There are a number of options available to manufacturers when considering materials to use for product labeling including cut & stack, pressure sensitive, roll fed, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.  The market for stretch and shrink sleeve labels continues to be one of the fastest growing in the labeling market to date.

This is largely driven by the benefits shrink sleeves offer when it comes to marketing, brand identity and self impact.  Another reason that the popularity of shrink sleeves is growing is due to the developments in the manufacturing process including improved quality, economic influences, consumer demands and retail trends.  Below we will examine the forces driving shrink sleeves popularity as a product labeling option.

Shrink sleeve labeling has one major advantage over other types of labeling in that it offers a cost effective approach at labeling containers that are complex or not traditionally shaped.  Shrink sleeves enable manufacturers the ability to reduce the wall thickness on plastic and glass containers as well as eliminating the need for special colored containers.  In fact shrink sleeve labels smoothly contour packages that might otherwise be difficult to label with standard adhesive labeling options.  With the increased popularity of sleek, curvaceous bottles in beverage packaging, this is an important advantage for shrink sleeve labeling.

Another advantage that shrink sleeve labels have over other traditional types of labeling is that it really makes a product stand out from its competition.  Sleeve labels can be applied to a package in several different ways.  From covering just the shoulder of the container, the cap of the package or the entire full three hundred and sixty degrees of the body of the package shrinks sleeves are an option.

The extra space that shrink sleeves offer manufacturers the ability to add colorful, eye-catching designs while offering additional space to communicate pertinent product information to consumers.  Regulations in labeling, especially in food, beverage and pharmaceuticals have become much more strict in the previous years.  With shrink sleeves manufacturers do not have to worry about including the needed information within just one small labeling space.  Shrink sleeve labels offer extra space to maintain its ability to reach consumers while ensuring that manufacturers conform to regulatory standards that are in place.

There are a number of practical advantages that shrink sleeves offer as well.  For instant a pre-formed shrink film band can be manufactured to fit a particular container without needing to be custom designed.  They can also be used to attach the container caps to provide extra safety in the form of a protective, tamper-evident seal.  This is extremely important especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.  These pre-formed bands around the caps of products are a simple and effective way that informs consumers if their product has been tampered with before they have had the chance to use it.

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