service disconnect switch.


When repairs or replacement is needed it is important to find the right parts.

Due to the seriousness of the functionality of the electrical disconnect switch only trained professionals should ever open up the disconnect switch box. This is because the feeder lines going into the switch have 240v running through them and that is enough to kill a person if you are in direct contact with it. When repairs are needed, and it becomes necessary to replace the electrical disconnect switch there are several options that will be recommended.  One of the more common options in manufacturing is budget friendly reconditioned disconnect options.


When parts are needed you can insist on using reconditioned equipment.  Often reconditioned electrical components like the disconnect are preferred as they not only save you money but most often all the bugs that are found in new OEM parts have been worked out and fixed.


J & P Electrical Company is a full-service electrical company that supplies contractors, end users, and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned, and obsolete electrical equipment. We purchase a wide range of electrical equipment such as bus plugs, bud ducts, panel switches, substations, and transformers.  More information can be found at https://www.jpelectricalcompany.com


Caring for Your Aluminum Fence

Unlike traditional wood gates and fences, aluminum fences and gate do not need regular maintenance.  However, to preserve the beauty and to ensure the prolonged existence of your aluminum fencing and aluminum gates, an annual schedule for maintenance should be planned.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Aluminum Fence

Spray your aluminum fencing regularly with water using your garden hose. This helps to eradicate fertilizer chemicals, dirt, and grass clippings thus, keeping it looking as good as new. In coastal areas, frequent spraying of your aluminum fence panels with water is advised to reduce the buildup of dirt and salt.

Light Cleaning

Rinse your aluminum fencing with water from top to bottom and then back up. This cleans the surface and prevents streaking as well as the gathering of dirty “run-down”. After rinsing, wipe the fence with a lint-free, soft cloth or better still, air dry.

Thorough Cleaning

For more filthy parts of your fence, first rinse the surface of the aluminum fencing with clean water and then wash with a sponge and mild dish soap mixed with water. Make sure not to allow soap to collect on the surface and, rinse any “run-down” immediately. Once washing is done, rinse the whole section with water. Dish soap must not dry on the surface! Air dry or wipe with lint-free, soft cloth. Carry out these steps repeatedly to get rid of water soluble debris.

Make Use of Cleaning Products

Degreasers and cleaners can also help with stain removal especially for stubborn stains. Simple stains can be cleaned by applying a degreaser which must be rinsed after applying. For stubborn or hard water stains, cleaner such as CLS.  It can come in handy to remove stains. It should also be rinsed after use.

However, adequate care should be taken when making use cleaning products for your aluminum fence as some abrasive agents, household cleaners, steel wool or cleaners with solvents contain harsh chemicals which could cause discoloration and damage to your fence.

Maintaining Your Aluminum Fence
  • Adjust the aluminum fencing panels every spring. This is a normal maintenance activity that must be performed by the homeowner.
  • Always keep your aluminum gate secured to prevent it from swinging in the wind.
  • Make sure to tighten the screws on your aluminum posts and panels at least once a year.
  • Carry out frequent inspections to check for any loose aluminum fence post and once you find any, simply re-tamp & realign.
  • Avoid mounting or stacking any materials or objects beside your fence.
  • Make sure not to make use of weed trimmer at the bottom of the aluminum fence panel

iFenceUSA is an online distributor of wholesale aluminum fences and gates for residential, resort, commercial, and industrial installation.  As an industry leader in maintenance-free aluminum fencing products we have all your aluminum fence and gate needs covered.  More information can be found online at https://ifenceusa.com/.

Reliable, Reputable Roofing

A roof is one of the most important and essential construction properties of a house. In fact, the cost of roofing a house is almost the same as, if not more then, the cost of erecting the structural building from scratch. Also, the roof of a building determines about 60% of the overall beauty of a house. Therefore, you need the service of professional roofers for perfection.

Whether it is a roof installation, repair, or any other related work, you need the service of a reliable and reputable company that can carry out this task effectively. Here are some ways to insure you are hiring a professional roofing contractor when your roof needs servicing.

Research Options Available in Your Area:

The first step to take when hiring a commercial roofing company is to perform background research on the various options available. The essence of this research is to find out about the companies in the area with impeccable track record of success. Also, you also use your research to find out a company that is certified and has experienced workers that can successfully undertake your project. Generally, the best idea is to choose a trustworthy and reliable company with high-quality service for a long-lasting and effective roof installation, repair, and maintenance.

