Dual Agency-Why Buyers and Sellers Should Avoid It

There can be some confusion when it comes to the role of real estate agents whenever a real estate transaction is being executed. In most states, an agency disclosure form is required and should be signed by both seller and buyer. This form is typically a disclosure, not an agreement and details the roles of each party in the real estate transaction.

In a typical real estate transaction, there is either a single agent or a dual agent. A dual agent is a real estate broker who represents both the seller and the buyer. This is important because, in a traditional real estate deal, the broker only represents the seller. Sometimes the lines become blurred and the broker crosses over to the buyer and negotiates a better buying price. While this is a common practice in the real estate arena, it is considered unethical and can even illegal in many states. In a dual agency setting, the broker is required to disclose that he or she is working with both the seller and the buyer.

Single Agency

In a typical real estate setting, the buyer works with a single buying agent. Sellers, on the other hand, work with brokers or selling agents who are working in a single agent capacity listing agents. Legally, these single agents owe a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and documents are signed to this effect. For instance, they cannot share confidential information with the other party or the other party’s agent. Single agency agents must exercise due diligence in the performance of all their duties, be forthright, and disclose all material facts.

Dissecting Dual Agency

Owing to the fact that all real estate agents are licensed under a real estate brokerage, it is not uncommon to find the same agent licensed by the same broker as the listing agent. This situation creates a dual agency. Even if the agents are located in separate offices and do not know each other, nevertheless a dual agency scenario exists because they are both licensed by the broker (one representing the buyer and the other representing the seller).

Here is how dual agency essentially plays out in the real world: after qualifying for a home, the buyer works with a real estate agent who in turn is registered under the same brokerage firm that has listed the home. In this scenario, a dual agency has been created by that real estate agent. In many cases, the agent proceeds as if it is a single agency transaction. The law, however, requires that this dual agency is disclosed.

A listing agent for a property who also represents the buyer of that property automatically becomes a dual agent. Because dual agents cannot operate in a fiduciary relationship with both the seller and buyer, they must treat both equally. They can offer advice to both but cannot disclose confidential information. There are instances where real estate agents have found themselves embroiled in lawsuits for failing to adhere to these standards.

Consider the complications that a dual agency can cause.  If an agent is adamant about proceeding in the representation of both transactions be careful and consider hiring an attorney to review the transaction thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a Refurbished Linear Accelerator

A brand-new linear accelerator can cost upwards of four million dollars, which is why many places will choose to purchase a refurbished one to meet their needs.  There is nothing wrong with most refurbished linear accelerators, but as with most things, when you purchase used, you must use an abundance of caution.

Here is what you want to look for when purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator:

Software and Hardware

Each refurbished linear accelerator comes with software and hardware, and it helps if you are familiar with it all before you begin the purchasing process.  You will not want to purchase a refurbished linear accelerator that does not meet your current needs due to the fact that it does not have the software or hardware components that you are looking for.

Know What Has Been Refurbished

There are many parts of linear accelerators that can be refurbished, and you will want to know if those items were mechanical, electrical, or cosmetic.  While all three categories should be checked on the machines, to see if any repairs are needed and that everything is operational, it doesn’t mean that there is always something seriously wrong with them.  Instead, the process can ensure that the linear accelerators are in excellent working order and lists exactly what items need to be repaired or replaced.

See if the Refurbished Linear Accelerator Received Routine Maintenance and Servicing

Records that show that a refurbished linear accelerator was carefully maintained and serviced when it was in use may not guarantee that it will work better than any other refurbished linear accelerator, but it does show that it was well taken care of.  That means that there is a better chance that there will not be any surprise issues right after the purchase.

Accessories that are Included

Certain accessories can ensure that a refurbished linear accelerator works better than those that do not have specific accessories.  A few of the accessories that you should look for include a water chiller, power conditioner, in-room monitoring system, and patient positioning lasers.  If you can find a refurbished linear accelerator that includes these accessories, you can save yourself even more money.

