Radio Surgery Verse Radiation Therapy

Linear accelerator machines, LINAC for short, are used to generate radiation in the form of high energy x-rays.  The LINAC systems general purpose is to deliver radiation in a direct, concentrated form.  They target cancer treatment specifically to the tumor without damaging the healthy tissues that surround the tumor.  Modifications can be done to the machine for it to be used in radio surgery and IMRT, intensity modulated radiation therapy.

Linear accelerator equipment can be dedicated or non-dedicated.  A dedicated LINAC machine is one that has additional equipment attached permanently that allows it to perform higher levels of radiation treatments.  This is the method that most radiation oncologists prefer to use.  A non-dedicated LINAC machine is one that can be used for conventional radiation therapy and converted to allow higher levels of treatment.  A non-dedicated LINAC system does not offer the same degree of accuracy in treatment that a dedicated linear accelerator does.

Radio surgery can be performed with linear accelerator machines.  Radio surgery involves a surgical procedure that neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists perform together.  This procedure often takes an entire day to perform.  The whole procedure involved immobilization, scanning, planning and the actual surgical procedure itself.  The amount of radiation given in one dose of radio surgery is less than the amount that would be given in traditional radiation therapy. The tumor that is being treated is given a much higher one time dose in radiation surgery whereas radiation therapy offers smaller doses more often.

The lower does in radiation therapy is important because of the number of times the healthy tissue surrounding the cancerous tumor is exposed to.  The side effects of too much radiation exposure on healthy cells can be permanent and incredibly dangerous.  Lower dose radiation therapy can result in poorer outcomes due to lower tumor control than what is seen in the higher single dose given during radio surgery.

More often than not the technology used in LINAC machines is best utilized in sessions over a period of time.  This is done to allow as little damage as possible to occur to the healthy tissues.  In between treatments the healthy tissue is allowed to heal and repair itself while the cancerous tumor shrinks and essentially dies.  The amount of radiation given over time may be more than that of radio surgery with this technique.  Is important to note that only your oncologist can say which treatment option is better for you cancer and unique situation.

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Using a LINAC Equipment For Radiation Treatment

A linear accelerator is used in medical facilities to deliver radiation therapy to patients going through cancer treatment.  The LINAC system zeros in on a patient’s tumor to distribute high energy x-ray beams directly.  This type of treatment is designed to destroy the cancerous tumor while keeping the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor in the best possible condition.

Linear accelerators are used remedy cancer in numerous locations throughout the body.  There are a number of options in delivery of radiation using LINAC systems such as conventional techniques, Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy, Image Guided Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic Radio Surgery and Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy.

2 dimensional planning is done through imaging that is flat.  The tumor is centered and a rectangle is drawn where the imaging is to be concentrated.  With 3 dimensional planning the tumor is shown as a real time image.  The tumors can be treated more precisely than in 2 dimensional imaging because of the perspective that is given between the cancerous tumor and healthy organs.  This means that treatment can be given without too much toxicity to the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor.  Multi-leaf collimators are thin computerized blocks that attach directly to the LINAC system head and are used to shape the radiation beams to the geometric shape of the tumor.

A linear accelerator works without radioactive isotopes.  The LINAC system uses a combination of x-rays and radiation.  The benefit of linear accelerators is that radiation is only on when the machine is on.  This creates a much safer method of delivering radiation especially to the technicians in charge of delivery.

Another benefit that comes along with radiation treatment delivered using linear accelerator equipment is the speed at which treatment can be given.  More and more patients are requiring radiation therapy.  When using a LINAC machine radiation treatment time decreases to around five minutes from other standard treatment methods that take upwards of forty to fifty minutes.  The speed is not only beneficial to the medical facility as they can offer more treatments per day but also for the convenience of the patient.

Linear accelerators are a necessary piece of equipment for medical facilitates looking to improve efficiency, safety and quality of care.  LINAC systems deliver radiation that is used in treating a variety of cancers from brain cancer to prostate cancer.  With the precise techniques that radiation oncologists perform the treatment of cancer has become more successful.

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Linear Accelerators Are A Key Element In Treating Cancer

Radiation therapy using linear accelerator technology continues to offer a key element in the treatment of numerous cancers and conditions. It is crucial to note that over half of all cancer patients will receives some form of radiation therapy treatment during the course of cancer treatment. There are a number of steps that are taken to ensure patients are treated safely and as effectively as possible while receiving radiation using LINAC equipment.

