When Is It Time To Replace Your Homes Siding?

While the purpose of your home’s exterior siding is mainly to protect your structure against exposure to the elements, prevent heat loss, and for aesthetic purposes, some siding materials are more susceptible to deterioration over time. There are several different types of siding.  Most of which seem to be made from imitative material which after some time, fall into a state of disrepair and it’s important to know when to replace your siding when the time comes.

Moldy Siding

Mold is a fungus that produces harmful spores and grows and spreads rapidly especially in humid conditions. Skilled exterior contractors will tell you that your home’s exterior siding is the perfect breeding ground for mold and the best way to tell that you have this problem is through a musty smell including black or gray dirt-like spores on your siding. While some homeowners will opt for a professional power wash, hiring an experienced exterior contractor to replace your siding will ensure the mold is completely killed and your family’s risk of getting mold-related health concerns such as asthma is reduced.  It also means that you can consider hardier vinyl siding such as what you see from CertainTeed or fiber-cement from James Hardie.

Soaring Energy Bills

An unexplainable spike in your energy bills is a sure-fire sign of an exterior siding issue that needs to be addressed, window seals leaking, or installation issue.  Some older homes have very little insulation in their walls and heat loss could be attributed to the lack of insulation. Your siding can become worn due to excessive exposure to temperature fluctuations which can contribute to a loss in heat or air conditioning. This is when you will want to consult with exterior contractors who can help you determine whether your heat loss is as a result of lack of insulation or it’s your HVAC system that’s working double time to maintain adequate temperature levels in your home.

An exterior home improvement project can be a costly affair, however, if you’re an energy conscious homeowner, hiring a professional team of exterior contractors to replace your siding can be a crucial line of defense against keeping your home energy low and cost-efficient.

Physical Damage

Warping boards, rust, discoloration, cracking, splitting, are all clear visual signs of siding wear and tear. If you find that you need to repaint your exterior siding often to keep it looking fresh, it could mean that this is a sign of structural damage that needs an assessment from professional exterior contractors.  Thus resulting in an overall exterior siding replacement just to be on the safe side.

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Website Trends For 2018

Search engine optimization was, still is, and will continue to unequivocally be one of the most effective ways that a business can use to ensure that their online marketing initiative and presence remains relevant. Search engine marketing is a growing practice that gives organic channels the proper attention that all businesses can’t afford to ignore as far as using Google or other search engines to push quality over quantity for users.

With an emphasis on a more experience-centric web, businesses are more aware of user behavior trends, which has forced them to create novel experiences through various product and content innovation. Therefore, for your website to do what you intended it for and for it to be functional, but most importantly, convert visitors, the following are website design trends that may help you accomplish this goal:

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Mobile browsing has become more popular than desktop, therefore, minimizing the menu to fit mobile screens as well as using responsive designs, as well as including a viewport meta tag and condensing your font and button sizes will make your website more mobile-friendly.

Using Animated or Particle Backgrounds

Using eye-catching animation or movement as part of your background as opposed to the traditional photos or videos is huge this year, particle animation being the most popular choices in website design. It livens up your dull site and often static background to give it a 3D feel that provides users with an exciting experience while on your website.

Bold Typography

Your typography of choice can be an effective tool to use that will both garner attention and pull visitors in. The oversized, interactive, and visible text is the first thing that users see, and it is a simple website design that will not only provide a clear message, but also an easy navigation that leads your visitors exactly where you want them to be and see.

Bold Color Schemes

Bold colors are known to communicate with a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which has a direct influence on our mood, emotion, behavior, and user interaction. Utilizing brighter tones in web design is more likely to entice users to interact with content and respond to calls to action (CTA).

Grid-Based Web Design

Utilizing a grid-based website design allows for a clean, well-organized design and user-friendly navigation, which basically portrays balance and symmetrical layout that users are likely to interact longer with.

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Using LINAC Systems In The Treatment Of Cancer

Cancer is a serious disease, irrespective of the type, where it is in the body, how large or far-gone the tumor is. It is more likely to treat any form of cancer that’s diagnosed early before it has had a chance to get bigger or spread uncontrollably. Unfortunately, most patients are privy to the fact they have a cancer diagnosis until last minute, through an emergency admission, which, consequently, lowers the chances of catching it early. Low awareness of cancer signs and symptoms can mean that people don’t seek prompt medical attention and some people also delay early screening out of sheer fear of what the doctor might find.

Early detection of cancer through education, to promote early diagnosis and screening greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. There are many types of cancer treatments.  The one your doctor elects will depend on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is. Radiation therapy, using radiation oncology systems is a type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors, ease cancer symptoms and prevent it from returning, stop or slow its growth or ideally, ultimately cure it.

