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Invest In Home Improvement To Boost Your Home’s Value

When it comes to spending money on home improvements there are renovations that are done to boost a homes value while other remodeling projects are done only to bring more enjoyment.  In this installment on home improvement we will discuss ways to increase the value of your home.

  • Curb Appeal/Front Yard Makeover

So many updates can be done on the exterior of the home from major home improvements such as the installation of new siding or windows to smaller renovation such as the installation of new pavers to create a walkway or some colorful planters.  People do judge your home based on their first impression, so it is important to take pride in it, allow it to stand out from the others, and add some bright colors with the addition of flowers.

  • HVAC/Furnace Replacement

No one really thinks about furnaces or central air conditioners when considering ways to improve their homes but truly it is a great way to add value while offering new home buyers’ peace of mind upon seeing new systems in place.  There are several rebates on energy saving heating and cooling systems, not to mention the rebates and tax savings.  This is an improvement to consider making especially if you plan on being in the home for a while.

  • Adding Insulation

If your home doesn’t have enough insulation adding blow in insulation to the attic helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cold in the summer.  Adding in insulation to your homes attic can be relatively inexpensive while offering you energy savings.  Attic insulation and updating caulking around doors and windows can save you a bundle of cash over the course of a year.

  • Bring in The Light

An easy way to brighten up a space is with the addition of lighting.  The addition of recessed lighting with a dimmer switch is a great way to make a dramatic change without adding too much of a good thing.

  • Renovate Plumbing and Electrical

Improving the guts of your home is always a good investment.  If the home has rusty old iron pipes, then replace the plumbing.  New flexible tubing makes replacing plumbing easier than ever.  It is true that there is no reason to put money into a home when the mechanics are faulty.  New homeowners always fret at the scary thought that the electrical or plumbing needs updating.

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Preventing Roof Damage from Heat and Humidity

Your homes roof is under constant attach from several fronts.  If you are not careful you can end up with costly repairs that could have been avoided.  You may be surprised to know that wind and hail, normal weather elements that we associate with roof damage are not the biggest threats to your homes roof.  In fact, the two factors that can do far more extensive damage are heat and humidity.

It is wise to hire a roofing contractor to perform a yearly inspection on your homes roof.  This will help homeowners catch potential dangers in the homes attic and rafters before it becomes overwhelming and costly to repair.  Roofing contractors are experienced in seeking out damage that is caused from excessive heat and moisture build up.  If they find you are dealing with potential roof damage they can remedy the situation before you as a homeowner ends up with a costly repair.

Hidden Damage Caused by Heat

While roof vents are installed to help prevent damage caused by the buildup of excessive heat if the vents do not work properly you could end up with the rafters, decking material, and roof joists damage caused by expansion due to the heat. The sun can also cause damage to the flashing whether it is made or metal or plastic, this could lead to moisture getting in. The heat can also cause the shingles on your house to shrink and this could lead to the nails to pop and this will allow more moisture to get.

Hidden Damage Caused by Excessive Moisture

Moisture that can penetrate your roof and getting into the attic space can end up doing a surprising amount of damage to your home. Unless you are someone who goes up into the attic frequently, it may be quite some time before you are able to discover the problem. There are two major issues that can be caused by excessive moisture: mold and condensation.

Mold Damage

When moisture gets into your attic space from under your roof the damage could remain hidden for many years. The excessive moisture can easily cause mold to begin growing on the all the wood and sheetrock where ever it can get in. Depending on how long it takes to find the damage it could end up causing extensive damage to your home before you have any idea.

Excessive Condensation

Damage caused by condensation is generally is thought to come from bathroom vents that have allowed the warm, moist air to get into the attic area. It can also come from leaking dryer venting system that allows the warm air to also enter the attic. If you have noticed any mold growth you would want to eliminate the mold and then add additional insulation.

