Tips to Care for Your Aluminum Fence

The exterior of your home, your homes curb appeal reflects a great deal on how your home is viewed overall.  Many homeowners look for ways in which to spruce up the exterior of their home.  One way that this can be achieved is with the installation of a new aluminum fence.  Not only does an aluminum fence increase the aesthetics of the property it increases safety while increasing the homes overall value.

Aluminum fence panels are created from a corrosion resisting property which allows it to last longer than other fence materials.  Even with its corrosion resisting nature, aluminum fences like everything in the world require routine maintenance. Below are a few tips for ways you maintain your aluminum fence better for long-lasting results.

Regular Washing

Fences being out in the open are prone to the building up of dirt, mud, grass, mold, and unwanted growth if left unmaintained. Because of this very reason as a basic cleaning ritual, it is advised to use a pressure hose regularly on your fence to remove any sort of accumulated debris that might cause damage to it.

Routine Levelling Check

A routine checkup of your aluminum fence is suggested to ensure leveling. It’s easier to check and devise leveling of your aluminum fence on a windy day if you see it swaying and tilting on one side because of the wind pressure then be sure to secure it as it appears to have loosened up.

Scratches and Chipping

Aluminum fences face scratches and chips that are easily maintained and should not present the issues that arise with other types of fence materials. Use some exterior touch up paint specific for aluminum fencing and it will be as good as new.  Other fencing materials such as wood require yearly staining or word protection to keep it looking as good as it does when it is first installed however this is not the case with aluminum fencing.

Avoid Chemicals

Aluminum fencing is powder coated and therefore when maintaining them it is important not to use harsh chemicals.  Most household cleansers, abrasive chemicals, harsh agents, acidic solvents, steel wool, and industrial type cleansers should be avoided.

For greater maintenance repeat the above maintenance tips to fully protect your aluminum fence, because maintenance costs less than a full replacement. In other words, protect your fence, so it can protect you for longer.

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Michigan Roofs: Coordinating The Color Of Your Roof To The Homes Exterior

A new roof for your home can be quite exciting.  It is one of the only times, besides replacing the siding or a new room addition, where the exterior of your home will be transformed.  It can be a bit scary for some homeowners as you will live with this decision for the length of time you own your home.  As a professional roofing contractor, it is important to ease homeowners concerns and present the options that are best suited for their home.  This helps to create a situation where homeowners can’t make the “wrong” decision.

Being a Michigan roofing contractor for over 20+ years means that I have had a lot of experience with the climate and understand how your roofing materials are affected by the drastic changes in temperature.  With the difference in temperature Michigan roofs are different than a lot of others; your roofing can be light or dark.  Where as homes in southern states would likely benefit from a lighter shingle that would help deflect sunlight.

Another element that is crucial is that the exterior colors of your home coordinate.  Homes with blue or gray tones would coordinate with a black roof where as cream or tan homes look better with brown toned roofs.  It is crucial to the overall look of your home to coordinate the shingle style and color with the exterior.  Take into consideration any future exterior siding or masonry work that you will be done.  It is also good to note that darker roofing makes homes appear smaller than they actually are whereas lighter roofing, gray or light brown shingles, tend to make home look bigger overall.

The neighborhood is another factor to consider when choosing roofing materials.  Have you investigated the regulations set forth by your homeowner’s association and local ordinances; especially important within city limits.  Certain colors, materials, and styles of shingling and metal are considered statement roofing which is a great way to distinguish your home but some HOA’s are looking to avoid any one home in the area from drawing attention.  It may also be important to you and your neighbors that your home not to stick out like a sore thumb and clash with neighboring houses.

To view samples of different roofing materials or to virtually view how the materials will look when placed on your home give Home Pro Roofing a call.  Our professional roofing contractors specialize in bringing professional roofing results to homeowners throughout Michigan including: Kalamazoo, Brighton, Lansing, and the surrounding areas.

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Changes To Keep In Mind For Age In Place Remodels

I have met with a significant number of homeowners that are concerned about making their homes accessible for their ever-changing needs as they age.  As a specialist in age in place remodeling it has become my mission to create spaces, when remodeling, that ensure clients changing needs will be met through the renovation process.  Aging comes with enough complications; the last thing that homeowners need is added complications surrounding their home.

Ranch vs Two Story

We don’t ever think about growing old when we purchase our first homes but often are first homes become are only home.  With that being said it is important to note that not every homeowner thinks about the hitches that come with owning a two-story home as you get older.  Many older homeowners have decided they want to stay in their two-story home, so it is my job to make it safe for them to access the second floor.  Obviously, an elevator can be installed however this can be quite cost prohibitive, upwards of $30,000 to $65,000, along with ongoing maintenance.  Another option is the installation of a stair lift, which allows the user to go up and down the stairs using an automatic chair.  This is a much more cost-effective option, ranging between $2,500 to $5,500.