One of the first steps that will be taken if your physician believes radiation therapy is to be a part of your treatment plan you will meet with a trained, professional radiation oncologist. A radiation oncologist is an expert that specializes in the treatment of cancer and other conditions requiring radiation. During this first official visit patients should expect the following:

The radiation oncologist will first meet with you, the patient, to go through your entire current and past medical history. Next the oncologist will want to discuss the family’s medical history. It is important to note any history of cancer within your family. Imaging results that were taken recently will be evaluated by the oncologist while they also do a complete physical examination. After this is complete the physician will assess the need for radiation therapy along with the outcome that can be expected after treatment. The radiation oncologist will talk to the patient and their family about the benefits and risks associated with the radiation therapy option using LINAC equipment. Finally you, the patient, will be able to ask questions that they have. This is all done during the consultation phase of treating cancer with linear accelerator machines that specialize in radiation therapy treatments.

In order to ensure that your treatment is both safe and effective the treatment has to target the exact location of the cancerous tumor verse the healthy organs and tissue. During simulation the patient is required to lie still in the same exact position they will be in during treatment and undergo CT, computed tomography, or other imaging technologies to determine where the tumor lies. At this point they may choose to mark the patient’s body to help with the accuracy of treatment. A custom device is created for immobilization such as facial masks, head rests and form fitted body molds to help keep the body in the same position throughout the entire radiation treatment session. To protect the tissue and organs that are healthy blocks and shields are created. A tool such as the multi-leaf collimator is used to shape radiation beams to target the cancerous tumor.

In the next installment we will continue to look deeper into planning, dose calculations, treatment, follow up after radiation treatment therapy and more.

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Precise Cancer Treatment Found With Linear Accelerators

In the year 1956 the first medical linear accelerator was used in treatment for the first time in the Western Hemisphere. It was developed at Stanford. As technology continues to advance, LINAC equipment is keeping track as the most superior radiation therapy option that is obtainable today. Linear accelerators manufacture and distribute radiation with undeniable exactness that until 1956 was unavailable. Treatment using LINAC equipment is precise up to the millimeter.

Linear accelerator, with its advanced technology is used in all the most advanced radiation treatments. Working in conjunction with computers LINAC equipment can create highly sophisticated, goal oriented radiation therapy treatments including intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT).

Revolutionary treatments are altering the ways in which cancer is being treated. Radiation therapy is now an option for numerous types of cancers. More cancer patients than ever before can take advantage of the radiation therapies available today. Exactly what is it about radiation therapy using linear accelerator technology that makes this possible?

Radiation oncologist therapists take images using digitized technology, both two dimensional and three dimensional images, to layout where the cancerous tumors lay within the healthy surrounding tissues and organs. This allows for incredibly targeted radiation treatment for the cancerous tumor without affecting the healthy tissues and organs surrounding it. With the accuracy of linear accelerator equipment patients are only required to hold still for approximately ten minutes while they receive the targeted treatment.

Interfacing with computers, LINAC equipment can create highly developed, objective radiation therapy treatments. The computer systems are advanced enough that the technology stores information about the patients and the treatment they are receiving to help oncologists and radiation therapists chart a detailed course of action to follow.

The benefits of using linear accelerators in radiation treatment over other options are abundant. One of the most basic advantages is the benefit of comfort and personalization. To ensure that cancer patients receiving treatment are as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment they are given full sized molds that have been personalized to their exact specifications. This allows patients the ability to be stabilized during radiation therapy treatments. When treating cancers in the brain a full sized mask is fitted to the patients face to allow it to sit comfortably in the position that is the most optimal for treatment. Most facilities also allow radiation technologists sooth patients by playing music during treatment as well.

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Mistakes To Avoid With Medicaid and Nursing Homes

When it comes to understanding the federal laws surrounding Medicaid there are many provisions that are made to protect the applicant’s spouse.  Many are unknown and therefore couples fail to take advantage of them.  Without knowing these provisions couples can lose upwards of thousands of dollars unnecessarily putting themselves into poverty in order to pay for their spouses nursing home care.  In this installment we will discuss the mistakes to avoid with Medicaid and nursing homes.

Avoid purchasing assets that are exempt before admitting a spouse into a nursing home facility.  One of the protections for Medicaid applicants is known as the community spouse resource allowance or CSRA for short.  A community spouse is the term that Medicaid uses for the spouse of the applicant.  Exempt items include a couple’s residence, vehicles, household goods, medical equipment, jewelry and a few other specific items.