Using oncology medical equipment may shrink tumors to treat pain and other problems caused by the tumor, such as cancer-related pain that has spread to the bones, loss of bowel and bladder control as well as trouble breathing. Radiation oncology systems are used to treat various forms of cancers such as head and neck, breast, cervix, prostate, eye, as well as thyroid cancer. External beam radiation therapy using oncology medical equipment such as a linear accelerator is used to treat a specific part of the body and can be combined with other forms of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery or immunotherapy to improve the chances of a successful treatment.

There are limits as to the amount of radiation an area of your body can safely receive over the course of your treatment, your doctor will determine which combination will be best for you. While it’s ideal to have the tumor shrunk before considering other forms of treatment, it is important to know that using radiation oncology systems will kill or even slow down the growth of cancer cells, but it may also affect nearby healthy cells, and in some cases, damage to healthy cells may also cause side effects.

Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.

Service Contracts, Procuring Parts, and Timely Repairs

LINAC service contracts are used in hospitals and clinics on medical equipment and machines that are used in the process of treating cancer patients with radiation therapy.  LINAC service contracts are agreements between companies that state services will be performed on medical equipment as necessary for a specific time.

Linear accelerators are available in many medical facilities to be used in the treatment of cancer.  This machine allows radiation to conform to the size and shapes of tumors in patients with cancer.  This treatment is targeted to the cancerous tumors without affecting healthy tissues that are nearby.  Radiation oncology equipment is crucial to treatment.  This leads most hospitals and facilities to require regular service and maintenance on medical equipment throughout the radiation department.

Many companies servicing LINAC machines have replacement parts in stock and quick access to regularly needed replacement parts; this ensures that important equipment is serviced and repaired in a timely manner to avoid lengthy downtime.  The top five replacement parts kept on hand for linear accelerators maintenance and repair include:

  1. Thyratron

It is used as a high power electrical switch and as a controlled rectifier. It is a gas filled tube and it has the capacity to maintain much greater currents than similar hard-vacuum tubes. IT works according to the phenomenon known Townsend in which the gas becomes ionized on electron multiplication. The failure of thyratron can shut the entire system.

  1. Spare Pendant

Another of the important replacement parts of linear accelerators are spare pendants. They are used to control the motions on a linear accelerator machine. Control of linear set for a patient is limited if a spare pendant is not working.

  1. Hydraulic Actuator

A hydraulic actuator is a cylindrical or fluid motor which converts hydraulic power into mechanical energy used to do the mechanical work in the LINAC machine. It can produce linear, rotary or oscillatory motions. It has the capability for high outputs of force and can produce high power per unit of weight and volume measurement.

  1. MLC Motor

The multi- leaf collimator motors are known as MLC motor. These replacement parts of linear accelerators are used to accurately target the tumours in a radiation therapy by shaping the particle beams. They form a vital part in maintaining the capability of a LINAC machine to regulate the dosage of radiation for therapy sessions for different cancer patients. Hence, they are readily stocked to prevent the reduction of LINAC machine’s performance.

  1. Long/Lat drive for patient table

One of the most common but important replacement parts of linear accelerators are the devices used for moving/ driving the patient table in and out of the machine along with side-to-side movement during the therapy sessions. If these devices are not working LINAC machines cannot be operated due to the inability to move patient in the desired position to do the radiation therapy.

Medical repair companies offering service contracts on radiation oncology equipment maintain and keep replacement parts of linear accelerators on hand will prevent you from technical issues created by the last-minute equipment failure. If you need further information about the replacement parts of linear accelerators and from where to procure them feel free to contact us.

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The Ultimate Guide for Kitchen Remodeling

Home remodeling takes a lot of your time, energy, focus, and money. Whether you are renovating your bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, or even the entire house, you must plan everything from your budget to the color schemes and how to make it all work together.

In home improvement, kitchen remodeling is the most lucrative as well as painstaking.  It is the center of every function in your house. It is especially difficult when you must live in the house as it is being renovated. Contractors do their best to work with families throughout this stressful time to ensure that homeowners can still use parts of their kitchens.

To simplify the predicament, we have made a list of top 5 tips to help while you are having your kitchen space remodeled.

  1. Budget

Before you start remodeling, you must determine that how much money you are willing to spend on home remodeling. In the case of remodeling a kitchen, you must decide that you want a low-end, medium-end or high-end kitchen. For that purpose, you can scan the market and your residential area that what type of kitchen designs are being adapted there. From that you can decide for the optimum choice that you want to consider for your kitchen.  Kitchen remodeling contractors will often help homeowners with this process.

