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The Do’s and Don’ts of LASIK Eye Surgery

Getting the best result out of your laser eye surgery occurs when you take the necessary steps to prepare for before and after the procedure.   As with any surgery, there are certain risks involved.  This is just one of the reasons it is important that you do everything possible to prevent issues from arising.  Below you will find some basic tips that can help assure you get the best results possible from your LASIK procedure.

Laser Vision Correction Precautionary Steps

Even before LASIK is scheduled there are certain things that you can do to adjust your routine in order to receive the best results from your laser eye surgery.

  • If you wear contact lenses, it is best to stop wearing them for a few weeks leading up to the surgery. Contact lenses distort the shape of the cornea which can cause the results from your LASIK procedure to be less than perfect.
  • Do not use any type of eye drops for at least a week before your laser vision correction surgery.
  • Avoid scents and makeup for a few days leading up to the procedure as well including the day of. The day of it is important not to use creams, lotion, or any other chemical substance near your eyes.
  • Any and all eye conditions that you have previously suffered from are important details to mention to your eye surgeon.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the surgery. If at all possible, find someone who is willing to stay with you as well.  You will be under the influence of medication for awhile after the surgery and your sight will be off, so driving is not advised.

Post Surgery Recommendations

There are many ways in which to enhance your healing after LASIK.  For the best results post-surgery follow the advice of your eye surgeon and consider the tips below.

  • Hold off on bathing above your neck for the first few days post-op. The last thing that you want to do is to accidentally expose the area to any soaps or chemicals accidentally.
  • Rely on friends and family to drive you until your eyes are fully healed
  • Do not use any types of creams, makeup, face products, or scents near your eyes. Also, wait to modify your hair color for a few weeks after surgery.  Your eyes will be incredibly sensitive, and the chemical scent can literally burn your eyes.
  • Avoid exercise as well. Skip strenuous workouts for at least a week.  Your body needs time to heal after surgery and something as important as your eye sight is not worth risking.
  • Throw out older makeup and start fresh. Makeup harbors bacteria and even though you won’t be wearing it for awhile it is important to not compromise the health of your eyes with an infection.
  • Use protective eye wear especially sunglasses when leaving the house. The sun can damage even the healthiest of eyes.  Unhealed eyes are especially sensitive.  Sunglasses also help to eliminate debris such as sand and other dirt particles from entering your eye.


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What Is the Best Type of Filtration System for the Water in Your Home?

Quality water throughout your home is immensely beneficial from a health perspective and therefore should be free of harmful containment’s before consumption or use.  One way that this can be done is through the use of a whole house water filtration system.  In order to be sure that you install the proper filtration device for the water coming into your home it is important to hire a professional water company to analyze your current water supply.  The experts will then assist you in determining the system that is the most effective, most durable, and most affordable.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking to choose the right filtration system for your home.  The primary factors that experts will be looking into are:

  • How effectively the filter system removes contaminants?
  • How advanced the contamination removal technology is?
  • How affordable the filtration system is?


Through research on contaminants and how filtration systems work homeowners can see how different filtration products are meant to filter out different types on contaminants.   It is helpful for homeowners and water quality experts to identify the contaminants that are existent in the water before they move forward with the decision-making process.  The water quality report is helpful in determining what kind of water is currently coming into your home.  Once the contaminants inside the water are narrowed down, the filtration system choice will be narrowed down further.

Contamination Removal Technology

Most water filtration systems that are used to improve the quality of water coming into your home use similar technology.  It is important that homeowners keep in mind that even though similar not all filtration technologies are created equally.  Carbon filter systems, for example, come in different levels of effectiveness and generally remove contaminants like asbestos, Mercury, and chlorine from the water.  Mechanical filters can assist in removing different types of sediment however will not influence chemical contaminates. Similarly, water softening units use ion exchange technology in order to lower the magnesium and calcium levels but do not have an effect on most other contaminants.


As with any and all home improvements, cost is one of the primary determinants in the decision.  Water conditioning companies, like Reynolds Water Conditioning, will present a variety of systems that meet the homeowners needs.  The cost of filtration will vary significantly between filtration systems depending on the options the systems offer above and beyond the filtration benefits.  Higher end filtration units may offer other benefits such as softening, purification, and conditioning therefore will be more expensive then systems that encompass only the filtration of the water in the home.  If a whole house water filtration system proves to be too costly and under the sink water filtration unit is another option for quality drinking water.