Depending on the type of entry way that currently exists the installation of a special ramp that allows access into the home via wheelchair or with walker assistance.    Handicap ramps can be designed to match the homes exterior or able to be removed and transported.  The actual door entrance as well should be evaluated.  A no-step entry way is as important as an entrance without stairs to individuals using devices to assist in maneuvering around.

Wide-Pocket Doors

Wider doors accommodate for the ease of movement using walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.  Another element that is helpful is to switch out commonly used doors throughout the home with pocket doors, when able.  Pocket doors do not need to swing in or out which allows for accessibility to two users if an individual were to need assistance or if mobility assistance devices were used.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom and kitchen spaces are the two areas that are of utmost concern when it comes to aging in place.  To combat worry from within the bathroom area there are a number of options to present to homeowners from walk-in tubs to built in shower seats.  My preference for safety and efficiency is the installation of a walk-in shower with a built-in bench.  This however will not satisfy homeowners looking to take a bath.  If an actual tub is desired a walk-in tub can be installed.  Along with these modifications it is important to add grab bars and a raised toilet to just add to ease of use with-in the space.

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Emerging Financially After declaring Bankruptcy

Can you believe that we are already into the month of April?  How are those New Year’s Eve resolutions working for you; how about those financial resolutions?  Are you rolling your eyes?  Financial hardships can add significant stress to personal hardships.  Perhaps you resolved to pull yourself out of the financial funk left by a recent divorce or foreclosure on your home.  There are many reasons that this might not have been possible for you, a job loss, a significant pay decrease, an extra mouth to feed, and so on can lead to a lack of money needed to pay off existing debts. There are times that personal bankruptcy is the only way out.

An element common to most survivors of going through a bankruptcy is the worry about moving forward and bouncing back financially.  Below you will find several ways to help you get started at getting back on your feet after a financial blow like declaring bankruptcy.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that bankruptcy does often come with a terrible stigma.  For many of us it has been drilled into our heads that our financial obligations need to be paid under any circumstance.  The simple truth however is that even despite our best efforts there are times when we are unable to pay our debts.

It is crucial that once you have decided you have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy you realize you are in fact not alone.  In fact, the number of cases of bankruptcy has grown significantly over time; 13% of all U.S. citizens have considered it.  With that said, sulking and harboring feelings of failure and disappointment won’t do anything to help you begin to move forward.  Think of the experience as one that you have learned from.  Forgive yourself, meet with a professional in personal finance, and move on from your bankruptcy; the bankruptcy does not define who you are.

Start by creating a fund that is set aside specifically for use after the loss of a job.  This fund should consist of enough money to cover all your expenses, both essential and not, for at least 6 months.  It can take a significant amount of time to find a new job and the last thing that is needed during this situation is the financial stress of not being able to pay your bills.

As previously mentioned, seek the help of a professional who specializes in personal finance.  Learn to make smart financial investments and budget spending.  The creation of a detailed financial plan can help you stay on track towards a healthy financial future while continue to live comfortably.  Begin to slowly re-establish your credit.  Eventually, everyone ends up needing some type of credit.  Most of us will never be able to come up with the amount of money it takes to purchase a house.  Also, if we do have that type of cash it is more likely going to make you more investing than it is paying cash for a home.  A good credit score can occur even after declaring bankruptcy; it just takes time and patience.

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Tell Tale Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

It’s true, our lives have come to revolve around a variety of technological devices; the computer and phone being the most common.  Face to face meetings, previously requiring a person’s physical presence, have been replaced by computers as well as shopping, banking, paying bills, and so many other tasks that happen in our day to day lives.

Many of the websites that we visit to perform these common tasks are prone to popups and links are secretly hidden within advertisements that an unintentional or oblivious click may be installing a virus or malware on your computer.  Even If you consider your computer entirely virus free you should still go through the signs below that will help you decide if your pc is malware free, or that you need a visit to the computer repair shop.

