I don’t think there is a person around that would disagree that our housing market has seen better days.  Our home was purchased three years ago, at what we thought was the lowest point in the market.  Since, then it has only gotten worse.  Our taxable value keeps plummeting, which since we are living there forever we are okay with because lower taxes equal more money in our pocket.

However, not everyone is happy.  There are people that need to relocate due to business and people that need to move for their own reasons such as a expanding their family or perhaps into a smaller house because children are grown and off on their own.  Whatever the reason the main goal remains the same, selling the house.

Some upgrades and updates within the home can cost minimal amount of money but have an extreme impact on the curb appeal of the home making it a more desirable option.  Remember though that when selling a house no matter how great the renovation or curb appeal if it fails inspection with a leaky roof or dampness in the basement the house will not sell. The same thing is true replacement windows won’t sell a home with an infestation of bugs.

The first and least expensive option in adding appeal to a home is a fresh coat of paint.  It is important to choose a neutral color.  Some color experts say that a pale yellow is the latest trend in wall color for homes.  Yellow tends to be a very hopeful color.  Some people believe that the color yellow helps buyers sense the future and bright days ahead with the purchase.  If a homeowner is in a pinch to sell their home and a fresh coat of paint is in the future for the home yellow is a good place to start.

Another item that seems to tug at the heart strings is a backyard space which includes a deck or patio with seating.  Along with this it is optimal to provide landscaping that is fresh and kept up on.  Make sure the space is not too bold but instead gives off the feeling of relaxation.  Another trick is to set up a hammock between two trees or on a stand.  Any feeling of stress relief you can grant to a potential buyer will increase the chance for a sale to the home.  What happens you ask if it is winter?  Nothing says future more than a fort with some snowmen in the yard.  Making the home feel comfortable and relaxing will help it sell fast.

Improvements in the kitchen and bathroom area are important also.  Homeowners do not have to do full renovations but little upgrades and tweaks to improve the eye appeal of the home.  In a bathroom this could mean something as little as updated tile and caulk.  Kitchens can have a fresh appeal with the addition of countertops and some clean stainless steel appliances.

Just remember replacement windows, fresh paint or a relaxing back yard don’t make up for leaky roofs and busted furnaces.  It is important that all the structures are in place for a home to be inhabitable before the eye candy items are worried about.  Minor, inexpensive touches around the home will help lead to a quick sale.  Don’t overdo the renovations, it will cut into profits and might end up not being desirable to the new owner.  Keep it simple.