At Reynolds Water Conditioning Company, we are here to help make sure our clients don’t buy water treatment systems that they don’t need.  We are here to make sure you find a water softening system that gives you the results you are looking for, whether it is to remove iron or odor from you water; we have a solution that will help!  For more information contact our experts at 800.572.9575 or at our website

Avoiding The 3 Most Common Gunite Pool Problems

Spring is in the air!  Now is the time that Michigan pool owners start to consider the shape of their Gunite swimming pools.  Depending on the age of your pool it is possible that after a long winter the concrete surface of your families in-ground swimming pool may need to be re-plastered.   It might be time to call in the professional pool plaster contractors at Pound Pool Plastering if you find any of these common problems for older concrete swimming pools:

  1. Extreme Surface Roughness

Concrete pool surfaces can become rough after time.  It’s time to re-plaster your Gunite pool when you feel like you need to start wearing pool shoes when you swim.  Rough plaster can come about because of age, increased pH, delamination, small cracks, or even climate conditions.  Any of these can begin to create pits and calcium nodules.  If a homeowner is experiencing any of these symptoms it is important not to put off re-surfacing the pools surface.

  1. Cracks from The Structure

There are two types of cracks that can occur on Gunite; one signals normal wear and tear while the other can mean it is time to have a pool plaster repair consultation.  A basic surface crack is not anything to worry about however a structural crack, a crack in the concrete shell itself, need to be repaired immediately.  Sometimes a structural crack requires the pool to be engineered properly before repair.  The swimming pool needs to be modified to withstand unstable or expansive soil conditions.  Once the structural issues are contained then the pools plaster can be re-surfaced, and cracks repaired.

  1. Discoloration

Pool plaster is very porous and is stained without much difficulty.  This occurs due to a variety of reasons including: a water-tile line not being installed, pauses in the water as the pool is being filled, improperly troweled plaster, or imbalanced water chemistry.  To avoid some of these issues remember to test the chemical consistency weekly and adjust as needed, make sure a water-tile line is installed and that when the water is filling the pool that there is never a pause in filling.  There are some stains and discoloration that can be removed through acid washing but sooner or later it will return, and the pool will need to be re-plastered.

The most common type of pool material found in the backyards of Michigan homeowners is Gunite that is plastered over to create a smooth, highly durable surface.  Plaster pools easily can go fifteen to twenty years before needing to be re-plastered, especially when cared for carefully.  For more information on new Gunite pool installation, pool plaster repair, or re-plastering contact the professionals at Pound Pool Plastering today at 248.476.4544.


Understanding The Differences Of Medigap Policies And What They Have To Offer

There are a number of questions and concerns when it comes to enrolling in Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans.  Three main questions that seniors want answers to are:

  • What parts of the four different parts of the Medicare program covers stays in the hospital?
  • What differences are seen between Original Medicare (Medicare Part A & Part B), Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplemental Plans?
  • Which parts of Medicare provide prescription drug coverage?

Original Medicare has four basic elements:

  • Medicare Part A – Hospital Insurance
  • Medicare Part B – Health Insurance
  • Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans – Medigap

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Medigap, is private health insurance plans that seniors can purchase to cover the “gaps” that are left after enrolling in Medicare Part A and Part B.  There are ten different Medigap plans to choose from.  Each plan covers different elements that are not covered by Original Medicare such as doctor’s office co-payments, skilled nursing facility co-insurance, and certain out of pocket hospital costs not covered.

There are ten different types of Medigap Plans designated by one of ten letters of the alphabet.  The benefits within the different plans are the same no matter what insurance company that they are purchased from however, each of the ten plans covers something different.  Premiums for each of the ten policies also vary depending on who the coverage is purchased through.  Medigap Plan F can essentially cost $110 a month from Company A while Company B has the same exact plan for sale for $150 a month.  This is why it is super important for Medicare participants to compare Medigap plans and the premiums charged by different insurance companies.

In order for participants to be eligible to purchase supplemental insurance, Medicare enrollees must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  Medigap is renewable from year to year no matter what the participants current state of health is.  Monthly premiums will be charge based on where you live, your current age, the plan you select, and the insurance provider chosen.

