Anybody who lives in Michigan can attest to the fact that Michigan winters are cold. While some winters are colder than others, every year, at some point, you are almost guaranteed weeks of sub-zero temperatures and nasty windchill temperatures to boot. It doesn’t really matter how you heat your home — a log-burning wood stove, natural gas, or electricity — when it’s cold outside, especially if you have a larger home, you have to use more resources to keep your home warm. This is where a thermal energy analysis can help you to save some money this year on your home heating bills.

Also known as infrared thermography, or thermal imaging, thermal energy analysis allows you to view unseen parts of your home — in terms of energy savings, this type of analysis allows you to see cold and hot air ‘leaks’ coming into, and leaving, your house. So, if you can see where your heated air is escaping your home, or where cold air drafts are coming in heavily, you can fix those problem spots, keep your home warmer in the winter while spending less money on heating your home.

Saniglow of Brighton, Michigan offers home thermal imaging services that can help you to pinpoint hot and cold air leaks in your home. Alongside showing you home energy leaks, however, Saniglow’s thermography services:

  • Can pinpoint electrical ‘hotspots’ that may post a fire hazard
  • Identify moisture buildup that can cause dangerous mold inside your home
  • Highlight areas of low or missing insulation within your home’s walls

If you own a home and you live in Brighton, Howell, South Lyon, or anywhere in Livingston County, Saniglow’s thermography services are a must for homeowners who want to not only protect their investment, but to keep their home heating costs low, especially during Michigan’s harsh winters.

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