Ask About Specialization:

Some local roofing contractors have an area of specialization. For instance, a company can specialize in roof installation only while another can specialize in roof repair or some specialize in metal roof installation over asphalt shingling.  It is a wise idea to go for roof installation professionals if you just want to install a new roof. The same is true if want to repair/replace your existing roof although some general roofing contractors offer roofing services it is always best to stick with a contractor specializing in roofing.

Ask About Options in Roofing Materials:

Your potential roofing company must be ready and willing to suggest the different roofing options available, such as slate, metal, shingle, flat roofing, asphalt, and so on. The quality of the material to be used must not be compromised on if you want a sturdy and long-lasting roof.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals: For any material you choose, your potential roofing contractor must provide you with several patterns, styles, and design options available. This is another important tip that will help you choose the best professional roofers. Ask for referrals of jobs in which the material you are considering was used.  Seeing for yourself the quality and craftsmanship they offer.


Lastly, your potential roofing company needs to be willing to work with your budget by offering affordable cost of roofing services, free estimation, and special financing. More so, the company must offer an emergency and support services especially after a few weeks of installation, repair or maintenance should in case an emergency occurs, or you have roof-related issues.

Hiring professional roofers is essential in ensuring that your roof is properly installed and well maintained for longevity and effectiveness. There are many local roofing contractors out there and choosing a reputable roofer can seem difficult. The above tips will assist you in choosing the right roofing company for your next roofing installation, repair, and maintenance project.

Home Pro Roofing of Michigan offers professional roofing services including new roof installation and roof repair services using shingling and metal roofing materials.  The roofing contractors of Home Pro Roofing service Kalamazoo, Brighton, Lansing, and the surrounding areas.  More information can be found online at https://homeproroofingmi.com.

Planning A Milestone Birthday

As adults we don’t tend to make a big deal about our birthday each and every year however the game changes when it comes when we reach major milestones.  Planning a special event can take a lot of time and planning which is something most of us don’t have extra of when we are reaching the 40, 50, and 60-year marks.  Thankfully this is where event planners come into the picture.


An event planner helps to take your vision and turn it into reality without much more than your input.  It is important to work with a professional in planning larger milestone celebrations to truly take the time to enjoy it rather than stressing about the details weeks.  A party planner takes charge from the inception of the idea until the last guest leaves allowing you to be the social butterfly you want to be when celebrating a major milestone in your life.


Below you will find a short list of some of the things that an event coordinator will take care of for you so that you can sit back and enjoy the event.


Your invitation will set the tone for the entire event and allows you to make a first impression to remember. The part of invitations that is tedious and not fun to deal with however, is the addressing them, sending them out, and responding to R.S.V.P.’s or worse yet those guests who never respond at all.  As an event coordinator it is our responsibility to track down your guests, make sure counts are accurate, and that everyone is knowledgeable of the day’s events.


Since most people don’t specialize in planning for an event, if left to their own accord often end up choosing from themes and colors commonly found at the local party store.  This is not the case when you hire a professional. Just because you are turning 50 and heading “over the hill” as it is often coined doesn’t mean you have to have an event themed around growing older.  Instead we help you to build an event around what makes you unique.  We create the day around you.

Attention Grabbing:

It is important to make sure that guests feel included in the event to ensure that they enjoy themselves and help to create the atmosphere you are looking for in your event. It is our job to grab their attention and guide them towards the theme.  Chilled events with wine and cheese trays are much different than those with themed adult beverages and photo booths with props.  The tone is set by planners who are guided by your direction. It is also important for you as the party’s guest of honor are recognized and readily available to mingle with guests.


No one wants bored party guests. It is important to have things for guests to do as they arrive at the event all the way up until they leave.  Whether it is hiring live entertainment or offering interactive group games via smartphones it is crucial to keep events moving forward.  As a part of the party you don’t want to be worried about if people are having a good time, that is our job.

Presents/Parting Gifts:

Even when invitations specifically say not to bring a gift you can be assured no one will listen. We prepare for the unexpected and make sure that you come prepared as well.  Every detail, down to the partying memory you give guests to take with them is planned for you around your ideas without any actual leg work needing to be done on your part.

Event Planning DC provides full event planning, partial event planning, month-of (day-of) event coordination, event styling/design and decorating services throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, with access to local and national vendors who may provide additional services suitable for your event and budget.  We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality event coordination, giving you and your guests the perfect day, no matter what the occasion including exclusive corporate and non-profit events, weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, community events and milestone celebrations.  More information can be found online at http://www.eventplanningdc.com.