Always Get an Inspection of the Refurbished Linear Accelerator Before Purchasing

Anyone that doesn’t want you to have a professional inspection done on the refurbished linear accelerator that they are selling you is trying to hide something major and that should be your first clue to walk away quickly.  An inspection can show any inadequacies of the linear accelerator as well as any repairs that need to be made before it can be used.

You won’t need to worry about being scammed when purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator as long as you take your time and know what you are looking for as you are going through the purchase process.  If you are unsure of certain things, talk to other professionals as you are going through the process for input and guidance.

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Removing Hard Water With A Water Softener

Before we discuss water softeners, it’s essential that one gains an understanding of what hard water is and how it affects you and your family. Hard water refers to water with a higher-than-usual mineral content. This is typically the case with water that is extracted from areas with large deposits of calcium and magnesium carbonates (naturally occurring in areas with limestone and chalk). While it can be argued that hard water does have some health benefits for humans, it can also pose some serious problems to homes and industry found in these areas.

Recognizing Hard Water

Here are a few ways you can recognize the presence of hard water:

  1. If your water fails to foam or lather up when exposed to soap, you most likely have hard water.
  2. Hard water is also responsible for corroding metal. This will show in faucets and sinks that are not covered with an anti-corrosive coating. Other equipment exposed to this water may also begin to corrode over time.
  3. If used to fill a swimming pool, it manifests a “milky” cloud in the water. This occurs when the calcium in the water reacts with the carbon dioxide present in the air.

Softening Hard Water

Hard water can be “softened” using a water softener. Water softening is the chemical process of removing calcium and magnesium (among other metals) from the water. The end result is water that responds well to soap and which has little or no corrosive effect on metals. Water softening is thus a good idea especially in residential and business buildings because there will be less corrosion in the plumbing system and other critical equipment.

If you suspect you have hard water, then you may want to consider purchasing and installing a water softening system. A quick search online will yield high-quality, local, water softener installation and repair companies. Some are costlier than others depending on the features and capacity. Sometimes they’re known as water purification systems, water conditioners, or water filtration.

For residential homes, water softeners can be installed as a complete system costing thousands of dollars or a point of use filter which has a lower capacity and can be more affordable.

At Reynolds Water Conditioning Company, we are here to help make sure our clients don’t buy water treatment systems that they don’t need.  We are here to make sure you find a water softening system that gives you the results you are looking for, whether it is to remove iron or odor from you water; we have a solution that will help!  For more information contact our experts at 800.572.9575 or at our website https://reynoldswater.com.

Medigap in Michigan

Medigap, also referred to as Medicare supplement insurance or Medicare supplemental insurance, refers to the various private health insurance plans that supplement Medicare in the United States. Supplemental Medicare policies are designed to share in the costs not covered by Original Medicare Part A and Part B, including deductibles and coinsurance amounts.

There are similarities in coverage especially when it comes to the Medicare-covered hospital, home health and skilled nursing care, ambulance, durable medical equipment, and doctor charges. But Medigap was essentially envisioned to cover those areas where there are “gaps” in Medicare coverage. According to statistics, approximately 20% of Medicare recipients have Medigap.

Medicare Supplement Policies

Medicare supplement policies are often referred to as “Medigap” policies. Michigan residents who are not covered by employer-based insurance or any retiree health package but can afford to pay premiums can get Medigap.

One insurer participating in Medigap In Michigan is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been a fixture in the Michigan insurance landscape for decades. Today, the company has participated in the Legacy Medigap plans which have been subsidized. For the past 5 years, insurance rates have been more or less frozen or price below market value. It is helpful to note however that as of January 1, 2017, new rates took effect.

Subsidizing Medigap

It is important to note that in the State of Michigan, The Michigan Medigap Subsidy program is administered by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. It is tasked with helping to defray the costs of providing Medigap in the state. As of January 1, 2017, applications are screened (for instance, single applicants must not make more than $26,730 a year) and if the applicant is found eligible, the program pays a subsidy directly to their Medigap insurance company. This amount offsets the actual premium thus lowering it.