Performance Monitoring

One of the many ways to determine if your laptop has been infected with a virus or other type of malware is to keep track of the life of the battery.  Is the battery life less than what you are used to experiencing?  This can give you an idea if a virus is slowing your computer down.  Other than that, you can take a look at the hard drive activity through the administrator folder to see what applications are running.  Do you spot any suspicious programs that you don’t recall using?  Moreover, if the pc is running but has no programs currently opened and the light on the modem happens to be flickering, it means there is a certain unidentified malware residing on your pc consuming or transferring data using

Out of the Blue Pop-Ups

If the computer has no programs currently running and a series of unidentified popups appear on your desktop then, believe me, they are a courtesy of virus seeking refuge inside your computer files. With the popups, it is enough confirmation that a virus is present, head off to the nearest computer repair shop for a virus removal solution.

Missing File and Changed Content

If your PC is behaving weirdly such that you cannot locate certain files in your folders and they happen to be missing or in another folder, you never put them in the first place. Viruses are often responsible for such instances, or it might just be a rare moment you can blame your own memory.

Involuntary messages

A very common sign of your PC being hacked by a virus is when your colleagues and friends, to whom you remain connected by your email, locate any emails or messages not physically forwarded by you. A virus has been communicating in your place instead, spreading its wings onto your colleague’s computers as well.

A Shockingly Perfect Computer

This probably sounds like coming from a paranoid person but there is very much a chance to have a virus infected PC that shows none of the signs above. Hackers and Cybercriminals are sneaky with their methods such that the virus is hard to locate because it is hidden with perfect precision. The best defense mechanism is to install an antivirus software that scrutinizes all your files for an accurate virus removal.

Data on computers is personal and important, therefore it needs to be protected. If you sense even the slightest threat of virus infestation on your device, wait no more because your information is at stake.

Local computer repair shops will perform a diagnosis on your computer to determine if it has been infected.  If it is determined that malware or a virus is present, they will run a variety of scans to remove the infection and perform a tune-up on the computer to ensure all your protection is running the most up to date version.  If  a virus is not the cause of your issues, a diagnosis can be done to ensure that your computer is running its best.

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Custom Labeling Has Never Been Easier

Companies are always seeking a way to differentiate their products from their competitors.  Ultimately one of the best options to do just this is through custom product labeling.  It is easier than ever to work with a manufacturer to design and produce a custom label that is customized to fit your unique desires.  There are many options to choose from in product labeling from shrink sleeves to flexible packaging.  Many producers of product throughout the United States struggle to comprehend just how many options there are when it comes to product packaging and custom product labels.  Below we will look at the five most popular options available within the industry.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labeling is a fairly new concept to hit the market and is quickly becoming a favorite with the beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.  This type of label offers a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree area in which to market your product.  No matter what shape your product is, shrink sleeves can conform to it.

This is particularly useful for uniquely shaped bottles which are comprised of multiple curves and edges.   Shrink sleeves will adjust to the shape of the bottle which allows graphic designers to design a label that attracts consumers from all angles.  Custom shrink sleeve labels work on a number of packaging materials including aluminum, glass, and plastic.  They are incredibly durable and offer the ability to create a tamper-proof seal to any product.

Flexible Packaging

One of the trickiest labels is for products that require no definite shape. This includes your pet food, detergent, snack foods, and more.  Flexible packaging offers a way to label and contain these products.  Flexible pouches can be designed using any type of device you desire for containment from press to close zippers to spouts that open and close.  Flexible packaging is a cost-effective manner in which to package your product and customize a unique label.

Roll-Fed Labeling

This type of labeling also allows an all-around, 360 degrees coverage. The difference here is that roll-fed labels work best for regular shapes. Let’s say if your product was a uniquely shaped bottle, then the roll-fed label wouldn’t fit. This limitation makes this type of labeling economical. The new printing methods that have been introduced allow an enhanced graphic print on roll-fed labels.

Cut and Stack Labels

The regular items that do not have anything unique to them can stick with the cut and stack labels. The label is customized to the exact size of the item. Generally, this label type is used for tin packaging. It is also well-suited for household use. The label is shrink-wrapped onto the container to ensure the perfect application.

Of course, the choice of your custom labeling method will depend on the nature of your product as well as the aim you have. For example, if you want an attention-grabbing label, shrink sleeves will work best. If you’re looking for something economical, roll-fed labeling will be your best choice. Bottom line is that custom labeling has been made easier than it ever was, all with the help of these multiple different types of labeling techniques.

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Maintaining Radiation Oncology Equipment

The challenging activity of repairing and maintaining the radiation oncology equipment which is used by doctors in various hospitals and clinics is done by companies that provide biomedical equipment maintenance services. These companies provide in-house repairing services, 24/7. These companies make sure that whenever an equipment failure occurs, a professional is always available to come and sort out the problem with the equipment so that medical operations can be continued as soon as possible.