  1. Changing or Keeping the Existing Floor Plan

If you are on a budget, home improvement plans can be a tricky situation and in kitchen remodeling changing your plumbing and/or your kitchen layout can be even trickier. As a rule of thumb, if you change one section of your plumbing or move the position of your appliances, it adds an extra $5000 to your budget. It looks very easy to change your plumbing and floor plan, but in fact it is not easy at all. Whatever you decide to do, you should always keep in mind the triangle shape between your stove, refrigerator and sink for the optimum use of the workspace and traffic flow in your kitchen.

  1. Bring Focus to Your Cabinets

New cabinets, new flooring, and new appliances are not the only solutions to consider when having your kitchen remodeled. Refacing existing cabinets, adding splashes of color, updated hardware and accessories can make a lot of difference.

  1. Incorporating Color

You can add a new life and buzz into your kitchen by incorporating contrasting colors in it. It will give a visual interest to your kitchen. It is important in all home improvement projects that you choose a  color pallet that accentuates all the good features within your home. Similarly, in your kitchen you can make a contrast of a bold and a neutral color or if you are going for a monochromatic look, you can choose contrasting tones.

  1. Small Changes Make Big Impacts

There are many ways to renovate your home and kitchen.  When deciding what and how you want each space done consider why you are remodeling.  Are you remodeling spaces to add functionality or mainly for aesthetic purposes?  If it is for functional purposes?  If yes, then many times your renovations will be a bit costlier as they may require moving walls, electrical outlets, lighting, and plumbing.  If you are remodeling mainly for aesthetic purposes and a change in the look of your space is desired then changing the color of paint, updating accessories, and some modified lighting may be more than enough.

We hope that the tips that we have mentioned above will give you the idea on tips and tricks required while remodeling your kitchen. JFC Remodeling, out of Howell, Michigan, offers a variety of construction services for the home including: kitchen and bath remodeling, flooring renovations, and home remodeling.  You can find out more information at http://www.jfcremodeling.com or by reaching out to our home renovation specialists at 810.923.1123.


The Best System For Your Home Drinking Water

There are different ways you can improve the quality of water in your home to make it safe for drinking and cooking as well as for other household applications such as cleaning, swimming, and more.  Before you invest in a filtration system, conditioning system, water softener, or filtration system it’s important to have your water tested and checked for any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, fluoride, or bacteria and also to determine the pH balance of your water.

Water that doesn’t fall within the safe pH range of 6.5 to 8.5 can be a sign of chemical or heavy metal pollution. You may want to test your water and install one of the following filtration systems, especially if your faucets and pipes have taken on a rusty red, white, or blue color.  A professional water analysis is deemed to be the most important step in making sure that the correct water system is installed to bring your family quality water throughout your home.

Water Softener

Water softeners remove excess minerals or metals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron found in hard water. By installing a water softener, you will not only notice a marked improvement in the way of minimal scale build-up in your sinks and bathtubs, but softening your water will also extend the life of your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and various household appliances.

You also benefit from a cleaner plumbing system, and as a result, reduced energy consumption and utility bills. Whole-house water softeners are available in both reverse osmosis and ion-exchange options, however, there are also smaller systems that you can install only for your cooking and drinking purposes.

Ion Filter

There are several different kinds of ion filters, however, the best would definitely be one that has a double filtration system that can effectively adjust the ionization to the mineral content of the water. When you install an ion filter, your hard water goes through a process known as electrolysis, which separates it’s alkaline and acid content to make water safe for use. Although installed ion filters can be costly, they can be used with any water source, and most of them come with a lifespan of up to 30-years.

Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis unit allows only the passage of water molecules, but not those of contaminants found in water. While it may not remove all contaminants, a reverse osmosis system provides several stages of removing impurities to make water safe for use. RO systems are also easy to maintain, and different varieties of these units can be tailored to fit your everyday usage.

At Reynolds Water Conditioning Company, we are here to help make sure our clients don’t buy water treatment systems that they don’t need.  We are here to make sure you find a water softening system that gives you the results you are looking for, whether it is to remove iron or odor from you water; we have a solution that will help!  For more information contact our experts at 800.572.9575 or at our website https://reynoldswater.com.

The Benefits Of Working With A Medigap Broker

You have guaranteed enrollment in a Medigap supplement insurance or Medigap policy if you are 65 years of age, are enrolled in Original Medicare and if any of the plans are offered in the state where you live. Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurance carriers to help pay for some of the services that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, such as coinsurance, copayment, deductibles, as well as emergency overseas travel coverage or Part B excess charges.