Another option that is provided to seniors is Medicare Advantage.  This option is chosen in place of Original Medicare and Medigap.  Participants often choose Medicare Advantage over Original Medicare and Medigap because of the lower monthly premiums.  Although the premiums are lower, out-of-pocket expenses may be higher.  It is important to also note that Medicare Advantage offers prescription drug coverage at no additional cost whereas Original Medicare and Medigap requires you to purchase prescription drug coverage, Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan D.  The advantage of Original Medicare and Medigap Supplemental Plans is that there is a larger network of providers to choose from.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the federal government sponsored health insurance plan.  Seniors over 65 have the option to choose between purchasing Medicare Plan A, Medicare Plan B, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans; it is crucial to look at all of the option when considering your current and future health care needs as well as your budget.

Learn more about Medigap plans and rates at  Medigap Insurance brokers will help you compare Medigap Insurance rates and plans.  To talk to an expert in Medigap coverage call toll free 888-452-7949!

Medigap Plan F and Plan C To Be Closed For Enrollment After 2020

There are a number of questions surrounding Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans.  One thing that we do know is that the federal government has decided that in the year 2020, Medigap Plan F and Plan C will no longer be available to new participants.  Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan enrollees that are currently enrolled in either Plan F or Plan C will be allowed continue coverage under these two plans.

With these changes fast approaching it is critical that seniors turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare or if they are looking to switch Medigap plans within the next few years they must diligently scrutinize all insurance possibilities before two options are no longer available.

It has never been easy to choose a Medigap plan.  With ten different options to cover the gaps found in Original Medicare, which consists of Medicare Plan and Plan B, there is a lot to consider.  Many participants have leaned towards Medigap Plan F, as it covers the most medical costs but without this option in 2020 participants will have more to consider.  Medigap Plan F does not pay dental, vision, or medicine however with premiums paid monthly, participants shouldn’t have to put any money out of pocket for doctors, tests, or hospitals.  Even medical coverage overseas is partially covered with Medigap Plan F.

The federal government has decided to close out enrollment to popular Medigap Plan F and Plan C to help reduce spending on Medicare.  This decision was made in 2015 by Congress.  Even though Medigap plans are purchased through private insurance companies they are regulated by the federal government and Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, are provided through the federal government.  Congress estimates that shutting down enrollment into Medigap Plans F and Plan C will reduce Medicare spending by about four hundred million dollars between 2020 and 2025.

Even though Medicare enrollees previously enrolled in Medigap Plan F and Plan C will still be allowed to continue coverage in these plans speculation is that the premiums for these plans will rise.  An alternative to Medigap Plan F is Medigap Plan G. Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan G offers comprehensive coverage equivalent to Medigap Plan F but requires participants to pay an annual deductible for Medicare.

It is important before committing to or switching to a different Medigap plan that you truly look into the options available.  Even if you are enrolled in Plan F and you switch out of it, you will no longer be able to enroll in this coverage after it is shut down to new enrollment in 2020.

Learn more about Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, rates and more at  Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans.  To talk to an expert in Medicare coverage toll free 877-202-9248 today!


Choosing A Color For Your Homes Vinyl Siding

2018 is the year that is taking the curb appeal of your home to the next level.  Homeowners are more aware now than ever before that how their homes look on the outside has everything to do with how the inside is viewed.  This is even more important when looking to put your home on the market.  The exterior of your home is a reflection to the rest of the world of you.  It can make your home look warm and inviting or just the opposite based solely on how it looks.  One way that homeowners are looking into bringing new life to their homes exterior is through the installation of new vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding installation creates an entirely new look for your home.  It is important to choose a color that expresses who you are while also taking into account other homes within the neighborhood and future buyers preferences.  In some areas vibrant colored vinyl siding is the norm however for many of us safer choices such as shades of gray or beige are more suitable.

To really determine what color is best for your homes new vinyl siding homeowners should consider the advice of an outside source, such as the siding contractor.  Professionals will offer you the cold, hard truth about your choice in the color choice of your vinyl siding.  Often times exterior siding contractors work with professional decorators to come up with a plan for exterior home renovations to be sure that all plans for the exterior of the home are tied together.

One aspect that contractors and decorators will consider is the color of the exterior doors of the home including the garage door as well as the color of the roof.  If you as a homeowner are not looking to replace the entry and garage doors or to install a new roof, then it is crucial that the homes vinyl siding is compatible with them.

The homes siding should also compliment the architecture of the home.  Certain styles of architecture fit better with certain colors and not with others.  Think about the typical colonial home; what comes to mind?  Yep, solid color vinyl siding in yellow, white, green, or blues.

