There are numerous options to consider when searching out fencing that is marketed for pet containment.  The main considerations when choosing pet fencing is to assure the safety and protection of your pet.  Consider the following to ensure the fencing you choose will maximize your pet’s wellbeing.

It is important to consider the type of dog that the fence is going to contain.  Different breeds require different needs out of a fence.  Does your dog require a great deal of space to run around in?  Do you have a breed that needs to be worked and will need a large fenced in space pull sleds or gather herds of animals?  Are you trying to keep an ultra intelligent variety of dog that will need to a fence that resembles a prison yard? The type of breed normally can help pet owners establish temperament ahead of time.  If the space within your yard is incompatible with the breed of dog you choose then it isn’t going to be fair to either you or the dog.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a fence g for pet containment is the size of dog.  Different size dogs have different requirement.  Smaller dogs will most likely need a style fencing that offers puppy pickets.  With aluminum fencing, puppy pickets are in additional pickets in the lower railings of fence that are put into place to keep smaller dogs from squeezing through the small picket opening of the fence.  No matter the size if you have a dog that likes to dig you will want to consider the additional option of protruding pickets that fill the gap between the ground and the fence.  Dogs that are taller generally require taller fencing or fencing without horizontal beam above the base of the fence.  This beam allows dogs the additional bit of height required to push them over the top.

Is your fence going to be in place to contain both your pet and children?  If this is the case many homeowners choose two different aluminum fencing options that complement one another to create a realistic space for both.  With this option in place your pet is free to roam about without worry of escape when children accidentally leave the fence gate open while also containing their output.

Not only is the fencing itself important but also the type of gate you choose.  For most homeowners looking to contain a pet it is crucial to have a gate that is self latching that closes automatically.  This is extremely helpful when your hands are full or your pup is a little Houdini.

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