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Choosing Shingles that Coordinate with Your Siding

You may be tempted not to worry about whether your shingles match the color of your siding, but since your home’s roof can account for approximately forty percent of the exterior of your home, you may want to change your way of thinking.

One of the first things that you will want to consider is the climate of where you live.  If you have warm temperatures throughout the year, or most of the year, you may want to choose lighter colored shingles, as they will not absorb as much of the sun’s rays.  However, if you live in a cooler climate, a darker roof can absorb some of the heat from the sun and make your home warmer.

Of course, since you cannot just choose a light or dark color without consulting your shingles, your next step is to find a color that coordinates with the sides of your home. Siding that is light gray is best matched with shingles that are a combination of light and dark gray hues.  Although, you can also choose shingles that are completely gray, black, blue, white, or green for the same upscale look.

Cream or beige colored siding normally works best with shingles that are solid black, green, gray, brown, or blue, but you can choose a color blend as well for additional visual appeal.  Brown siding needs shingles that are green, gray, black, or brown, while white siding can have shingles of any color matching beautifully.

The color that you choose for your shingles should also match the architectural style of your home, which means that you don’t always want the colors of everything matching nicely.  The result in those cases are always boring and bland, which is not what you want for the exterior of your home and your curb appeal.

It is possible to acquire shingle samples from roofing contractors to test out at different times of the day, so that you can see what they look like as the daylight and the sun moves across your roof and the exterior elements of your home.

One of the last things that you will want to do before making your final decision is take the roofs of your neighbors into consideration.  While you may want your home to stand out a little from your neighbors, you don’t want to go too wild, as your home may seem slightly out of place.  An unusual roof color can also affect the resale of your home in the future.

If you are still slightly confused by all this, do not worry.  A professional roofer can help you choose the best color for your shingles, so that your home’s curb appeal improves immensely.

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How Do I Know When My Homes Windows Need to Be Replaced?

The windows in your home allow you to keep cold or extremely hot air out or let fresh air inside when there is a nice breeze flowing.  You may not give your windows much thought, especially if you can still open and close them with ease, but you may want to look at them carefully to see if they need to be replaced.

Here are 5 clues that you need to replace the windows in your home:

  1. Your Windows Will Not Open or They Frequently Get Stuck

When you begin to struggle opening or closing your windows, it is time to consider calling a window contractor to have your windows replaced.  The foundation of your home may have shifted, causing your windows to become wedged in place, or the frame may have deteriorated to the point where it will not allow the window to move up and down any longer.

  1. Your Energy Bills Are Rising

You may want to consider a home improvement or two when you notice a cold draft coming in through your windows during the winter months or you notice that your energy bills are much higher than they have ever been.  Old windows with only one pane do not do a good job of keeping outside air out, which is why you may want to hire a window contractor to replace all your windows with a more energy efficient option.

  1. The Window Frame is Cracking or Rotting Away

Any noticeable cracking or rotting of your window frame signals that your windows need to be replaced sooner than later.  If you do not replace them, you may find that you are dealing with additional structural damage to your home, which could have been easily avoided.

  1. Your Window Pane is Cracked

A cracked window pane can mean that your window or windows need to be replaced.  While you can have a new window pane installed, the chances that a window contractor can find the exact same type of window pane is slim, especially if you have older windows.

  1. You are Updating Your Home

Home improvement projects encompass numerous items around your house.  While you can do home improvements like replacing your siding or roof without replacing your windows, you may want to consider doing them all at once.  After all, you will already have easy access to your windows when your siding is off, and that will make it simpler for a window contractor to replace them in a short amount of time.  Plus, once everything is completed, your home will look amazing.

You don’t need to wait until it is too late to replace the windows in your home.  Catching these small clues right away will ensure that you can hire a window contractor to get your windows in working order sooner, so that you do not need to be uncomfortable inside your own home.