Another feature to take into account is the size of your home.  Super dark vinyl siding makes homes stand out.  Dark colors can be considered overwhelming when used on larger homes where as on smaller homes they can create a cozy feeling.  If you are looking for your home to blend into the homes around the neighborhood then it is best to stick with lighter vinyl siding colors such as white or yellow.

Consider the climate in which your home is as well.  There are particular colors that are perfect for homes in cooler climates however look off when used in tropical climates.  Sunlight exaggerates brighter colored vinyl siding while heating up dark color siding.  It is also crucial to consider color combinations as well. Dark blue and black appear dark and drab whereas dark blue with white trim appears nautical and fresh.

Learn more about Kearns Brothers, a full-service home improvement contractor servicing all of Southeast Michigan’s construction needs by visiting their website at or contact a remodeling expert at 888.355.6700.

Tips to Care for Your Aluminum Fence

The exterior of your home, your homes curb appeal reflects a great deal on how your home is viewed overall.  Many homeowners look for ways in which to spruce up the exterior of their home.  One way that this can be achieved is with the installation of a new aluminum fence.  Not only does an aluminum fence increase the aesthetics of the property it increases safety while increasing the homes overall value.

Aluminum fence panels are created from a corrosion resisting property which allows it to last longer than other fence materials.  Even with its corrosion resisting nature, aluminum fences like everything in the world require routine maintenance. Below are a few tips for ways you maintain your aluminum fence better for long-lasting results.

Regular Washing

Fences being out in the open are prone to the building up of dirt, mud, grass, mold, and unwanted growth if left unmaintained. Because of this very reason as a basic cleaning ritual, it is advised to use a pressure hose regularly on your fence to remove any sort of accumulated debris that might cause damage to it.

Routine Levelling Check

A routine checkup of your aluminum fence is suggested to ensure leveling. It’s easier to check and devise leveling of your aluminum fence on a windy day if you see it swaying and tilting on one side because of the wind pressure then be sure to secure it as it appears to have loosened up.

Scratches and Chipping

Aluminum fences face scratches and chips that are easily maintained and should not present the issues that arise with other types of fence materials. Use some exterior touch up paint specific for aluminum fencing and it will be as good as new.  Other fencing materials such as wood require yearly staining or word protection to keep it looking as good as it does when it is first installed however this is not the case with aluminum fencing.

Avoid Chemicals

Aluminum fencing is powder coated and therefore when maintaining them it is important not to use harsh chemicals.  Most household cleansers, abrasive chemicals, harsh agents, acidic solvents, steel wool, and industrial type cleansers should be avoided.

For greater maintenance repeat the above maintenance tips to fully protect your aluminum fence, because maintenance costs less than a full replacement. In other words, protect your fence, so it can protect you for longer.

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Michigan Roofs: Coordinating The Color Of Your Roof To The Homes Exterior

A new roof for your home can be quite exciting.  It is one of the only times, besides replacing the siding or a new room addition, where the exterior of your home will be transformed.  It can be a bit scary for some homeowners as you will live with this decision for the length of time you own your home.  As a professional roofing contractor, it is important to ease homeowners concerns and present the options that are best suited for their home.  This helps to create a situation where homeowners can’t make the “wrong” decision.

Being a Michigan roofing contractor for over 20+ years means that I have had a lot of experience with the climate and understand how your roofing materials are affected by the drastic changes in temperature.  With the difference in temperature Michigan roofs are different than a lot of others; your roofing can be light or dark.  Where as homes in southern states would likely benefit from a lighter shingle that would help deflect sunlight.

Another element that is crucial is that the exterior colors of your home coordinate.  Homes with blue or gray tones would coordinate with a black roof where as cream or tan homes look better with brown toned roofs.  It is crucial to the overall look of your home to coordinate the shingle style and color with the exterior.  Take into consideration any future exterior siding or masonry work that you will be done.  It is also good to note that darker roofing makes homes appear smaller than they actually are whereas lighter roofing, gray or light brown shingles, tend to make home look bigger overall.

The neighborhood is another factor to consider when choosing roofing materials.  Have you investigated the regulations set forth by your homeowner’s association and local ordinances; especially important within city limits.  Certain colors, materials, and styles of shingling and metal are considered statement roofing which is a great way to distinguish your home but some HOA’s are looking to avoid any one home in the area from drawing attention.  It may also be important to you and your neighbors that your home not to stick out like a sore thumb and clash with neighboring houses.

To view samples of different roofing materials or to virtually view how the materials will look when placed on your home give Home Pro Roofing a call.  Our professional roofing contractors specialize in bringing professional roofing results to homeowners throughout Michigan including: Kalamazoo, Brighton, Lansing, and the surrounding areas.