Learn more about Medigap plans and rates at http://emedigap-plans.com.  Medigap Insurance brokers will help you compare Medigap Insurance rates and plans.  To talk to an expert in Medigap coverage call toll free 888-452-7949!

What Do Medicare Plans Actually Cover?

Medicare, which was launched in 1966, is the national health insurance program for people over 65 years old and is administered by the United States federal government’s Social Security Administration. It is funded by worker payroll taxes, taxes from beneficiaries and a few government subsidies. The overarching goal of Medicare is to cover enrollees over 65 years old for at least half of their healthcare costs while they cater for the other half out-of-pocket.


As already mentioned, in order to qualify for Medicare, one has to be 65 years of age or older or be receiving social security disability or have End Stage Renal Failure. The program is divided into Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies including Medicare Plan D, prescription drug coverage.


Understandably, Medicare is designed to defray healthcare costs for seniors and those with certain disabilities. Initially, Medicare consisted solely of hospital insurance and medical insurance but was later adjusted to cover additional expenses with the purchase of additional insurance called Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans.


Medicare Part A is actually hospital insurance and covers anyone who is found eligible. It covers mostly inpatient care including hospital stay, skilled nursing facilities, and care, and hospice facilities with some home health care also included. It is not intended to cover custodial or long-term care. The good news about Medicare Part A is that enrollees need not pay a premium for this portion.


Part B is termed medical insurance. Its goal is to cover medically-necessary services such as lab tests, doctors’ services, diagnostics, therapy and general outpatient care including some preventive screenings. It is intended to cater for portions of Medicare that Part A does not cover. Enrollees have to pay a premium for Medicare Part B although it is optional


Medicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage. It is said to contain more or less the same coverage and enrollee gets from Medicare Parts A and B and supplemental insurance plans. The only difference is its benefits are administered by private insurers rather than the federal government. Enrollees, in turn, pay their premiums directly to this private insurer. Medicare Part C is optional as well and enrollees can opt for it instead of Part A and B.


Medicare Advantage has often been referred to as supplemental insurance because it covers the gaps left by Medicare. The difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Medigap, is that Medigap coverage is purchased in addition to Original Medicare coverage. An enrollee has the option to choose one or the other with the difference being benefits are administered by the private entity rather than Medicare itself. Many people view Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) as subtle replacements for Parts A, B, and D.


Medicare Plan D involves prescription drug coverage and is only offered through private companies which are government-certified and approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it is just one of ten Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans available to Original Medicare Part A and Part B enrollees. It is also optional, and enrollees have to pay a premium directly to the private insurance company.


Learn more about Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, rates and more at http://www.emedicare-supplemental-insurance.com.  Medicare Supplemental Insurance brokers will help you compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates and plans.  To talk to an expert in Medicare coverage toll free 877-202-9248 today!

Creating the Perfect Porch

For many homes, the porch is one of the most overlooked of all spaces.  One of the main reasons for this is because most people don’t really take the time to spend outside on the porch. Unless you are lucky to have one that is already fully finished, chances are you probably have not spent much time enjoying yours. However, it does not have to stay that way and depending on your situation this could be a great time to begin considering porch improvements that allow you to enjoy it.


In this article we will give you some ideas and suggestions on creating a porch that you want to make time to enjoy.  As always remember to do your research when you are considering a residential contractor especially when it comes to exterior home improvements that affect the curb appeal of your home.


10 Unique ideas for transforming your porch


Create an area of transition

Remember the porch is part of the entry of your home and therefore you should consider the porch as a transition from the outside to the inside of your home.  The spaces should flow and offer a natural transition between the interior and exterior.


Use it to let the light in

Be sure to add extra large windows to allow more light to shine into your home from the porch. Having temporary sun blocking helps for the times that you are sitting out however letting the natural sunlight in to the home when the porch is not in use is important as well.


