Access control systems are basically the system that holds the authority over access to a general location or resource.  The term refers to not only physical access but also technological access.  For instance, if you are looking for security around a structure such as a pool you will only provide access control information to those allowed in the area through the automatic gate.  If the security is for a technologically based system access controls systems are referring to the program that blocks certain unauthorized users while allowing access to those who are allowed to have it.

Access controls systems surround our everyday life.  At airports personal are only allowed access into parts of the airport that passengers are not.  They obtain access through a card reader which is just one type of access control systems.  Think about your daily routine.  When you access your ATM or enter your vehicle though a key pad or remote control your life is become more convenient because of access control systems that surround our daily lives.

Computer technology in doctor’s office is just one area where security and access controls are imperative.  The office must maintain confidentiality between the doctor and the patient and records cannot be accessed by just anyone. This is why you will find that information a nurse or physician enters in about you is only accessed with a swipe of a card which allows permission to access the files or a code that is entered to access information.

There are two different types of access control systems physical and electronic.  Physical access is granted because of who you are, when you need access, and where you need access too.  Devices such as keys and locks allow physical access.  As technology increases physical access is dimensioning and moving towards electronic systems.  These systems help alleviate the problems that exist with physical access such as the loss of a key and that it is hard to place restriction on the key holders access.  Electronic access allows access based on a number of criteria that if met allows access to that person.  It also helps stop people from accessing information or facilities.

This is true of our cottage association in the winter months.  Access to the cottages is only granted to administrators of the association with the correct code pressed in the access box.  You have to contact them if you need to go to your cottage within that time.  The facility is protected by a gate access system that will not grant permission to those who are not allowed to be there.  However during the spring, fall and summer we all have our own code to enter the facility.  This allows the association to keep track of who is coming and going at all times.  I love the automatic gate and access control system because I can let my kids play freely on bikes and with others without the worry of strangers entering the association.

Our world is changing and because information is becoming of a more and more sensitive it is important that we guard access to our records and physical spaces.  I never leave home without locking the doors and I never sign into my computer at work and walk away.  They are safety measures I am willing to take to ensure that my personal space and information are kept that way.  How has a control device saved you from exposing too much of yourself?