Non-exempt assets are items such as checking and savings accounts, CD’s, mutual funds, savings bonds and such.  These non-exempt items are subject to spend-down where as the exempt items are not.  To avoid issues from arising from this mistake it is important to wait until after a spouse has been admitted to a qualifying facility to buy any asset that is considered exempt.

Another common error make in Medicaid planning is failing to make use of the non-exempt assets to protect the spouse’s income.  Federal protection is in place to protect the community spouse that is known as the MMNA or monthly maintenance needs allowance.  Many spouses have an income below the MMNA.  It makes sense to use non-exempt assets to raise the community spouse’s income.  It is crucial that couples make it a goal to obtain and maintain income for the remaining spouse who could potentially live for another twenty plus years.

Before spending down assets it is important to meet with an elder law attorney that is experienced in Medicaid law and planning.  An elder law attorney can help couples determine how to use assets that might not otherwise be spent down to provide an income for the spouse.

It is a mistake to spend down Medicaid exempt resources such as an individual’s IRA.   If couples use these exempt funds to pay for care they are basically wasting funds that the other spouse could benefit from in the future.  A couple should never spend down assets without knowing for sure what is exempt and what is not.  Doing so could truly jeopardize the future of the spouse that is not seeking care from a nursing home facility.

Another mistake that can occur comes from having an insufficient power of attorney in place.  When couples who are married seek Medicaid approval they have up to ninety days to make transfers of money and property to the community spouse.  If a proper power of attorney is not in place at that time savings opportunities can be lost forever.

Speak to an elder law attorney specializing in Medicaid planning today.  This will help ensure that in future if something does occur with a loved one that all the proper steps are in place to be sure the process of getting Medicaid approval is quick and painless.  It will also help to guarantee the community spouse can remain living at their current standard of living without jeopardizing either spouse’s quality of life.

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Tough Questions To Be Prepared For In Estate Planning

Just the words “estate planning” can be painful for some people to hear let alone participate in.  There are few people in the world ready to address their mental demise or mortality.  Facing these truths is difficult.  Even though it is difficult, it is important to address the issue with an estate planning attorney sooner rather than later.  Estate lawyers know the tough questions that need to be asked. Some of them may make you actually squirm in your seat.  Think about the following issues preparing for your estate planning meeting.

One of the toughest questions has to do with children.  If you have children it is important to come up with a detailed plan of who will be in charge of raising your children should both of you pass away.  Many people have been known to wait to plan their estate until their children were older just because it was too difficult to face the answers to that question.

If parents fail to assign a guardian then the court will be in charge of deeming the best interest of your child.  This is not ideal as you know your children and family arrangements better than the judge does.  When it comes to assigning guardianship to for your children don’t wait.  It is better to face the most difficult questions head on and pray that this part of the estate plan never needs to be executed.

Another issue that is hard to address when it comes to estate planning is preparing for where your estate will go if there is an unfortunate event in which the most important people in your life die with you.  If your spouse and children die with you where do you want your estate to go? Do you have siblings, parents or extended family to pass your estate to or should it go to a charitable cause?  What if you haven’t made time to develop relationships?  It is hard for some people to address the possibility that they have yet to establish relationships and in estate planning this can cause issues.

Estate planning attorneys will want to know about any family that is not mentioned in the estate.  It is crucial that the attorney drawing up your estate is aware of any and all potential objects of your bounty.   Any person that objects to the estate plan and is not addressed can wreak havoc on the plan that you have established.  It could cause additional emotional and financial issues with your family if they are not addressed accordingly in your estate plan.

Another hard issue that is hard to consider when drawing up an estate plan is the relationships that one may be having outside of their family unit.  Some spouses have been known to carry on extra marital relationships.  If assets have been purchased within the extra marital union there could be future complications that should be addressed.  There are certain legal obligations that come about with these relationships so it is important to address the issue with your attorney.  You won’t be able to establish the detailed plan you need to without addressing all issues that could present themselves upon your passing.

There are many uncomfortable issues that need to be addressed in estate planning.  It is difficult to process mortality but to address the nature of the relationships outside of our day to day when planning for the inevitable is even more difficult.  There are many situations that can be mediated before becoming bigger than they need to be if they are addressed ahead of time in legal documentation such as an estate plan.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to be sure that you meet with an attorney to go over a plan of action with your estate if you should become unable to make decisions on your own or you pass early.