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Creating the Perfect Porch

For many homes, the porch is one of the most overlooked of all spaces.  One of the main reasons for this is because most people don’t really take the time to spend outside on the porch. Unless you are lucky to have one that is already fully finished, chances are you probably have not spent much time enjoying yours. However, it does not have to stay that way and depending on your situation this could be a great time to begin considering porch improvements that allow you to enjoy it.


In this article we will give you some ideas and suggestions on creating a porch that you want to make time to enjoy.  As always remember to do your research when you are considering a residential contractor especially when it comes to exterior home improvements that affect the curb appeal of your home.


10 Unique ideas for transforming your porch


Create an area of transition

Remember the porch is part of the entry of your home and therefore you should consider the porch as a transition from the outside to the inside of your home.  The spaces should flow and offer a natural transition between the interior and exterior.


Use it to let the light in

Be sure to add extra large windows to allow more light to shine into your home from the porch. Having temporary sun blocking helps for the times that you are sitting out however letting the natural sunlight in to the home when the porch is not in use is important as well.


Consider adding a fireplace

Living in an area that gets cooler at times, you may want to consider having a fireplace put in on the porch to add a little extra comfort. There are a number of different fireplace options to choose from, you are likely to fire something that fits.


Establish a plan before getting started

Before a professional contractor gets started with any changes or serious remodeling be sure that all of your plans are put down on paper so that there is a visual of what the outcome will look like.


A back porch extends your living space

As the front porch welcomes you into a home, a back porch is seen as an extension of interior and you should treat it as such when considering your remodeling plans. A screened in back porch is even better as it helps prevent insect attacks.


Be sure that your porch idea fits in with the exterior of your house

When planning the porch take into consideration the rest of the exterior of the house as not to change it too much. Porch spaces should be a natural extension of the interior of your home.


Go a little crazy with a back porch

Depending on the location of your home, you might consider how a back porch would fit with the outside of the back of your home. Consider adding extra lighting, color, and seating.  Make the space comfortable, cozy, and inviting for friends to enjoy.


Front porches should be welcoming

Since the porch is at the front of your home and is where your front entry door is, your porch should be designed in a way that is welcoming to everyone who arrives. Curb appeal is everything when it comes to home ownership!


Use the space wisely

Unless you are considering a major remodel and adding extra square footage to the porch space, you want to be sure that you consider the space limitation with all of your plans.


The devil is in the details

When finishing up the decor of your porch, be sure that you pay close attention to the details. Adding in small finishing touches can add a big punch in the overall design.


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Leave It to The Pros! Why DIY Siding is a Bad Idea

Want to improve the exterior décor of your home? The best option to consider is new exterior siding. It will not only improve the exterior décor but improve the value of your home as well. Moreover, it will also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Siding that is over forty years old should consider getting it replaced as part of an exterior home improvement plan. It will add freshness to the curb appeal of your home and improve its overall look.

Many people make the mistake of relying on DIY methods instead of leaving it to professionals when it comes to siding. It brings a lot of hassles, chaos, and of course, consumes a lot of time. Hence, it is recommended to leave it to the pros and get the process completed in a professional manner.

Here are some of the reasons why leaving siding to the professional is a better idea than doing it on your own.

Lack of Professionals

A prominent factor that goes in favor of the pros for exterior siding is that they are professionals. Hence, they can employ professional techniques to complete the whole siding project in an efficient manner. On the other hand, opting for DIY methods require so much time, effort, and energy. Despite spending hours or days in completing side project, you may still not get the desired results.

Lack of Expertise and Experience

Hiring professional exterior contractors for a siding project is also recommended since they have the required expertise and experience, which a layman doesn’t have. There is a vast difference in the result of an exterior siding project that is completed by a professional and a layman. This is due to the fact that professionals use their experience, skills, and extensive knowledge optimally to ensure the project is completed in a timely and professional manner.

No Access to Required Tools & Gears

An exterior siding project requires the use of certain tools and gears, which, generally a layman doesn’t have access to. They either have to buy or rent them that can burn a hole in their pockets. On the other hand, if you are relying on exterior contractors, there will be no such issue since the advanced tools and gears will be arranged by the professionals themselves.