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Changes To Keep In Mind For Age In Place Remodels

I have met with a significant number of homeowners that are concerned about making their homes accessible for their ever-changing needs as they age.  As a specialist in age in place remodeling it has become my mission to create spaces, when remodeling, that ensure clients changing needs will be met through the renovation process.  Aging comes with enough complications; the last thing that homeowners need is added complications surrounding their home.

Ranch vs Two Story

We don’t ever think about growing old when we purchase our first homes but often are first homes become are only home.  With that being said it is important to note that not every homeowner thinks about the hitches that come with owning a two-story home as you get older.  Many older homeowners have decided they want to stay in their two-story home, so it is my job to make it safe for them to access the second floor.  Obviously, an elevator can be installed however this can be quite cost prohibitive, upwards of $30,000 to $65,000, along with ongoing maintenance.  Another option is the installation of a stair lift, which allows the user to go up and down the stairs using an automatic chair.  This is a much more cost-effective option, ranging between $2,500 to $5,500.


Depending on the type of entry way that currently exists the installation of a special ramp that allows access into the home via wheelchair or with walker assistance.    Handicap ramps can be designed to match the homes exterior or able to be removed and transported.  The actual door entrance as well should be evaluated.  A no-step entry way is as important as an entrance without stairs to individuals using devices to assist in maneuvering around.

Wide-Pocket Doors

Wider doors accommodate for the ease of movement using walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.  Another element that is helpful is to switch out commonly used doors throughout the home with pocket doors, when able.  Pocket doors do not need to swing in or out which allows for accessibility to two users if an individual were to need assistance or if mobility assistance devices were used.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom and kitchen spaces are the two areas that are of utmost concern when it comes to aging in place.  To combat worry from within the bathroom area there are a number of options to present to homeowners from walk-in tubs to built in shower seats.  My preference for safety and efficiency is the installation of a walk-in shower with a built-in bench.  This however will not satisfy homeowners looking to take a bath.  If an actual tub is desired a walk-in tub can be installed.  Along with these modifications it is important to add grab bars and a raised toilet to just add to ease of use with-in the space.

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Emerging Financially After declaring Bankruptcy

Can you believe that we are already into the month of April?  How are those New Year’s Eve resolutions working for you; how about those financial resolutions?  Are you rolling your eyes?  Financial hardships can add significant stress to personal hardships.  Perhaps you resolved to pull yourself out of the financial funk left by a recent divorce or foreclosure on your home.  There are many reasons that this might not have been possible for you, a job loss, a significant pay decrease, an extra mouth to feed, and so on can lead to a lack of money needed to pay off existing debts. There are times that personal bankruptcy is the only way out.

An element common to most survivors of going through a bankruptcy is the worry about moving forward and bouncing back financially.  Below you will find several ways to help you get started at getting back on your feet after a financial blow like declaring bankruptcy.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that bankruptcy does often come with a terrible stigma.  For many of us it has been drilled into our heads that our financial obligations need to be paid under any circumstance.  The simple truth however is that even despite our best efforts there are times when we are unable to pay our debts.

It is crucial that once you have decided you have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy you realize you are in fact not alone.  In fact, the number of cases of bankruptcy has grown significantly over time; 13% of all U.S. citizens have considered it.  With that said, sulking and harboring feelings of failure and disappointment won’t do anything to help you begin to move forward.  Think of the experience as one that you have learned from.  Forgive yourself, meet with a professional in personal finance, and move on from your bankruptcy; the bankruptcy does not define who you are.

Start by creating a fund that is set aside specifically for use after the loss of a job.  This fund should consist of enough money to cover all your expenses, both essential and not, for at least 6 months.  It can take a significant amount of time to find a new job and the last thing that is needed during this situation is the financial stress of not being able to pay your bills.

As previously mentioned, seek the help of a professional who specializes in personal finance.  Learn to make smart financial investments and budget spending.  The creation of a detailed financial plan can help you stay on track towards a healthy financial future while continue to live comfortably.  Begin to slowly re-establish your credit.  Eventually, everyone ends up needing some type of credit.  Most of us will never be able to come up with the amount of money it takes to purchase a house.  Also, if we do have that type of cash it is more likely going to make you more investing than it is paying cash for a home.  A good credit score can occur even after declaring bankruptcy; it just takes time and patience.

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