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Hiring A Contractor Verse DIY

How many times do you see a renovation idea for your home and consider taking on the challenge of doing it yourself only to find half way through you may be over your head?  It always looks so easy when they are doing it, are reading it or are seeing the end result on the internet.  There are so many times the renovations don’t translate over into real life.  This is one reason it is super beneficial to consider hiring a professional contractor when it comes to home improvement projects you are interested in.

It is important to hire the right contractor when it comes to renovations especially for the bigger jobs like kitchen renovation and bathroom remodels.  The process of hiring a contractor doesn’t have to be scary.  It does take a lot to trust a stranger with your home but there are several steps you can take to be sure you are hiring the right individual for the job, your home and your family.

A professional contractor does more than just the physical labor involved in the renovation process.  Renovation specialists manage and oversee the entire remodel to be sure the project is staying on schedule, within budget and that the homeowner is satisfied.  The main contractor is in charge of getting sub-contractors organized as needed throughout the project as well.  It is quiet the balancing act to make sure that burden of the renovation is off of the homeowner.

When hiring a contractor you will want to be sure to work only with professionals that are not only licensed but also insured and up to date on special certifications.  The rules and regulations of what is needed for contractors to be able to practice their trade in each state vary.  It is your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure that the contractor you have hired holds the correct licenses and insurance.  It is important to obtain a hard copy of all documentation for your records in case it is needed at a later time and date.

When you begin your search for the perfect contractor it is important not to base your opinion solely on the cost of the renovation.  When you are looking at the estimates that you are given consider the hidden costs that are not seen in the quote.  Not every estimate is created equally.   Solid communication between homeowner and contractor is not something that can be written in an estimate even though this is one of the key elements to consider when choosing a contractor.

Many times it seems as if a project is well within our DIY capabilities’ only later to realize how overwhelmed we have become and how the renovation has taken over our entire lives.  This is why it is important to consider hiring a professional contractor from the start.  Hiring an expert ensures the job is done correctly the first time, within budget, without wasting time or sanity.

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Important Tips In Locating A Renovation Contractor

It is important to put in the time and effort when looking to hire a contractor for renovations jobs around your home.  In this installment on choosing a contractor we will discuss several steps you can take to confidently find a renovation specialist for all of your remodeling jobs.

When looking to find a renovation contractor it is important to ask for referrals.  Word of mouth is the best way to find competent help.  If you need a qualified professional to remodel your kitchen, renovate your bathroom or add on to your home start by asking relatives, friends, family and neighbors with whom they have experience with.  Talk about what made it a positive experience, how the contractor handled problems as they arose and if they would choose the same contractor again if they were remodeling again.

The next step after you are armed with referrals is to do a little firsthand research.  Start by checking out the contractor’s website.   Locate their credentials and check to see if they hold all of the required licenses, insurance, certifications and proper designations from professional contractor organizations.  From there make a phone call to set up a meeting to interview each home renovation specialist.

Set up meetings with three contractors because any more than that can get a bit confusing.  How a contractor answers a homeowners questions says a lot about them.  It is extremely important and will give you insight on how communication will go in the future.  Be prepared with a detailed list of questions to ask each contractor.  Be sure to take notes so that you have something to refer back to when making a decision at a later time and date.

During your interview with each contractor be sure to ask for references.  You will want to see some of the work that the contractor has done in the past as well as to find out other details about job performance.  Ask about the execution of the job and the work of the crew. Were they able to stay on time and within budget?  What about the outcome?  Was the referral pleased with the outcome of the job?  Would they hire the same contractor to perform the renovation again?

As you are making a final decision on which contractor you will chose for your renovation narrow it down based on previous business experience and management.  Here are a few things you will want to be sure you can answer:

  • Does the contractor run a reputable construction firm; are they a one man renovation specialist or do they hire sub-contractors to help perform tasks they aren’t able to? Is there a permanent mailing address, email address and phone number?  Be sure you can contact the contractor at anytime you need to.  Communication is a key element to a successful renovation.
  • Can you get a physical copy of insurance and certifications held by the contractor?
  • What is their presence in the community like? Do people recognize the contractor’s name?  Does the contractor maintain positive relationship with other specialized contractors such as plumbers and electricians as well as their crew?
  • Do they have a solid reputation within the community and their peers? Do they have a successful track record with other area contractors?

