Tennessee Medigap plans are available for those eligible for Social Security benefits, have turned the age of 65 and have enrolled in Original Medicare.  Medicare is insurance that is provided by the United States federal government to those who qualify.  Although Medicare pays a large portion of medical expenses, this medical insurance doesn’t pay 100% of the costs of medical services and supplies.


The remaining out of pocket costs left over is the responsibility of the insured.  This is known as a gap in coverage; the portion of medical expenses that Medicare does not pay.  Many of those who receive Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits may be on a fixed income so the reaming costs left over after Medicare pays what it allots can be a financial burden.  Private medical insurance providers recognized a need for a product that would benefit those enrolled in Medicare.

Tennessee Medigap Plans

Tennessee Medigap supplemental insurance plans provide some coverage for those out of pocket costs that Medicare doesn’t pay for including deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance.  Medigap does not pay Medicare Part B premiums that are required by Medicare.  Many participants may elect to have this premium deducted from their monthly Social Security benefits.  Private insurance companies must follow Federal and State laws for Medigap coverage.

The government has established certain criteria that these insurance companies must meet.  Every Medigap plans in the U.S. must cover certain basic expenses.  This legislation provides protection to Medicare recipients.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services have created ten letter plans of coverage that standardizes Medigap.  Each of these categories may offer a different combination of coverage’s but private insurance companies must adhere to the basic guidelines.

Tennessee Medigap Policies – Eligibility and Enrollment

To enroll in one of the Tennessee Medigap policies you must already be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  Open enrollment is defined as the 6 month period of time that starts the first day of the month when a participant turns 65 and is enrolled in Medicare Part B.  During this time frame, those that apply for Medigap coverage cannot be denied due to previous health conditions and the costs for those with health problems cannot be inflated.  It is important to understand that Medigap is an individual policy meaning that married couples must each have their own individual plan.

Tennessee Medigap Insurance Rates

There are ten different lettered plans that a person can choose, Tennessee Medigap insurance rates from person to person can vary greatly. The rates will depend on the plan and company chosen to provide insurance provider.  Those who elect to have one of the TN Medigap policies will be billed directly from the private insurance company.  Those who elect to have one of the TN Medigap policies will be billed directly by the private insurance company.  This payment will go to the insurance company of choice not to the government.  Medigap is not a government sponsored coverage although it is regulated by the government.

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