Consider adding a fireplace

Living in an area that gets cooler at times, you may want to consider having a fireplace put in on the porch to add a little extra comfort. There are a number of different fireplace options to choose from, you are likely to fire something that fits.


Establish a plan before getting started

Before a professional contractor gets started with any changes or serious remodeling be sure that all of your plans are put down on paper so that there is a visual of what the outcome will look like.


A back porch extends your living space

As the front porch welcomes you into a home, a back porch is seen as an extension of interior and you should treat it as such when considering your remodeling plans. A screened in back porch is even better as it helps prevent insect attacks.


Be sure that your porch idea fits in with the exterior of your house

When planning the porch take into consideration the rest of the exterior of the house as not to change it too much. Porch spaces should be a natural extension of the interior of your home.


Go a little crazy with a back porch

Depending on the location of your home, you might consider how a back porch would fit with the outside of the back of your home. Consider adding extra lighting, color, and seating.  Make the space comfortable, cozy, and inviting for friends to enjoy.


Front porches should be welcoming

Since the porch is at the front of your home and is where your front entry door is, your porch should be designed in a way that is welcoming to everyone who arrives. Curb appeal is everything when it comes to home ownership!


Use the space wisely

Unless you are considering a major remodel and adding extra square footage to the porch space, you want to be sure that you consider the space limitation with all of your plans.


The devil is in the details

When finishing up the decor of your porch, be sure that you pay close attention to the details. Adding in small finishing touches can add a big punch in the overall design.


Learn more about Kearns Brothers, a full-service home improvement contractor servicing all of Southeast Michigan’s construction needs by visiting their website at www.kearnsbrothers.com or contact a remodeling expert at 888.355.6700.


When to Use Single vs Double Aluminium Driveway Gates

Traditionally, wooden and wrought iron gates were used for fencing and driveway gates for their durability, beauty and strength. As technology has evolved instead of wooden or wrought iron gates, aluminium fencing and aluminium driveway gates are being used. They are much lighter in weight as compared to the wooden and iron ones. They have more strength. They can be shaped and molded into different shapes and sizes. Further they are more durable and can endure the changes of weather and rust more than what wooden and iron fencing and driveway gates can maintain.

Aluminium fencing and aluminium driveway gates are also more affordable than iron fencing and driveway gates. Aluminium fencing and gates can be purchased in several different ornamental styles, arches, colors, sizes, and more.  Aluminium fencing can be installed along the stairways, uneven pathways and curves. Aluminium driveway gates can be installed on both level and non-level surfaces.

The driveway gate is that aspect of your house which gives the first impression.  To create a lasting impression towards your guests, neighbors and any passer, it is important for you to choose an appropriate aluminum driveway gate for your house. It will not only portray your aesthetic sense but will also help you to secure your house.

There are two main types of aluminum driveway gates, single driveway gates and double driveway gates. To choose the right type of aluminum driveway gate you must consider the pros and cons of both the driveway gate types and select the one which fulfills your requirements the most. We have included the pros and cons of both the driveway gates for you below:

Single Driveway Gates


  • This aluminium driveway gate is more affordable as it costs less because it only needs one automatic opener.
  • It requires half amount of the hardware than a double driveway gate requires. Tat us hinges, bolts, no drop rods etc.
  • They give an elegant look and require less maintenance.


  • For this aluminium driveway gate, you need a 12ft swing distance for 12ft single driveway gate, which double the swing distance of a double driveway gate.
  • They have a greater shipping cost due to their length.
  • A 12ft single drive way gate requires the largest 6X6 post. It is more expensive and heavier duty post. This is required because all the weight of the gate is hanging on one post.
  • They are harder to install due to their heavy weight and leverage of a single piece for lifting and dropping on the mounts of the hinges.
  • They are available in limited sizes.