Once a final choice has been made between contractors the real work can begin.  Be sure to openly communicate your own expectations throughout the renovation.  This will help to ensure the remodel will go smoothly and that you stay satisfied throughout the entire process.

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Autumn Is An Attractive Time To Purchase A Home

There are two seasons that the real estate market finds incredibly active: spring and fall.  If you are in the market to purchase a new home the fall season that is almost upon us may be the best time.  Take a look into why we think Late September, October and early November are the best months in real estate to look into buying a home.

First, let’s talk about the lack of competition in buying during the fall season.  Less people purchase homes in the fall because it is notoriously spring that is known for purchasing a home.  The fall season is a perfect time for new inventory and repositioning of older inventory that did not sell during the previous season.

Buyers are better able to negotiate a deal on homes that are leftover from the spring and summer inventory.  Sellers are always motivated after their homes have been on the market awhile and are interested in getting into new homes before the holiday season.  It is a great time to negotiate with sellers.

Another reason the fall is a perfect time to purchase a home is simply because sellers are worn-out.  This is especially true if they out their home on the market during the prime spring selling season and were a tad overly confident about how much buyers were willing to spend.  If a seller has set an unrealistic objective when pricing their home at first they are going to be more eager than ever come fall to find a buyer.

Don’t take this to mean that all sellers during the fall are leftovers unsold from the spring.  That is not at all true.  In fact many sellers that newly list their homes in the fall do so because they need to.  Whether they have bought a new home, finished building a home, were transferred or are interested in making a change before the holiday, sellers in the fall are often the most serious about selling.

Another great benefit of buying a home during the fall is the tax advantages.  Both property tax and mortgage interest are deductions that can be taken on the whole year’s income.  Even if you purchased the home in late December the tax advantages are yours for the whole year.  The payments made before the closing of the loan are all tax deductible.  This can make a big dent in the amount of money that is owed to the government at the end of the year.

Fall is a perfect time to find you and your family in a new home.  Call to talk with a real estate professional today to find a home that best meets your unique wants and needs.

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Attracting Home Buyers During The Hot Fall Real Estate Season

Autumn is literally right around the corner.  The kids are back in school, the weather is becoming a bit more bearable and there is downtime between summer vacations and the holidays.  There is no doubt why fall is the second best season in real estate especially when it comes to selling your home.  Not only do the colors start to explode amongst the trees, for sale signs also start to reappear.  Below you will find some of our top tips to help sellers attract autumn home buyers.

Shape Up the Landscape

In order to attract buyers a home must appear well maintained inside and out.  Make sure to take time to rake up fallen leaves and clean debris before it settles.  Overgrown vegetation should be trimmed including small bushes and large trees around the home.  Dead flowers should be cut down and prepared for next spring and vine growth should be eliminated to enhance the exterior of your home.

Create an Autumn Atmosphere

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling your home for top dollar.  One way to enhance the feeling of warmth and fall is add a little bit of it to your home.  Take advantage of the beauty that comes from all things fall like corn stalks, pumpkins and mums.  Accent walkways and entrances to add to the fall appeal.

Window Washing

Everyone considers spring cleaning however the momentum often dies going into the fall season.  When looking to sell your home during the fall real estate season it is beneficial to thoroughly was dusty, streaked windows.   Clean off pet prints and wipe down window ledges.  The little details may not get noticed when they are on point but if they are left uncared for you can guarantee that buyers will take note.

HVAC Maintenance

Just as homeowners take time to have central air conditioning system evaluated at the beginning of the spring season, heating systems should be checked as well at the beginning of fall.  You will want your home to smell clean and dust free.  A dirty heating system says a lot about your home that you don’t want it to.  Replace furnace filters, have vents cleaned and do the yearly maintenance that needs to be done to ensure your system is running efficiently and clean.

Prepare Fall Edibles

The scent of fall is quiet attractive and should be used to your advantage during open houses and home visits.  Fresh apple cider smells, pumpkin spice cupcakes or leaf cut out cookies left out on the counter are all ways to welcome guests into your home.  People looking to purchase a home want it to be warm, cozy and inviting.  Make sure that appeal is what they feel when they first arrive.

Lady of the Lakes Real Estate is Livingston County’s premiere realtor; out of Pinckney, Michigan helping buyers buy and sellers sell homes that provide a recreational lifestyle including golf courses, lakes and the Huron river chain of lakes, throughout Brighton, Howell, Pinckney and the surrounding area. Find out more at