What better way is there to treat yourself then with a grand entrance to your home?  Custom entry gates are just one way in which homeowners can add aesthetic flair to their driveway and landscape.  Each and every time you enter your property the entry gate will greet you with memories of what is most important to you: the safety of your family.  Gates don’t only look terrific they help to keep your family safe by keeping intruders out and your family safe inside.

When discussing what type of entry gate to install there are two main styles to consider: swinging and sliding driveway gates.  The kind that you choose will depend mostly on the level of the landscape surrounding the area in which the gate will be installed.  Narrow, flat driveways work best with swinging style gates where as unlevel, wide driveways are better suited for sliding gates.

There are numerous materials that homeowners can choose from when picking a gate.  Wrought iron is a popular choice because it offers properties that are anti-corrosive thus making the gate practically maintenance free.  Other prevalent materials regularly seen are aluminum and steel.  Wooden gates are an option if homeowners are concerned with keeping costs down.  It is important to note however that wooden driveway gates do require a great deal more maintenance than a metal gate.

When it comes to installing a driveway gate most homeowners leave it up to the professionals.  If you are the DIY type and want to give installing an entry driveway gate on your own there are a few things that you should consider first.

The gate should be installed away from the road far enough that at least two cars can pull into the driveway without blocking the roadway.

If a swing gate is going to be installed make sure that the gate is swinging towards the home and away from incoming traffic.

When measuring the space where the gate is to be installed make sure to leave plenty of room for emergency vehicles and larger delivery trucks.

The tips above can get you started on the path to purchasing an entry driveway gate but make sure to do thorough research into different decorative styles because there may be styles available that you have never seen before.  Get at least three different quotes from gate suppliers and installers before settling on an option.  Custom entry gates are worth every penny especially when viewed as a piece of landscape art.

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