You can sign up for a Medigap policy either through an insurance company or an independent Medigap broker. Using an independent Medigap broker has significant benefits that most folks may not know or even want to know out of fear that it may cost them more in broker fees. It doesn’t cost to use an independent Medigap broker and consulting one will not change your premiums or the policy benefits.

Additionally, understanding how each plan works and each of their benefits or lack thereof can be extremely confusing, even to the best of us. An independent Medigap supplement insurance broker is able to do all the legwork for you, compare various options from multiple insurance carriers on your behalf, advise you accordingly and save you a considerable amount of time and headache of doing it alone.

A Medigap supplement insurance broker is able to provide you with an unbiased and independent opinion of all Medicare plans, owing to the simple fact that they represent a handful of insurance carriers and they are well-versed on how the workings of the insurance business. They are better equipped to compile and compare all available options and Medigap rates without adding any monetary value to the process until you are satisfied.

You are already indirectly paying for the services of an independent Medigap broker since they are paid by the carriers they represent. Therefore, using their services to the fullest can benefit you and your loved one and save you money while at it. Most importantly, Medigap brokers are compensated on an ongoing basis, consequently, they also offer personalized after sale services that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a large insurance company.

Having an ongoing relationship with an independent Medigap broker will ensure that the services they offer you are unlike no other, and because they do this for a living, a broker will not rest until you’re contented.

Learn more about Medigap plans and rates at http://emedigap-plans.com.  Medigap Insurance brokers will help you compare Medigap Insurance rates and plans.  To talk to an expert in Medigap coverage call toll free 888-452-7949!


Taking the Unknown Out of LTL Freight Shipping

LTL freight shipping or less-than-truckload shipping is a way of transportation used for carrying products from one place to another which do not fill the space of the container or tuck fully. LTL trucking is good for small and large businesses equally which do not require to load the truck fully. Through this system they can pool in money like a “carpool”, according to the number of products that they want transported without having to fill the truck space fully. It is cost effective and goods are moved efficiently by LTL carriers which optimized their load.

There are many companies who provide services as freight trucking specialists. These companies help you to find the right carrier for your goods transportation but also make sure that your goods have been reached safely to the destination.

Pricing of LTL Freight

The freight trucking specialists will make parcels packages of your products and will determine how much it will cost to transport the load from point A to point B according to the following five factors:

  • The total weight of your shipment
  • Total size of your shipment
  • The total distance the carrier is travelling
  • The type of service or type of speed of the delivery
  • Freight class; which is based on the goods transported or their shipment size

Benefits of LTL Shipment

LTL trucking has several benefits due to its efficient delivery and speedy service.

  1. Cost Effectiveness

In LTL trucking, you can save unnecessary expenditure as you will only pay for space your load is occupying. In this way you will not have to pay the extra amount which is required in FTL trucking.

  1. Beneficial For Small Business

Small businesses require the transportation services for moving fewer goods than large business and tend to spend less on the transportation charges. That is why they can avail services from freight trucking specialists to cut the cost of paying for spaces that they don’t require.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

The trucks produce fewer emissions as the trucks are fully loaded in LTL trucking. Fewer trucks are required on the move rather than a lot of half or partially filled FTL trucks. Thus, it results in a positive impact on the environment.

Services Provided by Freight Trucking Specialists

There are several stages in the process of transporting the load from one place to another. The freight trucking specialists not only meet a single logistic need but can also improve the transportation program of your company. They provide services for:

  • Booking your shipments
  • Finding the most suitable carrier for your load
  • Making sure that you get the best rates
  • Speedy delivery of your goods
  • Providing tracking and tracing services
  • Providing delivery flexibility to any location
  • Assisting in customs clearance in case of cross country deliver
  • Providing trained drivers for safe transport and delivery of your goods

LTL trucking gives you a much faster and cost-effective solution for the transportation needs of your company. We hope this article gives you an understanding to LTL freight trucking. For any further information feel free to contact us.

Learn more about Matrix Transportation and the transportation services they offer including: dedicated truckloads, JIT truckloads, less than truckload (LTL), same day expedited FTL and LTL, full truckload, warehousing, cross-docking, and trailer rentals at www.matrixtransportation.com  To contact one of our trucking experts call toll free 888.896.2405 today.


5 Things That Occur When You Wait Too Long to Replace Your Roof

It always starts out with a small problem. Maybe a small drip, a tiny hole, or minute cracks in the roof; they are often completely harmless and at the time are not a big deal. However, overtime these small signs can grown into large problems.  These small problems are signs that your roof requires some general repairs and maintenance.

Most people put off repairing their roof because it saves time and money in the short-term. If you neglect repairing your roof in the short term because you think it will save you money you may be surprised to learn that you’ll end up spending more than you would’ve if you had repaired your roof problem earlier. Local shingle roofing companies offer a free consultation on your homes roof and its needed repairs.