Chances of Chaos, Mess, and Hassles

An exterior siding project can create a lot of hassles and chaos if not done properly. Furthermore, there will be a lot of mess left behind that will further add to the hassles. With hiring professionals, the whole process will be completed in a smooth and efficient manner. There will be no hassles, mess, and chaos at all.

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Improving Your Home’s Exterior with Outdoor Masonry

Adding masonry to the exterior of your home will make it look one hundred percent better and it will increase your home’s value as well.  Hiring masonry contractors is the best way to get amazing results with masonry services, because they have the skills that are needed to do quality work quickly and efficiently.

One of the easiest ways to improve the exterior of your home with masonry is by replacing a basic concrete walkway with one constructed of stones or bricks.  A new walkway can be enhanced by adding stacked stone risers at the beginning or end, as it will define where a person needs to go when they want to enter your home.

Incorporating the stones or bricks from your walkway to your backyard is as easy as constructing a new patio.  The patio can be near your backdoor or a little further out in your yard.  The options are endless when it comes to patios, and you can still construct one even if you already have a deck off the back of your house.  A masonry patio will give you an additional sitting area while creating a new focal point in your yard.

Masonry companies can also create a phenomenal fire pit or fireplace for you out in your backyard.  A fire pit does not take that long to construct, and the price is cheaper than a fireplace.  However, a fireplace will create more of a focal point in your yard, while immensely improving the exterior of your home.

If you want to utilize your fireplace for cooking, you might want to consider having your masonry contractors construct a wood-fired oven instead.  That way, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire when it is cooler out, but you can cook delectable meals that include wood-fired pizzas and even cobblers for dessert.

To really make a lasting impression with your home, you may want to consider having your masonry contractors install stones or bricks on the exterior of your home.  This type of masonry will stand out much more than vinyl siding and it will create a luxurious look.  While real stone or bricks are fantastic options, you may want to consider faux stone if the type that you want is not available in your area.

There are quite a few masonry services options available to you and masonry companies will be able to assist you will choosing the ones that will complement your home the most.

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When Is It Time To Replace Your Homes Siding?

While the purpose of your home’s exterior siding is mainly to protect your structure against exposure to the elements, prevent heat loss, and for aesthetic purposes, some siding materials are more susceptible to deterioration over time. There are several different types of siding.  Most of which seem to be made from imitative material which after some time, fall into a state of disrepair and it’s important to know when to replace your siding when the time comes.

Moldy Siding

Mold is a fungus that produces harmful spores and grows and spreads rapidly especially in humid conditions. Skilled exterior contractors will tell you that your home’s exterior siding is the perfect breeding ground for mold and the best way to tell that you have this problem is through a musty smell including black or gray dirt-like spores on your siding. While some homeowners will opt for a professional power wash, hiring an experienced exterior contractor to replace your siding will ensure the mold is completely killed and your family’s risk of getting mold-related health concerns such as asthma is reduced.  It also means that you can consider hardier vinyl siding such as what you see from CertainTeed or fiber-cement from James Hardie.

Soaring Energy Bills

An unexplainable spike in your energy bills is a sure-fire sign of an exterior siding issue that needs to be addressed, window seals leaking, or installation issue.  Some older homes have very little insulation in their walls and heat loss could be attributed to the lack of insulation. Your siding can become worn due to excessive exposure to temperature fluctuations which can contribute to a loss in heat or air conditioning. This is when you will want to consult with exterior contractors who can help you determine whether your heat loss is as a result of lack of insulation or it’s your HVAC system that’s working double time to maintain adequate temperature levels in your home.

An exterior home improvement project can be a costly affair, however, if you’re an energy conscious homeowner, hiring a professional team of exterior contractors to replace your siding can be a crucial line of defense against keeping your home energy low and cost-efficient.

