Many homeowners choose to install fencing.  It may be to add security, contain pets or children or to add to the aesthetics of the homes landscape.  For whatever reason you are thinking of installing a fence it is important to think about gates, especially driveway gates to add the final touch.  With some additional planning, homeowners can install a fence and driveway gate minimal concerns.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you plan the installation of the fence and electronic entry gate.  When installing the fence around the perimeter of the landscape takes into consideration the distance the gate will be down the driveway.  The gate needs to be in a location that allows you room to come and go without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Consider the space that you desire on either side of the gate as well.  When choosing a style of gate you will have two options: gates that slide open and gates that swing open.   Are you interested in having space inside of the gate to allow for more than one vehicle to park?  Homeowners need to consider the layout of the landscape as well as obstructions when placing entry driveway gates to ensure that the gate will open properly upon installation.

If you are choosing to install a swing gate it is important to plan which direction the gate will open.   Will it open into the property or outwards towards the road?  To determine this it is important to take a look at the driveway itself.  Does the driveway slope?  When installing an electronic driveway gate it is important to give a great deal of consideration to the manner in which it will open to avoid complicated situations further on down the road.

If you know you are planning on installing both a gate and a perimeter fence plan on installing the gate first and then proceed with the fencing.  The gate should center over the driveway.  Set the posts first before proceeding any further with the installation project.  Be sure to install the posts taking into consideration the amount of clearance needed for the bottom of the fence.  Be sure the area is level and that the area where the gate hangs is flat.  It is also crucial to dig the post holes and fill them with concrete to about two inches under ground level.  The concrete needs to be thoroughly dry before attempting to hang the gate.

The task of installing an electronic driveway gate is not for everyone.  If you find you are in over your head with a project of this size seek out a local, reputable driveway gate installation company.

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