Making your product label appeal to buyers is the goal for all product manufacturers.  There are numerous ways that graphic designers work with custom label manufacturers to ensure that your product will stand out above the completion.  Below we will discuss different techniques that product label designers can use to enhance products to gain consumer interest.

A product that is sold or stocked within large outer containers can easily show the quality of their product by using a large colored photo of the interior product on the exterior label.  This method is commonly used in hardware stores where many smaller parts are encompassed within a larger box.  Think of plumbing materials, electrical supplies, furniture knobs and numerous accessorial pieces.

Another method that is popular is creating a label that can be customized to the buyer.  This is an extremely popular labeling technique especially in smaller boutiques.  If your products label can make your customer feel unique or like one of a kind it helps them to connect. Some smaller manufacturers have great success with in-house label printing.

Another popular option in labeling right now is integrating web marketing into your label.  When creating a label include a QR code, a SMS text message code or social media links that consumers can use to get more information about your product or contests sponsored by your brand.  Web-based marketing is an increasingly popular technique that brings an end user into engaging with your brand and product.

Using vibrant colors in labeling helps to catch the consumer’s eye and bring them closer to making a purchase.  Consider your product, picture the colors that best represent your end goal and work them into your label.  Every color invokes a different feeling in consumers consider this when designing your label.  For instance, greens and browns give off an environmentally friendly vibe while blue gives off a sense of authority.

Another option that helps to make your label stand out is designing labels specific to seasonal changes.  Consumers are attracted to items that are specific to what is currently happening.  Consider the products you are most apt to purchase around Halloween or Christmas.  What are these product labels most often adorned with?  Yep, themes of the holiday or color that is specific to that period of time.

When creating a label you can also differentiate it from the competition with the type of material you choose.  Cut and stack paper labels are created from a different material then shrink sleeves.  Consider what the completion is doing and contemplate doing something different to make your product’s label stand out.

Let the tips above serve as a guide when creating a custom product label that will have customers lining up to purchase it!

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