Repairing linear accelerators, CT scanners, and other radiation oncology equipment is complex and complicated, there is no space for mistakes. The problem must be dealt with using careful consideration as these machines are to produce test results with a lot of accuracy and precision.  Therefore, any problem in the functioning of the equipment left unchecked or overlooked can prove to be a great disaster. Thus, it is crucial to get the equipment functioning properly in the shortest time possible.

Some equipment names that may require the availability of such biomedical equipment professional technicians are LINAC and CT scanners who check if the equipment works properly or if refurbishment of the equipment or its reconditioning is required.

Reconditioned Linear Accelerators

A Linear Accelerator (LINAC) is a delicate and complicated medical equipment that uses microwave technology to create photon beams as radiation that pass-through the human body to finish the tumors in human body. The body is exposed to strong radiations known as radiation therapy for removal of cancer. Thus, the reconditioned linear accelerators must have their calibration right. Their calibration must be done by professionals with a lot of experience in repairing and maintaining such mechanical and sensitive devices. As it takes a lot of time to repair it, the servicing of LINAC is costly as well.

Refurbished CT Scanners

CT scanner, on the other hand, is also a sensitive equipment which also produces radiations using microwave technology to create photon beams. But, these radiations are a lot less strong than those of a linear accelerator. These low concentration radiations are known as X-rays which are passed through the human body for the detection of any existing tumors in the body. This process is known as CT-scanning i.e. computed tomography scanning. Refurbished CT scanners have a risk of mis-calibration. A refurbished CT scanner machine that is calibrated incorrectly means wrong medical reports of the patient or risking the health of that patient by exposing him to excessively strong radiations damaging his body cells.

Challenges Faced Buying Equipment

The most common challenged faced while buying equipment for the hospital or a clinic is that it costs a lot. Many are left with the only option of buying a reconditioned linear accelerator and a reconditioned CT scanner to make their medical facility operative or update it. This calls for those biomedical equipment service providers to get their equipment checked regularly for any malfunctions or the need of recalibration. If they are regularly serviced and maintained, you are good to go.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.


Fundamental Questions to Ask When Purchasing Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing has a number of known benefits including quality, durability, low-maintenance, and versatility.  When making a purchase of this magnitude it is important to research the options that are available.  The installation of an aluminum fence can impact your homes property value.  This is why it is important that homeowners, and business owners alike, look into all of the available options in aluminum fence before deciding on one.

When you are purchasing an aluminum fence for the first time take time to look at all of the available options.  Most homeowners find that wholesale aluminum fencing from online suppliers have the most options to choose from at the best possible prices.  There is no need to rush into deciding when it comes to fencing.  Take advantage of the online tools to visualize how your new fence will look when installed around your home, backyard, or swimming pool.

Shopping for Aluminum Fencing

  • Many homeowners don’t realize that there are a multitude of aluminum fence grades to choose from: residential, B.O.C.A. approved pool, commercial, and industrial. Different grades of aluminum fencing come in a variety of weights.  Residential grade aluminum fences are lighter than the others and are most adequate for perimeter fencing for backyards.  The grade of fencing that you choose will depend on where the fence is going to be installed; industrial grade aluminum fencing being the heaviest.
  • As far as installation is concerned, aluminum fencing is one of the easiest. Decorative aluminum fencing comes in pre-assembled panels that are easy to install.  Most do it yourselfers are totally capable of installing a new aluminum fence in a weekend.  This helps save on installation fees as well.
  • When choosing an aluminum fence take into consideration the styles and color options that are available. Aluminum fencing comes in a number of colors and styles.  Sometimes settling on an option can be a bit overwhelming; especially if you are a visual person.  Consider what you like and which designs are practical for your property.  Certain styles and colors are more common such as flat rail, black aluminum fencing.
  • Check out the warranty options available from different wholesale aluminum fence suppliers. Michigan is known for having a number of climates within the same week from heavy winds, storms, rain, snow, sleet, and so on.  In the rare event that your aluminum fence becomes damaged it is important to be protected.  Also, it is important to make sure on the rare chance there is manufacturer defect that it will be covered as well.  There are many things that are out of your control but at least you can be sure you are prepared in case it does.

iFenceUSA is an online manufacturer and distributor of wholesale aluminum fencing. With over 18 styles of aluminum fence panels and gates to choose from, we have aluminum fences that will meet your wants and need.  Choose from custom aluminum fencing options including: Commercial Grade Aluminum Fencing, Residential Grade Aluminum Fencing, Pool Grade Aluminum Fencing, and Industrial Aluminum Fencing all at  For more information contact one of our aluminum fence experts toll free 800.762.2907 or via email at



Dispelling Myths About Reconditioned Electrical Components

Many businesses and manufacturing facilities must purchase equipment and parts for maintenance & repairs.  One of the key goals with purchasing equipment and parts is that they will serve them for the longest possible amount of time at a reasonable and affordable price.  Refurbished machinery and reconditioned parts can be a great alternative for all business owners, especially those just starting out and are working within a budget.  There are certain myths surrounding reconditioned components, especially electrical, that can deter business owners from making a purchase even when it’s the most logical option.