Physical Damage

Warping boards, rust, discoloration, cracking, splitting, are all clear visual signs of siding wear and tear. If you find that you need to repaint your exterior siding often to keep it looking fresh, it could mean that this is a sign of structural damage that needs an assessment from professional exterior contractors.  Thus resulting in an overall exterior siding replacement just to be on the safe side.

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5 Tips on Why it Pays to Hire a Professional Contractor

Renovating a home can be daunting, but the entire process can be much easier if you hire a professional contractor to assist you.  After all, how much do you know about building codes, permits, and basic home remodeling projects?  Seriously though, there are literally dozens of reasons why you and everyone else should hire a professional contractor for home improvement projects of any size.

Here are 5 tips on why it pays to hire a professional contractor:

  1. Saves Time

Most home remodeling projects are completed on schedule when a professional contractor is involved, which means that you will have your home back to normal much sooner that you would if you didn’t hire someone.

  1. Connections

A professional contractor is going to have numerous connections that you do not have, and that means that they may be able to get their hands on the materials that you can’t find.  These connections can also help you save money, because they will receive discounts from the vendors that they work with often.

  1. Experience

A professional contractor has multiple years of home improvement experience, and that experience can benefit you immensely.  Your professional contractor can tell you immediately if something you want will work in the space or if you are wasting your money choosing one material over another.

  1. Safety

Professional contractors know all the codes for the home remodeling projects they work on, so you will never need to worry if your electrical, plumbing, or anything else will pass inspection.  This also ensures that you and your family are safe long after the work is completed.

  1. Saves Money

You are going to want to come in at or under budget for your home remodeling project, and while anyone can accomplish that feat, only professional contractors will do it properly.  Anyone who isn’t a professional may cut corners to make the numbers work out, but that is only going to cause you headaches in the future when half of the work needs to be done once again.  You will never need to worry about that happening when you hire a professional contractor, as they will get everything done correctly the first time.

These are the five best reasons why you need to hire a professional contractor for your next home improvement project.  If you have never hired a professional contractor before, you should do so for your next home remodeling project, as you will see a major difference in the results.

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Exterior Home Improvement Contractors Share Unique Porch Concepts

A perfectly executed exterior home improvement project will not only increase the value of your home, but you might also find yourself chasing off prying neighbors who want to take pictures of your home because it makes for a stunning backdrop. The average return on investment (ROI) of a professionally installed porch, deck, or patio construction is about 73% and average even higher for high-quality wooden decks.

According to exterior home improvement contractors a porch addition, such a masonry blocks are not only the most popular thing to add during a home improvement, they also come in different wall heights that you can either use as retaining walls, tree rings, fire pits, or even stack them up to create eye-catching layers of raised planting beds. Renovating a dated porch and front yard requires more than a lick of paint or a little weeding. You can transform your homes curb appeal by using uniquely designed pavers to create a stunning walkway or entrance to your renovated front porch.

Other creative ways to liven up your home’s exterior and improve the look of your front porch without breaking the bank include painting, replacing the front door, and adding masonry enhancements. Your front door is the first thing that catches your eye and using a bold color or replacing it with a decorative door is an easy and affordable way to instantly add some character and provide a more welcoming entryway into your house.

Changing dated items on your porch such as light fixtures, locks, handles, or house numbers can help you call attention to certain features you want people to notice. According to exterior home improvement contractors, if you’re happy with the look of your door, you can spend money on upgrading the front porch color and light fixtures. Soft porch lights can enhance your home’s overall look and make it appear more inviting. Most importantly, exterior lighting such as solar lights don’t use any electricity from the house, and they improve security by reducing dark spots around your home.

If you have a seating area, even the smallest space on your porch, contractors can help you create a warm and welcoming entry.  As well as the installation a few low-maintenance flowers, porch furniture and outdoor artwork to create an attractive focal point. Get creative with your flower containers as well as outdoor rugs to bring life and color to the front of your home.

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