Here are 5 things that can happen if you neglect to contact a local roofing contractor to replace/repair your roof when you first notice the small things.

  1. Leaks and Water Damage

The first effect of disregarding your roof is that it may start leaking. Patches of wetness may show up on the roof and gradually down the walls. The paint inside of your home may start to peel. You may ignore these wet patches as nothing but overtime the situation worsens because the leaks expand, allowing more water to enter the crevices and softening the structure. These leaks can cause your roof to sag with the weight and may also destroy electrical wiring resulting in a fire hazard or short-circuit.

  1. Mold and Pests

Wet roofing and walls tend to cause mold to grow and spread. Once mold sets in, it is very hard to remove it. Moreover, it is very expensive to take care of. There may also be the added problem of pests starting to infest the roof. Rodents, insects, lizards and what not.

  1. Worker Safety

The more you delay on contracting a local roofing contractor to fix the roof, the more it’ll become dangerous for workers to work at the last minute. The mold and leaks may cause your ceiling to sag and not hold the extra weight. So, there may be the danger of the roof falling while the roofing contractors work. Moreover, breathing in all the mold for a long time can tire the workers and cause them headaches. The workers will be endangered.

  1. Increased Repair Cost

Because you neglected on repairing/replacing your roof earlier, what seemed as small issues become unignorable issues. If you have the issues fixed as soon as possible at an early stage, you won’t need to replace the whole roof. But if you did neglect on the small issues, later, you will have to spend much more than you would’ve to replace the roof. The longer you take to repair your roof, the more the costs increase.

  1. Health Problems

Because of the growing mold, it may contaminate the air your breath. The leaks may cause puddles and may cause you to slip as well. There is also the added danger of the roof collapsing on you or your family.

Learn more about Home Pro Roofing and their vast line of custom roofing options installed by professional roofing contractors including: asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing, roof repair, and new roof installation at www.homeproroofingmi.com.  Our roofing contractors offer services throughout Michigan including: Kalamazoo, Brighton, Lansing, and the surrounding areas.


When Can Medicare Recipients Make Changes to Their Coverage

Medicare, also known as Medigap, is a health insurance plan for people over 65, people under 65 with some disability and for people with End-Stage Renal Disease. Medicare supplement plan covers extra services which are not included in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Such a plan is mostly offered by private companies. Purchasing a Medicare supplemental insurance plan is made easy because all private companies offer the same services and amount of coverage. Private companies sell Medigap facilities mostly to Medicare Part A and Part B recipients.  Before choosing a plan, make sure you do your research about the different types of policies and plans offered by Medicare.


Part A is an insurance program sponsored by the government which covers costs related to hospitalisation. It is also known as ‘Hospital Insurance’. Medicare recipients become automatically enrolled in Part A when they meet the Medigap requirements/qualifications. If Medicare taxes had been payed by you, you will be entitled to this insurance without any extra costs, also known as Premium-Free. But if you aren’t, you’ll have to pay about 413$ per month.  People above 65, to be eligible for Premium-Free Part A, need to prove that they were employed by the government which had Medicare covered and are receiving their retirement benefits. People under 65 need to prove that they are receiving disability benefits for 24 months or have End-Stage Renal Disease.


Also known as ‘Medical Insurance’ covers outpatient expenses. Part B is an optional Medicare supplement plan. Enrolling in Part B requires recipients to enroll in additional programs such as Part D, Advantage Plans and Medicare supplement insurance plan (Medigap plan). Recipients are required to pay 134$ per month. It covers two types of services: medically necessary and preventative services.


These are plans which combine and provide Part A and Part B benefits. Most of the Advantage Plans include Part D as well. This program helps to fill in the gaps left by the Original Medicare Supplement Plan. The recipient’s coverage will be dependent upon the type of plan he/she chose, and the specific hospitals/doctors included in that plan.


Medicare recipients believe that the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the only time that they can make changes to their Medicare supplement insurance plan however, it is not. Apart from the AEP, you can make changes to your coverage from 1st January till 14th February. But you can make changes at any time of the year. If you have the Medicare Advantage Plan, two periods in which you can make changes are the AEP (15th Oct to 7th Dec) and Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (1st Jan to 14th Feb).

The period during which you can make changes is available according to the plan you’ve chosen. You have three periods during which you can change your Advantage plan and the whole year for the supplement plan.

Learn more about Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, rates and more at http://www.emedicare-supplemental-insurance.com.  Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans.  To talk to an expert in Medicare coverage toll free 877-202-9248 today!