Double Driveway Gates

  • This aluminium driveway gate requires a shorter swing distance. A 12ft double gate only needs a 6ft swing distance and takes less space.
  • It requires a duty post which is less expensive and light in weight. A double driveway gate requires only 4X4 heavy duty posts.
  • A double driveway get can accommodate a wider driveway opening than a single gate.
  • Double driveway gates give a traditional look when opening from center.
  • Double gates are easier to install due to their light weight and have a smaller shipping cost due to their size.
  • Double aluminium driveway gates require more hardware as compared to the single driveway gates including hinges in both sides and drop rods for the center.
  • In case you are using an automatic gate opener, you will require two opener motors which will be more expensive for you.

Aluminium driveway gates will give you a more aesthetic appeal and traditional look in addition to their low maintenance and extreme durability.

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Optimizing Your Blog Posts for SEO Purposes

Blogging is one of the most effective ways of interacting with one’s audience. Regardless of niche, your fan base, prospects, or existing customers and clients need a continuous flow of refresher information about you, your products and services. Research shows businesses and organizations that are constantly engaged with their base do a better job of not only keeping those customers but of staying competitive.


When it comes to interactivity, blogging serves as one of the most effective strategies. This shows in the sheer number of blogs that go are launched every day. But with so much content and competition, how does your blog actually stand out? The answer is SEO (search engine optimization). According to information database Wikipedia, SEO “is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results is often referred to as organic results.


There are many wonderful blogs out there. An even greater number stay “undiscovered” and only get a trickle of visitors. This is because their blog posts are not optimized for SEO purposes. In other words, the blogger did a great job of writing but forgot to prep the post for their target audience and the search engines. In this article, we’ll discuss actual steps a blogger can take to optimize their blog post for SEO purposes:


  1. Content uniqueness


This cannot be over-emphasized. Search engines reward content that is unique. Copying content from other sites or engaging in plagiarism can not only have legal repercussions, it can result in the search engines ignoring that particular post.


  1. Keyword research


A lot of bloggers write around the topics they’re either passionate or knowledgeable about. While this is great, they forget that the search engines are scientific tools which rely on complex algorithms to locate relevant content based on targeted keywords. A great strategy would be to first conduct keyword research to determine the most trafficked keywords in that niche then preparing content around those keywords. One of the best free keyword research tools includes the Google keyword planner tool. Others such as Spyfu avail more data for a fee.


  1. Entering correct Metadata


Once the blog post has been posted, the next step would be to ensure the search engines can find it. This step involves inputting the proper metadata to the post. Blogging platforms such as WordPress come with add-ons or plugins that allow the blogger to attach keywords to the page title, description and post itself. Additionally, bloggers can tag their posts with the relevant keywords.

  1. Linking structure


In order to determine how well to rank a post, search engines check for inbound and outbound links. Outbound links point to other similar authority sites. Search engines also check for the internal linking structure within the site itself. This means checking whether the post links to other relevant posts within the same site. Many bloggers overlook this. Inbound links are also important. They are used by the search engines to determine the page authority of that post and thus how well it will rank.


  1. Images and videos


According to the search engines, a good blog post will have relevant images and preferably a video. It is recommended that the blogger embed an image or video within the content. Blogging platforms such as WordPress make this relatively easy. The image should also be tagged with the relevant “alt” text. Embedding a popular video from YouTube can help give the post more authority and thus better rankings.


  1. Social media


Search engines have also been known to check for social signals. Because of the importance they attach to social media, they check whether there are any mentions or links to the post in the popular social media and social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Mix.


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Medical Equipment Disposal

Like any other industry after a period of time the equipment that is used will have to be replaced. Whether that is due to it being worn out, it went beyond its usable lifespan or more advanced model was acquired. Regardless of the reasoning, there will come a time that you will need to dispose of some of your medical equipment, this includes things like Linear Accelerators and even CT Scanners.


In order to preserve the responsibilities of the practice, you need to be sure that you are operating equipment that is running at optimum capability. This means that at some point even large medical equipment like a CT Scanner and Linear Accelerator will need to be repaired or replaced. In the event, a replacement is needed it is important that you plan ahead and take everything into consideration when working with an outside company.


