Aluminum fencing is one of the best ways that homeowners can signify their property from the neighbors.   By installing a fence homeowners are providing a natural extension of their home.  Fencing not only adds separation but also privacy, security and stringent limitations for children and pets.  All while providing a decorative manner to showcase your landscaping.

Many homeowners prefer to install fencing on their own.  It is a fairly simple DIY project that produces such extraordinary results.  Whether installing an aluminum fence is the first or thirty first DIY project you are doing it is important to prepare ahead of time.  In this installment on aluminum fence installation we will share some important tips on preparing your yard.

Before you even place an order for aluminum fencing it is important to have your property lines clearly marked by a professional land surveyor.  Educated guesses land you in scalding hot water with you neighbors, HOA and local county officials.  If the fence is installed on property that is not yours be prepared to be asked to rip it out.  Even the smallest infraction can cause you to have to rip of the fence you just worked so tirelessly to install.

After you have established a property line it is important to have a conversation with your neighbors.  You don’t need their approval to install the fence but it is courteous to talk with them about the installation before you begin construction.   This allows you to come to an agreement with them regarding construction, along with the look and size of the fence.  Open communication with neighbors throughout the process helps for a smoother installation.

Another critical issue that homeowners need to address is underground utilities.  It is important that you avoid underground utilities, lines and pipes when digging holes for the post supports.  Hitting a utility line or breaking a pipe not only causes headaches for the county but also neighbors while adding to your expenses.

It is also important to remove all obstacles within the path of which you are installing the fence.  Remove rocks, stumps and other obstructions that will make it difficult to dig post holes or install fence panels.  It is also important to account for obstacles within the landscape itself that cannot be removed such as inclines.  You will need to account for these changes in incline when ordering your aluminum fencing.

Next you will want to stake out the fence line so that you can visualize everything about the fence from where the gate is to where each post will be placed. Run a string between the stakes in the ground this will allow you to accurately measure the yard as well.

You will find a myriad of tools available online to help with the planning, ordering and installation of your new aluminum fencing.  Thorough preparation makes the installation of aluminum fencing a whole lot smoother.

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