Below we will look at these myths and share advice on how to make a wise investment when purchasing reconditioned electrical components and refurbished machinery for your business.

  • Myth 1: Reconditioned electronics are slow and operate poorly in comparison to new components.

The truth is that how well a refurbished electrical component operates today has little to do with how new it is.  It does however, boil down to the quality of reconditioning, maintenance, and use.  New electrical components operate based on how they were constructed, and the software used to create them.

  • Myth 2: Reconditioned electrical components are junk.

Electrical components are termed as junk if they are no longer being used. However, once an old piece of electronic equipment is refurbished, it can work better than a new piece of equipment.  When reconditioning the piece issues that have been exposed over time can be addressed.  If one part is always breaking on the component, then when it is refurbished that element can be fixed properly to avoid an issue later down the road.

  • Myth 3: Refurbished gadgets and used devices are the same thing.

A used device is one that has been used and is experiencing wear and tear whereas reconditioned gadgets are those that are taken, dismantled and given a new lease on life.  This means that it is rid of issues and malfunctions that could affect how it functions.

  • Myth 4: Reconditioned electrical components have a shorter lifespan.

Authorized refurbishing companies make significant investments on their reconditioned electrical components and as such, it is to their benefit if the refurbished equipment works for the longest time possible. So just because the electrical equipment is refurbished does not mean that it will not serve you for a long time in fact many times the exact opposite is the case.

Learn more about J & P Electrical Company and their vast line of new, surplus, and refurbished industrial electrical components including: circuit breakers, bus ducts, bus plugs, disconnects, fuses, panel switches, tap boxes, and transformers at  To contact one of our product reconditioning specialists, call 877.844.5514 today.


Kitchen Remodeling: Find Top 5 Kitchen Designs That Last the Test of Time

When homeowners are considering renovations, it is always important that they consider three things:

  • Will the renovation fit our families current and future needs?
  • Is this design on the renovation universal? Will it appease future buyers if we consider selling the home?
  • Does this renovation offer a good ROI? Can this renovation stand the test of time or is this trend one that will be outdated quickly?

Kitchen remodeling can be quite the venture both in time and resources.  It is crucial that when meeting with a contractor regarding your new kitchen design that you have a meeting of the minds regarding different elements that are incorporated.  For a kitchen design to work over time it must be function while combing trendy elements with elements that have proven to “age” well.  True professionals will be able to blend elements that allow you to have the kitchen of your dreams today that will easily integrate updates and trends that come and go within the next ten to twenty years.

Elements That Withstand the Test of Time in Kitchen Design

Invest in Natural Elements

When planning your new kitchen consider adding in natural elements such as marble, hardwoods, brick, and stone.  These are all components that make a design timeless and add to the aesthetic value of a space.  These elements can be seen in kitchens and homes from the 70’s that can be used in current renovations without hassle in uniting them in the overall design.

Natural Lighting

Consciences contractors will always take into consideration the placement of the kitchen within the home to maximize the amount of natural light within the space.  Kitchens that are bright and well light always appear cleaner and more inviting.  Natural lighting can be combined with light fixtures within the kitchen to accentuate the space to give the allusion of openness.  An open kitchen concept is one that has been and will remain popular throughout time.

Indoor Plants

In order to create a timeless design within your kitchen it is important to blend two elements: simplicity and function.  Indoor plants have always been popular amongst homeowners.  One way to incorporate this into the kitchen space in the form of an herb garden.  This is a practical, functional way to bring greenery into the kitchen without it looking out of place.

The key element when it comes to any renovation in your home is ease of use.  Simplicity is always in style.  Homeowners want a space to be functional, stylish, and comfortable.  The best feeling ever as a homeowner is to have guests walk into your home and feel content being there.  This is what contractors aim to do in all of the renovations that they have the privilege of being a part of.

JFC Remodeling, out of Howell, Michigan, offers a variety of construction services for the home including: kitchen and bath remodeling, flooring renovations, and home remodeling.  You can find out more information at or by reaching out to our home renovation specialists at 810.923.1123.