6 Important things to consider when disposing of large medical equipment


Must be removed properly –

Depending on the area that your practice is located you will have to deal with what possibly different types of ordinances. This is especially true if the equipment has to do with any type of hazardous materials. You will need to ensure that you remove any associated


Limit damage to surrounding areas –

When it comes to removing and disposing of large pieces of medical equipment like Linear Accelerators and CT Scanner machines it is extremely important that the removal process you follow does not do any extensive amount of damage to the surrounding areas. This could lead to very expensive repair costs and possibly affect your practice adversely.


Plan for a very complex removal –

Due to the nature of the larger medical equipment you will need to partner with a disposal company that has the experience to deal with the complexity of such a removal process. Depending on the design of the building there could be substantial temporary changes may need to be done to facilitate removal.

 Removal of possible hazardous waste –

Due to the nature of the equipment you will need to concern yourself with adhering to any and all regulations that deal with disturbing of potentially hazardous material. This is another good reason to partner with a well-experienced medical equipment removal and disposal company.


Base frame for large equipment must be removed –

Most larger pieces of medical equipment like the Linear Accelerator or CT Scanner have specially designed bases that could easily be built into the foundation of the building and removing them would require special consideration. It is important to remove any existing framework in order to make room for the new piece of equipment.

Plan for after hours to minimize interruption to office operation –

When it comes to removing/replacing large medical equipment you should always make your plans to do the work after hours as not to impact your practice. Most companies that offer this type of service are fully aware of the need to schedule this after normal business hours and will make arrangements.


Acceletronics is an independent service company dedicated to delivering the best equipment performance and service reliability from Linear Accelerators and CT Scanners across all major brands and models. Learn more about Acceletronics and their selection of new and refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners today at http://www.acceletronics.com.  To contact one of our LINAC experts call 610.524.3300.


The Most Important Reasons for Estate Planning

No one wants to think about what is going to happen after they pass away while they are still living, however, there really is not any better time like the present. Most the important decision you need to make are designed to make things easier for your loved ones after you have passed away and you cannot make the necessary decisions. It is really imported to discuss estate planning.


The key to estate planning is that it has to be done while you still have the control of your faculties for an attorney to be able to prepare all of the proper paperwork. Your attorney should be able to go over everything that you need to be sure that you have gotten everything important.


10 Important reasons for doing estate planning


Peace of Mind – The biggest reason is to give everyone the peace of mind knowing things are all taken care of ahead of time.


Specify who is to receive which assets after your death – In order to prevent any fighting or hurt feelings it is very important that you assign assets to everyone that will be mentioned in the will. Once the document is enforced it can only be undone by the owner of the will.


Helps to avoid probate headaches – If there was no will or trust everything would go in the court system and that is what is referred to as probate court.


State who is to be the guardian of any minor children – When you have minor children you have to consider who you will want to take care of them in the event that you were to die.


Name the executor – The executor is the most important decision besides who will be taking care of the kids. The executor will be responsible for making sure that all of the parts of the trust is carried out.


Establish a Power of Attorney for financial decisions – The power of attorney for making financial decisions needs to be settled in order to be able to pay any bills for care if you become incapacitated.


Establish a Power of attorney for healthcare – Like power of attorney for financial reasons, you also need to do something about your medical conditions before you become incapacitated.


Execute a revocable trust – Avoid any problems with a will but setting up a revocable trust is far better received in my opinion.


Restrict minor children’s access to inheritance – To help protect your kids and keep them from spending any of the money they have been for their inheritance. The usual time frame is 25-30 years old.


Be sure to shield the inheritance from tax concerns, divorce issues and creditors – Having a trust in place will help to protect the assets from taxes, divorce a decree.


Learn more about attorney Sean J. Nichols and the legal services he provides for clients including: estate planning, elder law issues, Medicaid planning, elder care, probate law, guardianships, and power of attorney (POA) at www.seanjnichols.com.  To contact the offices of Sean J Nichols, call 734.386.0224 today.