Consumers have begun to recognize how their lives are impacted by product packaging.  They are making buying decisions based on packaging convenience.  It is crucial for continued success and growth that manufacturers take time to evaluate their packaging and options that are available.  It may be time to rebrand to ensure consumers are getting a quality product in the most convenient packaging available on the market today.

One option in packaging that is taking the custom packaging and labeling industry by storm is flexible packaging.  The benefits that arise from flexible packaging are not limited to the consumer alone which is another reason that it has become such a popular option.  Many product markets are switching away from cardboard or cans and transitioning towards bags and pouches to capitalize on their markets.

There are several benefits when choosing flexible packaging from a manufacturing stand point.  One of the major advantages over other types of packaging is the efficiency in manufacturing the package itself.  Flexible packaging offers a light weight packaging solution with little waste.  It also decreases the amount of shelf real estate that is needed when displayed.  These two factors in themselves give manufacturers an edge over other packaging options.

Manufactures that have switched to pouch packaging also report a decrease in production and shipping in handling costs.  The lightweight package decreases freight costs.  This is great for companies that are looking to cut costs.  The cost savings seen in flexible packaging are abundant.  Don’t simply focus on the savings seen within the manufacturing process.  Consider the additional costs occurred with other packaging options such as the need for separate custom labeling and more as well.

Another benefit with flexible packaging is its eco-friendly nature.  During all stages of a products lifecycle it is important that it is sustainable.  Flexible packaging maintains this requirement throughout from requiring less water and energy for production to lower fuel consumption in transportation to less package waste in landfills.

Flexible packaging is available in a number of varieties to accommodate a wide range of products.  Growth within the industry is occurring throughout the food and beverage industry and beyond.  Manufacturers looking for greater visual appeal, versatility, convenience, greater shelf impact, increased freshness and more should consider all of the options available when using flexible packaging.

Your products package must keep up with the ever changing demands of consumers.  Give your product a competitive edge by upgrading to flexible packaging where it makes sense in your company’s product line.

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