When you go to a home improvement store, grocery store or any old regular hardware store what is the first thing you see sitting next to the cash registers?  It may come to you as a shock but the truth is you see carpet shampooers.  As hard as this may be to believe some rental stores actually think that the equipment and supplies they sell will clean your carpets without damage.  However, the truth is that there are many ways to clean carpet but only one way that insures your individualized carpets needs are being met and that is by hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

When carpet cleaning is needed there are many things that go into deciding what method is the best to use on your carpet.  A professional will evaluate the carpet based on criteria such as; the condition of the carpet, the level of staining and dirt within the carpet, how big the area that needs to be cleaned, time constraints and how quickly the carpet needs to be dried and back in working order for the homeowner.

When looking at the method of carpet cleaning needed for you flooring remember also that different methods involve a greater skill set than others.  This is an important piece of information when hiring an individual or company to come out and clean your carpets.  Shampooing and bonnet cleaning require extra care and should only be done by a professional with proven results.  This is why it is so important to determine the method in which your carpets need to be cleaned and finding a professional, with references, to do it.

Reduced moisture carpet cleaning methods are prevalent throughout the business.  As with any cleaning service needed within your home there are pros and cons.  Below are some of methods that involve low moisture methods of carpet cleaning along with conditions in which they are used and the benefits and drawbacks involved with each of them.

The driest method of carpet cleaning is the absorbent dry compound method.  This involves absolutely no moisture.  Dry cleaning solvents and detergents are sprinkled on the carpet.  After about thirty minutes the cleaning agents will start to dissolve the oils within the carpet fibers which will free the soil allowing it to be vacuumed up along with the excess detergents and solvents.   This method comes in handy with school and business carpeting where dry time is limited.   Results vary with this method however the benefit of no water use allows dry time to be nil.

Foam is also a technique that involves very little moisture as well.  Over-wetting is unlikely to happen with this method.  Foam is produced and distributed onto the carpet through a machine that combines the solution and air.  The equipment brushes it into the carpet and then is extracted out along with the built up dirt and grime.  The only issue that arises from this method is that occasionally the machine produces such little moisture that some of the foam may not come out.  This causes issues with cleaning later on down the road.

Bonnet cleaning is done with an absorbent pad attached to a rotating machine. The detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet or the rotating pad is saturated with the solution and then moved throughout the floor.  The oils, dirt and filth are removed by adhering to the pad.  The carpet cleaning is finished by thoroughly vacuuming.

Another method used is shampoo and extraction.  This method can cause the big issues so needs to be done by a professional specifically trained in the technique.  The shampoo solution is released into the carpet and the rotary brush on the equipment moves it deep into the carpet to remove stains and then is extracted with high powered suction equipment.  This method leaves the carpet deodorized, clean and bright.

Hot water extraction is the most common cleaning method for carpet used today.  This involves pre-spraying the carpet which loosens the soil with how water and solution the extracting it through a high powered piece of suction equipment.  This method involves releasing water into the carpet which can also lead to problems.  Make sure that thorough drying happens with this process so that you can avoid carpet shrinkage or delaminating carpet.  Both problems are only resolved with the purchase new carpet which we all know is out of the budget for most people.

Cleaning carpet should be left to the professionals.  The carpet cleaners at stores are not as high powered as the ones professional carpet cleaners use.  Your carpet will be cleaner and in better shape, without water and soap residue, if someone who knows what they are doing cleans your carpet. Your carpet will thank you by lasting for years to come.